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reflect: 500 Demo Day Batch 23

  1. Jonathan TranPham founder/ceo reimagining in-person therapy through data
  3. Too hard to get help Source: Mental Health America’s State of Mental Health in America Report, 2017; Gibbons et al., 2011 # of sessions per person 180% do not find the right therapist
  4. Source: Mental Health America’s State of Mental Health in America Report, 2017; APA 2015 Stress Report $35 Billionlost therapy revenue
  5. In-person therapy, driven by data data-driven matching 90% success rate feedback between sessions network of top therapists
  6. Better therapy relationships teletherapy 1 month 7 monthsavg length of therapy per client
  7. $95per session gross booking $15per session reflect take rate Recurring revenue model
  8. Significant traction in the Bay Area $50kmonthly bookings 20%monthly growth
  9. Healthcare and consumer experience Jonathan TranPham founder/ceo Libby Friede operations Daniel Huang engineering
  10. Let’s reflect. $50kmonthly bookings 20%monthly growth 7xlength vs. teletherapy

Editor's Notes

  1. I’m Jonathan TranPham, CEO of reflect – we’re reimagining in-person therapy to be easier and effective through data.
  2. Mental health is deeply personal to me. A few years ago, I realized I have anxiety. Thanks, Tiger Mom.   Unfortunately, my 6 months search for a therapist added MORE stress to my life: I didn’t know where to go or what to look for. I felt alone – but sadly, I wasn’t.
  3. 80% of people don’t get the mental health care they need. Even when they find a therapist, the most common number of sessions per person is JUST ONE. Trust me when I say, the only thing worst than spending 6 months to find a therapist is realizing in the first 6 minutes that it isn’t a good match.
  4. We estimate this represents $35 BILLION in lost therapy revenue in the US. That’s a LOT of people not getting the help.
  5. We solve this. We recruited the best network of therapists And match you with them using 55 different data points – and you can try your matches for free. And we provide tools like feedback to support the relationship over time and improve matches going forward. And it works. 90% of those who try reflect find a therapist they like. Y’all look very stressed, so please refrain from taking the survey right now!
  6. We’re focus on in-person therapy because it’s the MOST effective. Our average length of time in therapy is 7x longer than teletherapy. This is a KEY metric around relationship quality.
  7. Our sessions are $95, which we collect and pay to the therapists, less a $15 fee to service clients.
  8. We’ve focused on the Bay Area. And since launching, we’re already doing $50 THOUSAND in monthly bookings and are growing an average of 20% over the past 6 months.
  9. Behind this is amazing team passionate about mental health. And our advisors represent experts from healthcare and retail. Before founding reflect, I spent a decade growing companies and brands – at Everlane, Gilt, and Bain.
  10. I’m Jonathan, and we’re reflect – we’re reimagining in-person therapy through data. Because after all, tiger mom or not, we all got issues.