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Case study brgy. inocencio ppt. final report

  1. 1. Introduction One of the most environmental problems that people are facing now is the proper management of our wastes. Wastes are everywhere and these impose health related problems if not manage in right way.
  2. 2. Government primarily is concern with this problem. That is why, they create laws to complement with this matter. Moreover, local officials from Brgy. Inocencio, Trece Martires, Cavite is supporting it by implementing a pilot project on solid waste management in their area. The question is, will the residents of Brgy. Inocencio willing to support the project?
  3. 3. Map of the Philippines
  7. 7. Barangay Inocencio  one of the thirteen barangay in Trece Martires City, Cavite.  has been named in honor of Maximo Inocencio.  Total area= 243 hectares
  8. 8.  Adjacent barangays Luciano on the North Alulod Indang, Cavite on the South Conchu on the East Aguado on the West
  9. 9.  Has a total population of 28,299. (census by the Barangay Nutrition Scholar, BNS)  Land use- Agri-business  Terrain Characteristics- rolling terrain  Type of soil: 90% clay loam 10% clay
  10. 10. Objectives The general objective of the study is to determine the environmental attitudes of the residents of Brgy. Inocencio regarding the pilot project of their barangay about solid waste.
  11. 11. Specifically, this study aims:  to identify the project of Brgy. Inocencio about solid waste;  to identify each process of the project;  to identify the respondents’ attitudes towards the project.
  12. 12. Importance of the Study The information generated from this study will determine the attitudes of the residents regarding the project.
  13. 13. This case study will help the residents of Brgy Inocencio become more aware with the project of the barangay. Moreover, the people will support for the success of the project if they really aware of the project.
  14. 14. Scope and Limitation The study focuses mainly on the environmental attitudes of the residents of Brgy. Inocencio regarding the pilot project about solid waste management.
  15. 15. Time and Place of the Study The study was conducted in five subdivisions of Brgy. Inocencio namely, Sampaguita Village, Regina Ville, Southville 2, St. Joseph Homes and Tradition Homes including the Inocencio Proper from the first week to the third week of October 2010.
  16. 16. Methodology The materials used in the conduct of the study were the following:  Barangay profile documents  Digital camera for documentation  Survey questionnaires
  17. 17. Methods  Collections of data regarding the project by interviewing the designated person.
  18. 18.  Preparation for the survey A questionnaire was designed to primary gather the residents’ response towards the solid waste program.
  19. 19. An interview was conducted to determine the following: Residents’ Profile ○ Name ○ Age ○ Gender ○ Address ○ Educational attainment
  20. 20.  Residents’ response by answering the following question: Do you know the project of your barangay about solid waste? Are you willing to support it? What will you do to support the project?
  21. 21.  Integration of the gathered data. The questionnaires were then analyzed.
  22. 22. Before coming up with an ordinance in relation to RA 9003, the following activities were made and conducted.
  23. 23. Program launching of Clean and Green Project in Brgy. Inocencio Where: Bagong Pook Elem. School When: May 8, 2008 Sponsor ○ Mrs. Nenita Casaba
  24. 24.  Speakers: Kapitan Teodoro “During” Atas Mayor Jun Sagun
  25. 25. Participants ○SK Officials ○Brgy. Officials ○Taugama Fraternity ○Varsitarian Fraternity ○Senior Citizen Organizations ○HOA of different subdivisions
  26. 26. Activity: Tree planting ○Where: Southville 2, Phase I ○Participants: more or less 80 persons ○What: 200 mahogany
  27. 27. Followed up by Brgy. Linis on Subdivisions May 11- Oct. 23, 2008 Who: Barangay Officials When: Every Sunday Where: all Subdivisions
  28. 28. Seminar on Solid Waste with Prof. Noel A. Sedigo When: June 21, 2008 Where: Regina Ville 2000 Participants: HOA officials, Regina Ville 2000 residents Special Guest: Councilor Alex Lubigan (City Councilor)
  29. 29. School visitations for Information Dissemination ○Bagong Pook Elementary School ○Southville Elementary School
  30. 30.  After school visitation, the barangay decided to visit subdivisions by blocks.  The first subdivision visited was Southville.  They already visited five blocks.  Other subdivisions will be visited after the barangay election last October 25, 2010.
  31. 31. Search for Ambassador of Good Will to Cleanliness Initiator: Mrs. Nenita Casaba Where: Regina Ville 2000, Brgy. Inocencio When: Nov. 22, 2008 Guest: Prof. Noel A. Sedigo
  32. 32.  Board of Judges: Ms. Jazel Lomboy (SK Councilor) Mr. Richard Dein Altarez (Senior Student, CVSU, EnSci) Ms. Diana Bawag (Senior Student, CVSU, EnSci)
  33. 33. Participants: one representative from all the schools in Brgy. Inocencio ○Private Schools God is Good Learning Center Blessed Family Academy Luvileigh Academy Fabulous Academy
  34. 34. John Merced Academy Noelles Angels Academy St. Thomas Becket Academy ○Public Schools Southville Elementary School (Public) Bagong Pook Elementary School
  35. 35. Winners ○First Place: Paricipants from Luveleigh Academy ○2nd Place: Participants from Blessed Family Academy ○3rd Place: Participants from Southville Elemenary School
  36. 36. Search for the Cleanest and Greenest subdivision of Brgy. Inocencio It was a fund raising program It was held on Sept. 3, 2009. Initiated by barangay officials
  37. 37. Judges were the following: ○Mr. Robert Fairman (Head, Provincial Tourism Office) ○Mr. Ronaldo Molina (Vice President, HOA (ReginaVille 2000)
  38. 38. Buying of rubber and steel trash Rubber Trash Container ○Purchased last May 2008 using SK fund together with the launched of Clean and Green Project in May 2008. ○100 pieces ○Put along the highway.
  39. 39. Steel Trash Container ○4 pieces ○7,000 each, a total of 28,000. ○Sangguniang Kabataan Fund
  40. 40. Hiring of Eco-aide Hired by the barangay officials last October 2009. Has a honorarium of Php 2,000 a month from barangay fund. A total of 8 eco aides.
  41. 41. ○Mr. Rico S. Ilagan ○Mr. Marlon Roguel ○Mr. Pedro Ablan ○Mr. Herman Alano ○Mr. Mark Joseph Crudo ○Mr. Victor Garcia ○Mr. Wilfredo Escalante ○Mr. Ronnie Escubido
  42. 42. Seminar of Barangay officials about Solid Waste Title: Lakbay Aral cum Seminar When: March 11-25 2010 Where: City Hall (Session Hall) of Cavite, Laguna, Marikina, Carmona, Teresa Rizal Initiator: Mayor Jun Sagun Participants: All the officials of different barangays of Trece Martires City.
  43. 43. Purchase of Garbage truck When: June 1, 2010 Amount: Php 520,000 Quantity: 1 Before, city garbage truck collect the garbage in the whole Trece. Now, Inocencio has its own garbage truck.
  44. 44.  June 25, 2010- Another seminar was conducted What: Solid Waste Management Seminar Venue: Session Hall of City Hall, Trece Martires City, Cavite Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Speakers: ○ Prof. Noel A. Sedigo ○ Mr. Richard Dein Altarez (Environment Management Specialist, Carmona, Cavite)
  45. 45. Partipants: ○ Representative of HOA Pres. Edgar Yamson (St. Joseph Homes) ○ Representative of Religious Organization Regina Ville 2000 Pastoral Community Melodina Medalla ○ Representative of Health ○ ECO Aides ○ Brgy. Officials ○ Brgy. Tanod
  46. 46. Creation of Barangay Solid Waste Management Board (BSWMB) When: Aug. 18, 2010
  47. 47. Creation of Task Force Kalikasan Also known as Bantay Kalikasan It was created last August 23, 2010. They are partners of the BSWMB to implement and disseminate information about the Solid Waste Program. They have designated area to teach people how to segregate wastes properly.
  48. 48. They have a honorarium of Php 100 per day. Members of Task Force Kalikasan are the following: ○ Mrs. Evelyn Pamimdim ○ Mrs. Josephine Carillo ○ Mrs. Mary Grace Puzon ○ Mrs. Mila Segundo ○ Mrs. Divina Dela Rosa
  49. 49. Mrs. Gemma Aliit Mrs. Nimfa Arango Mr. Edwin Patron Mr. Alberto Molo Mrs. Marilyn Soriano Mr. Domingo Buenvenuto Mr. Armando Ramos
  50. 50.  Passing of Ordinance of Brgy. Inocencio in regarding RA 9003
  52. 52.  Non-government Organizations Home Owners Association (HOA) ○Southville 2 Phase1 Pres. Sherwin Nataya ○Regina Ville 2000 Phase 1 Pres. Beth Gaton
  53. 53. ○Regina Ville 2000 Phase 2 Pres. Editha Dipano ○Sampaguita Asiatic Pres. Melody Perez ○Sampaguita Ayala Pres. Ma. Gelia Blancaflor
  54. 54. ○St. Joseph Homes Pres. Edgar Yamson ○Tradition Phase 1 Pres. Edgardo Clada ○Tradition Phase 2 Pres. Ernesto Claro
  55. 55. Senior Citizen Organization President: Cornillo Garcia (Inocencio Proper)
  56. 56. Religious sectors ○Sampaguita Pastoral Community Mrs. Felisa Ramos ○Regina Ville 2000 Pastoral Community Mrs. Melodina Medalla
  57. 57. ○Inocencio Proper Pastoral Community Mrs. Rosita Perido ○Southville 2 Phase1 Pastoral Community Mr. Aurelio Meneses
  58. 58. ○Tradition Homes Pastoral Community Mrs. Amy Jamora
  59. 59. Parents-Teachers Association ○Mr. Noli Perez (Southville Elementary School) BUSINESS SECTOR ○King Leo’s Construction Supply Mr. Marlon Miran
  60. 60.  LOCAL GOVERNMENT Proponent ○Chairman Barangay Captain Teodoro Atas ○ Vice Chairman Councilor Nenita Casaba
  61. 61. ○SK Chairman Khalid Abdalla ○Pres. of HOA Edgar Yamson (St. Joseph) ○Public School Ana Marie Aranzanso (Principal, Southville Elem. School)
  62. 62. ○Private School Noel Panganiban (Principal, Noelles Angels Academy)
  63. 63. ○PTA Mr. Noli Perez ○Religious Sector Mrs. Melodina Medalla
  64. 64. Time Frame The pilot project on Solid Waste Program in Brgy. Inocencio will take effect for ten years after the issuance of the ordinance. It was started last October 3, 2010 through information dissemination about the program.
  66. 66. PROGRAM/PROJECT/ ACTIVITIES Period of Implementa tion Fundin g Source Responsibilitie s Remar ks I. EDUCATION 1.Information Campaign on Solid Waste Management. June- December 2010 Brgy. Fund Brgy. Officials/Schoo l Officials On- going 2.Conduct community seminars including schools on household waste segregation, composition, recycling etc July – September 2010 Brgy. Fund Brgy. Officials/ Resource Speaker/SK Officials 3.Installation of billboards/signboards about waste management on Inocencio territory inc. subdivisions July – December 2010 Brgy. Fund Brgy. Officials/ H.O.A Officers Table 1. Solid Waste Management Plan of 2010
  67. 67. II.ENGINEERING 1. Acquisition/Maint.of Garbage Collection Service Vehicle May- June 2010 Brgy. Fund Brgy. Officials 2. Provision of trash receptacles(segregati on of waste) at designated areas 3rd Qtr- 4th Qtr of 2010 Brgy. Fund Brgy. Officials 3.Distribution of trash can
  68. 68. IV.ENTREPRENEUR IAL 1. Establishment of system of buying and selling of recyclable waste. 3rd Quart er of 2010 Brgy. Officia ls/ SK Officia l 2. Promotion of livelihood activities from waste materials. 3rd Quart er of 2010 Brgy. Officia ls
  69. 69. III. ENFORCEMENT 1. Conduct Operation Linis January- December 2010 Brgy.Offi cials,SK Officials, HOA Officials On- going
  70. 70. Figure 2. Flow chart of fund resources of a barangay Revenues (lots, houses, business establishments, etc) City Hall (City treasurer) Allocation to different barangays
  71. 71. Financial Aspect The pilot project of Brgy. Inocencio needs financial support in order to materialize. A budget of P 800,000 is allotted for the project for ten years. The budget will come from the barangay fund through IRA (Internal Revenue Allocation). This money is subdivided into the following expenses: 1 Garbage Truck Php 520, 000 Seminars and Trainings Php15, 000 Kit Php 1, 500 Information Dissemination Php 3,000
  72. 72. Meals every meeting (for 7 meetings) Php 7,000 Gasoline Php 19,500 Others Php 234,000 Total Php 800,000
  73. 73.  The remaining fund will be allotted to: Additional trash fund Information allocation campaign (e.g. leafleting) Unexpected expenses
  74. 74.  The budget allotted was not enough to support the project for ten years.
  75. 75. Objective of the Project “Zero Plastic Waste”
  76. 76. Activities 1. It was started when barangay hall sell NFA rice. Whoever buy rice needs to carry their own container (plastic is not allowed) like rice sack. 2. Information dissemination of do’s and don'ts of using plastics.
  77. 77. General Response   In five subdivisions in Brgy. Inocencio, namely, Regina Ville, Tradition Homes, Sampaguita (Asiatic and Ayala), St. Joseph Homes and Southville 2, ten randomly selected residents in each subdivisions were interviewed to determine their environmental attitudes about the project on solid waste management.
  78. 78. The attitudes of the residents were also determined through their age structure, gender and educational attainment.
  79. 79. Residents’ Attitude RESIDENTS' ATTITUDE NO. OF RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE Informed Not informed 43 7 86 14 Table 2. The response of the residents in Brgy. Inocencio about the project
  80. 80. Table 2. Response of the residents about the project in terms of willingness RESIDENTS’ ATTITUDES NO. OF RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE Will support 47 94 Will not support 3 6
  81. 81. Age Structure Table 3. Attitudes of the residents based on age structure AGE CATEG ORY AGE BRACK ET NO. OF RESPO NDENTS PERCEN TAGE FREQUE NCY WILL SUPP ORT (%) FREQ UENC Y WILL NOT SUPPO RT (%) Teenag er 13 - 20 6 12 6 100 0 0 Young Adult 21 - 30 16 32 16 100 0 0 Adult 31 - 59 21 42 19 90 2 10 Senior Citizen 60 above 7 14 4 57 3 43
  82. 82. Gender GENDE R NO. OF RESPO NDENT S PERCEN TAGE FREQUE NCY WILL SUPPO RT (%) FREQU ENCY WILL NOT SUPPO RT (%) Male 17 34 14 82 3 18 Female 33 66 31 94 2 6 Table 4. Attitudes of the residents based on gender
  83. 83. Educational Attainment Table 5. Attitudes of the residents based on educational attainment EDUC. ATTAINM ENT NO. OF RESP ONDE NTS PERCE NTAGE FREQU ENCY WILL SUPPO RT (%) FREQU ENCY WILL NOT SUPPO RT (%) College degree 15 30 15 100 0 0 College undergrad uate 12 24 12 100 0 0 High School 19 38 16 84 3 16 Elementar y 1 2 1 100 0 0 No formal education 3 6 2 67 1 33
  84. 84. Residents’ response RESIDENTS’ ANSWERS FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE 1.Makiisa sa magandang layunin ng barangay 13 26 2. Ilagay ang basura sa sako 3 6 3. Magsiga para walang lamok 1 2 4. Information dissemination 2 4 5. Segregation 18 36 Table 6. Residents’ answer in the question “How will you support the project?”
  85. 85. 6. Sa magandang paraan 1 2 7. Paglilinis ng paligid 3 6 8. Hindi magkalat 5 10 9. No answer 4 8 TOTAL 50 100
  86. 86. Though they were informed and willing to support the project, they still do not know the practical and appropriate actions they can do. Seems like not everyone truly understands the project and just answered they were informed and they are willing to support.
  87. 87. Conclusion  According to the survey result, almost all people in Brgy. Inocencio were aware of the project. A few number of individuals were not informed.  Majority of the respondents were willing to support the project.
  88. 88.  However, majority were not able to answer appropriately the question, “How will you support the project?” It only means that the respondents were not knowledgeable enough.  Overall, their attitude towards the environment was good. Though they do not know what will they do based on the third question, they are still willing to support the program.
  89. 89. Recommendation  The data gathered must be subjected to statistical analysis to obtain a more precise results.  Also, the barangay needs to have Gantt chart in every year to monitor if the plan of activities are properly followed and if any revisions must be done.  It must also show the yearly allotted money for the project in order to know if there are needs to have government subsidies.
  90. 90.  The barangay officials and the BSWMB should continue to disseminate information about the pilot project and make sure that all the residents will truly understand it.  They also have to make sure that the residents will comply with this pilot project by strictly following the ordinance.
  91. 91. Figure 1. Officials of Barangay Solid Waste Management Board
  92. 92. Figure 2. Information Dissemination of Solid Waste Project in Southville2 Phase 1
  93. 93. Figure 3. Information Dissemination of Solid Waste Program by the Barangay Captain, Theodoro Atas.
  94. 94. Figure 4. Residents of Soutville2 Phase 1
  95. 95. Figure 5. Barangay Secretary, Ms. Jennifer Calbaquinto, addressing the roles of the residents regarding the program.
  96. 96. Figure 6. Ocular inspection of Brgy. officials on Inocencio proper.
  97. 97. Figure 7. Brgy. Inocencio’s Garbage Truck
  98. 98. Figure 8. Brgy. Linis on Inocencio Proper with officials of Brgy. Inocencio
  99. 99. Figure 9. Tree Planting of the officials of Brgy. Inocencio
  100. 100. Figure 10. Planting of mahogany of the barangay officials of Barangay Inocencio along the highway
  101. 101. Different Subdivisions of Barangay Inocencio (Study Areas)
  102. 102. Figure 11. Regina Ville 2000,one of the study areas
  103. 103. Figure 12. Sampaguita Village, one of the study areas
  104. 104. Figure 13. Saint Joseph Homes, one of the study areas
  105. 105. Figure 14. Tradition Homes, one of the study areas
  106. 106. Figure 15. Southville 2 Phase 1, one of the study areas
  107. 107. Respondents from Different Subdivisions
  108. 108. Figure 16. One of the respondents from Sampaguita Village
  109. 109. Figure 17. One of the respondents from Saint Joseph Homes
  110. 110. Figure 18. One of the respondents from Regina Ville 2000
  111. 111. Figure 19. One of the respondents from Regina Ville 2000
  112. 112. Figure 20. One of the respondents from Tradition Homes
  113. 113. Figure 21. One of the respondents from Inocencio Proper
  114. 114. Figure 22. One of the respondents from Southville 2 Phase 1
  116. 116. Figure 23. Interview with Kagawad Nenita Casaba
  117. 117. Figure 24. An interview with a member of a religious organization, Mrs. Rosita Perido
  118. 118. Figure 25. Researchers together with the Barangay Inocencio’s secretary, Ms. Jennifer Calbaquinto
  120. 120. Figure 26. Steel Trash located near the barangay hall
  121. 121. Figure 27. Steel trash container located near the barangay hall
  122. 122. Figure 28. Sample Material Recovery Facility (MRF) near the Barangay hall.
  123. 123. -END-
  124. 124. Prepared by:  Jonafe P. Aguda  Czarah Jade V. Bazan  Christopher E. Casaba  Ann Pamela D. Constante  Karla Joyce L. Marges