*** barangay socorro ***


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*** barangay socorro ***

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  • *** barangay socorro ***

    1. 1. project in aralingpanlipunan<br />barangaysocorro<br />Pass by : natasha s modestoTeacher : mrs.marifejagto<br />
    2. 2. >> barangaysocorro, 3rd district quezon city<br />>>office location : corner 15th avenue & b.serreno<br /> >> tel : 438-38-20 / 421-0702<br />Basic information :<br /> land area : 116 gross ; 79 net residential <br />Populatin,[NSO 2002]: 19 260 in 4 815 households [ in average hh. Size ; 3.99 is 2 173 831 in 480 624 hh w/average hh size 4.49<br />from 1990-2000, average density13 080 per square meter <br />voting ; 9 250 [registered voters]<br />average family growth ; 3.60 [1990-2000]<br />boundary ;(news) n-aurora blvd. e-15th avenue . w-edsa . s-b.serrano road <br />
    3. 3. 2. Barangay Officials :<br />> Punongbarangay : Jose ‘Joey’ O. De Guzman<br />>Kagawads :Dante E. Quevedo<br /> :Ronal d Espulgar<br /> :Valeriano Rey S. Bartolay<br /> :CalmeroCulvera<br /> :Toedulo O. Santos<br /> :Jimmy Quiambao<br />>SK Chairman :John Ansell De Guzman<br />>Barabgay Secretary :Bert Tiong<br />>Barangay treasurer :Rogelio E. Baoayan<br />>Development Officers :Jose Alvarado <br />
    4. 4. 3.Sanggunian Committees :<br /> [secure copy of committee composition & function from mr.JojieFantalogo]<br />The Common Problems of Barangay<br /> > those partaining to peace and order,drugaddiction,robbery.<br /> >implementation of waste & improper disposal of domestic waste<br /> >failure of the youth with their parents<br /> >lack of open space for playgrounds and sports of youth<br /> >failure og buildings owner allocation for vehicles<br />
    5. 5. 5. Possible Solutions<br />>have the exposure of sentinel areas as high crime<br />>mplementationof solid waste management law , seperating biodegradable<br />to non-biodegradable.<br /><ul><li>lsborlaws for teens [curfew law] (up to 10:00 pm) going home of youth
    6. 6. at night on their homes
    7. 7. allocation of funds to purchase land available in villages>
    8. 8. implementation of building code</li></li></ul><li>5. ongoing projects:<br /><ul><li>concreting of 10th and 14th avenue with drainage system improvement,including installation of new waterlines
    9. 9. >new main waterlines alon liberty and main avenues, a water supply improvement project of the manila water company inc. Concessionaire of manila water work and sewerage system.</li></ul>6. Pipeline projects:<br /><ul><li>cncreting, with drainage system improvement and new waterlines, of the following:
    10. 10. >harvard and standard streets
    11. 11. >7thavenue, from b.serrano to main avenue
    12. 12. * drainage system improvement along:
    13. 13. > 5th and 6th avenues, from b. Serrano to main avenue
    14. 14. * expansion of the multipurpose / session hall</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>construction and operation of the “gabaysamamamayan” center, a public unformationcenter
    15. 15. *operation of the public library and computerliteracycenter
    16. 16. 7. programs and projects on environment sanitation :
    17. 17. * continuing operation of task force kalinisan, a special group of barangay workers composed of strees sweepers, kamineors and paleros
    18. 18. * selective site tree-planting project due to limited space
    19. 19. * continuing implementation of “sabadolinis” day project, 6:00 o’clock habit and related community-based and people centered projects
    20. 20. * enactment and implementation of the barangay ordinance prohibiting stray pets and animals in street and other public places [status: this ordinance initiated at barangaysocorro level is now under review for final approval by the sangguniangpanglungsod]</li></li></ul><li>8. Programs and projects on drug abuse, crime and deliquency:<br /><ul><li>seminar on drugs awareness, education and implementation of the dangerous drugs act; as amended
    21. 21. *enactment of barangay ordinance imposing curfew hours on minors within its teritorial jurisdiction</li></ul>9. Source of barangayfunds<br />* rpts [real property tax shares] from the city goverment<br />* ira [international revenue allotment from the national government<br /><ul><li>50% share from inssuance of ctc ; community tax certificates]
    22. 22. * Collections from issuance of barangay clearances [construction and business] , certification for various purpose and used of barangay-owned facilities [e.g.basketball court, chairs and tables]</li></li></ul><li>BARANGAY HISTORY<br />Socorro, which means “help” in spanich, derived its name from its patroness, our lady pf perpetual help created into a barrio on november 6 1961 by virtue of quezon city ordinance no. 61-4883 ; and as barangay assembly pursuant to pd 86 and pd 210 , socorro , which was subsequently recognized barangays under pd 557 dated september 21 1974 “declaring all barios and citizen’s assemblies in the philippines as barangays” and amplified by executive order no. Dated june 25 1975 , of the late mayor norbeto s amoranto , who has that distinct record as the city chief executive officer with the longest record of service in the said capacity. Hence he is concidered an institution in local politics.<br />
    23. 23. Right after the creation of barrio socorro, then the late mayor aoranto appointed architect cesarcanchela to serve as barrio lieutenant. In turn , architect canchela appointed twenty-one[21] vica lieutenants to assist him in managing the affairs of the barrio namely: dr. Querubin C. Sanchez, col. Cesar b. Polintan , mr.ToribioBati, mr. Carmelo Africa,mr. AnacletoAbis , mr. EusebioEspenelli, engr. Midge Cruz,judgejosecasala,mr. Cesar sangco,mr. Jose rosario of code department store,mr.ricardoramos, mr. Jose felix , mr.william ma monluk ,mr. Ramon avila and mr. Cariliojaylo. Estimated population at the time was 6,500<br />In the regular elections of 1963,architect chanchela, a resident of 11th avenue, was elected as the first barrio lieutenant and serve the term until 1971, together with vice lieutenant representing the variosaresog<br />
    24. 24. Of the barrio. Appointed secretary and treasurer were attorney rogelio m. Quiambao and colonel apolinarfajardorespetively<br />On record, the first duky elected barangay captain was attorney regelioquiambao, who was instrumental in having the present site of barangayba declared as imelda mini-park.during his incumbency, he took the service of mr. Jose l. Gonzales as barangay secretary and mr. Rogelio e. Baoyan as barangayreasurer. He relinquished the post in 1978 when he ran and won for assemblyman in the interim batasangpangbansa.<br />Rogelio e . Baoyansicceededattornoey Rogelio m. Quiambao by obtaining about 3 000 signatures from the list og registered voters of the barangay, enough for comelec to acknowledge him as the new <br />
    25. 25. barangay captain. He was formally elected to the post in 1984 beating two other aspirantas. The retained mr. Jose l. Gonzales jr. As barangay secretary, whikemrbonifacio m. Rillon was appointed barangay treasurer. Baoyan’s term saw the star ogopeation of the barangay day care canter and Saturday and Sunday free-of-charge madical and dental outreached program.<br />In 1986, after the edsa revolution, chairman baoyanbaelizabeth “baby” gaba, a political appointee. She took chit vinas in as the barangay secretary, while binifacio m rillioncomtinued to act as barangay treasurer. In 1986 when elizabet’baby”gaba ran for the quezon city councilor, bonifacio m rillion, upon the recommendation of the city mayor brigado”jun” simon, jr. Was appointed barangay captain by then DILG secretary luissantos.<br />
    26. 26. in 1989, rillion became the duly elected barangaycaotain of barangaysocorro when he garnered the highest numbers of votes from among aspiring barangaykagawads, the law and implementing rule at the time being that he who garners the highest number of vetos shall be the punongbarangay. The sanggunian[local legistive council] includes: Eliseo g. Ramos,PrimtivodelosReyes,CesarPolintan,EmmaBuencanio,ReynaldoEspulgar and the late AnacletoAbis, Jose l. Gonzales , Jr was again tapped as the secretary . RonaldoTraballo served as barangay treasurer, Jose m. Alvarado, jrbacame the barangay secretary on august 13, 1990 when Jose l. Gonzales ,Jr resigned. Barangay captain bonifacio m rillion was reelected in 1994 and served until 1997 . Elected kagawads [barangay councilmen] at the time were darwin c basco, eliseo g ramos,emmanuel c cuasay,rogelio e baoyan, jose “toto” garcia, edilberto m clata and enrico e angeles.<br />
    27. 27. On may 12, 1997, no 1 kagawad Darwin c. Basco challenged the leadership of chairman Bonifaio m. Rillon and won alang with Eliseo g. Ramos , Renato . Del Prado, Ronald Espulgar,Antonio p. Peredes, Jose r. Crusada , Winston v. Alumisin, Jose m. Alvarado Jr. Appointed barangay secretary was Fernando d. Lara , Jr while Eleuterio t. Velerde was appointed barangay treasurer. The term of Darwin c. Basco as punongbarangay, however, did not last. In a judicial recount done by QC MTC, the court ordered the comelec’s board of election tellers [based at 15th avenue elementary school] to set aside the proclamtion of mr.Basco as punongbarangay and, in lieu thereof, to proclaim mr.Bonifacio m. Rillon as the duly elected punongbarangay. In may 21 1999 the latter assumed the position and is serving the term up to present time. Ms. Krystel s. Dionisio, then a sinior high school <br />
    28. 28. Student of stellemaris college and seven young men and women also elected as sk officials.<br />Diring the july 15, 2002 synchronize barangay and sk elections, punongbarangay Benny m. Rillon was again re-elected. With him constituting the sanggunian as elected official are kagawadsReanato m. Del Prado , Jose o. De Guzman, Jose m. Alverado , Dante e. Quevedo, Valerianorey s. Bartolay, Eliseo m. Acosta Jr. And Carmela b. Culvera .<br />Barangaysocorro is bounded by aurora boulevard in the north :15th avenue in the east: boniserrano road in the south; and edsa in west. It has an estimated population of 37,000 at present occuoying an area of little than 75 hectare.it is second to barangay old balara in terms of<br />
    29. 29. Voting population in the entire 3rd district. Socorro is also best known for its famous landmark, the twin towers, which are actually two [ 2- comcrete waters towers said to have been constructed during the years 1936-1938, inclusive.<br />Various community facilities lika a covered basketball court , multi purpose hall, a health and public day care center and sk building are loceted within the barangay compound. Different officers are also housed in the public buildings construted thereon. the operation of a public library , computer literacy center will soon be realized as the needed eqiupment are substantially available. Some books wre also acqiured, but more has to be pruchased. Donations are being acknowledge. <br />
    30. 30. Currently considered as one of the biggest local government init of terms of land area and population, barangaysocorro is sometimes referred to as also the richest barangay due to its income generated from[1] IRA ( international revenue allotment) from the national government;[2] RPTS(relapropetytaxtax share) from the city government; [3]the issuance of barangay clearance, certification;[4] 50% share from th issuance of CTC( community tax certificate) or cedulafo individuals.<br />Due perhaps to it’s sound finances, for 2002-2003 the concreting of 14th avenue, including drainage system improvement is undertaken, with funding coming from the barangay budget. It is expected that more barangay funded infrastructure and community projects will be implemented this and the coming years. This would be made possible <br />
    31. 31. Only if tax collection efficiency would continue improving and actual high collection would grow.<br />The transfer of ownership of barangay compound is a priority concern of the leaders and residents as well. This will see the light of day, so to speak, through yhe initiative of the city’s most beloved chief executive, hon. Sonny “sb” Belmonte Jr. Recognation of this, dilg had recently conferred upon him as the “most oustanding city mayor throughout the country.<br />One approach being considered to facilitate the said land ownership transfer is through a presidential proclamtion, since purchase by account offsetting appears to gain no ground.<br />
    32. 32. One approach being considered to facilitate the said land ownership transfer is through a presidential proclamtion, since purchase by account offsetting appears to gain no ground.<br />Rewitten by :<br />Jaime m. Quiambao<br />Barangaysertary<br />
    33. 33. Obserserbasyon :<br />Magandaangmganaiisipnilangmgasolusyondahilngayon pa lamang ay nakikitananatinangmgapagbabagosakanilangmganasasakupan.<br />Dahilpatiangmgakabataan ay nagkakaroonngdisiplinadahilngnagkaroon noon ng curfew ay alamnanilaangtamangorasngpaguwikahitngayonnawalanaito .<br />Ngunithindi din nilaiyonmagagawangsilalang kung hindirinmakikipagtulunganangmgamamamayanngbarangaysocorro,<br />Dahil a pagkakaisanilanagkakaroonngpag-unladangbarangaysocorro.<br />
    34. 34. Rekomendasyon :<br />Kailngannilangpagisipanngmabutiangkanilangmgagagawingproyektoupangmaisagawaitongmaayos , maganda at maipagmamalakisamgamamamayan at saiba pang barangay.<br />sapagkakaroonngmgapagkakaisa at pagtutulunganngmgabarangay official at ngmgamamamayan ay magsisimulaangmagandangrelasyonupangmaisagawangmaayosangmgaproyektosaikagagandangbarangay.<br />
    35. 35. Konklusyon :<br />Angbarangaysocorro ay maramingibat-ibangproyektonanakatutulongupanggumandakapaligiran at makakuhangmagagandangkapurihangalingsaibangbarangaynasiyangnagigingispirasyonsabarangay official upangpagbutihan pa laloangipinangakonilasamgamamayanannapagigingmatalino at magalingna official.<br />Dahilsamgaito ay nagkakaroonngpagkilala at pag-unladangbarangaysocorro.<br />
    36. 36. Mgalarawanngpakikipanayamsapunongbarangay<br />ngbarangaysocorro<br />