2012-03-06 Open Education and Solving the Textbook Cost Crisis


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Textbooks are one of the fastest growing college expenses in the United States, with prices rising more than four times the rate of inflation and individual books costing $100-200 a piece. This webinar will delve into the issues behind the high cost of textbooks and how open education is gaining momentum as a solution, incorporating the latest research and success stories from across the country.

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  • Although the problem has continued to grow worse and worse, it’s actually starting to get better in the short term because students have more ways to save.
  • • Open textbooks are like traditional textbooks in many ways. • They are written by experts and reviewed, same kind of material. • Hard copies are even sold in bookstores.
  • 2012-03-06 Open Education and Solving the Textbook Cost Crisis

    1. 1. Open Education and Solving the Textbook Cost Crisis Open Education Week March 2012 • #openeducationwk Nicole Allen The Student PIRGs www.studentpirgs.org/textbooks nicole@studentpirgs.org twitter @txtbks studentpirgs.org
    2. 2. “Student loan debtoutpaced credit card debtfor the first time last yearand is likely to top a trilliondollars this year.” studentpirgs.org
    3. 3. Textbookscost HOWmuch??? studentpirgs.org
    4. 4. PopularCalculusTextbook studentpirgs.org
    5. 5. PopularPhysicsTextbook studentpirgs.org
    6. 6. PopularEcon 101Textbook studentpirgs.org
    7. 7. The current system is broken studentpirgs.org
    8. 8. Course materialsand supplies cost $1168 per year - College Board studentpirgs.org
    9. 9. Textbooks vs. Inflation Prices are rising 4 times250%200% Textbooks150%100% 50% Inflation inflation - Student PIRGs 0% 1989 1994 1999 2004 2009 studentpirgs.org
    10. 10. 26% of tuition@ public 4-year72% of tuition@ comm. College - GAO studentpirgs.org
    11. 11. 7 in 10students surveyedhadn’t bought arequired text dueto cost - Student PIRGs studentpirgs.org
    12. 12. Publisher Practices 6th Edition $224.95 used 5th edition $81.78 studentpirgs.org
    13. 13. Publisher Practices Statistics with CengageNOW Personal Tutor CD, Student Study Guide, InfoTrac 2- Semester Printed Access Card $213.95 studentpirgs.org
    14. 14. Publisher Practices only $142.95 studentpirgs.org
    15. 15. Publisher Practices studentpirgs.org
    16. 16. Market Failure studentpirgs.org
    17. 17. Normal Market Producer Consumer studentpirgs.org
    18. 18. Market Failure PublisherStudent Professor studentpirgs.org
    19. 19. Another Market Failure Rx Drug CompanyPatient Doctor studentpirgs.org
    20. 20. “More ways to save than ever before” studentpirgs.org
    21. 21. Used Books• 75% the new cost in the bookstore• 60% of the new cost online• Buy from from friends, classmate s studentpirgs.org
    22. 22. Renting• 40% of the new cost per semester• Online or on campus (new)• Up-front savings, no buyback blues studentpirgs.org
    23. 23. E-Books• 50% of the new cost (in print)• Usually a 180-day subscription• Some limits on printing and access studentpirgs.org
    24. 24. E-Readers• Many different devices available• Cost $379- $1000+• Additional cost for content studentpirgs.org
    25. 25. Average Savings E-Readers 39% E-Books 52% Rentals 61% Used Books 25%Source: www.studentpirgs.org/textbooks/research studentpirgs.org
    26. 26. Student Preferences 25% 34% Prefer Rent All digital 66% 75% Keep Some Prefer printSource: www.studentpirgs.org/textbooks/research studentpirgs.org
    27. 27. Maximum Savings Rentals 33% E-Books 8%E-Readers 1%Source: www.studentpirgs.org/textbooks/research studentpirgs.org
    28. 28. We can do better than that. studentpirgs.org
    29. 29. OpenOEducationalEResourcesR studentpirgs.org
    30. 30. “Educational materialsoffered under a license allowing the public to freely use, adapt anddistribute the content” studentpirgs.org
    31. 31. Homework OER Textbooks studentpirgs.org
    32. 32. What does “open” actually mean? studentpirgs.org
    33. 33. Open Licensing Standard Open Public DomainAll Rights Some Rights No RightsReserved Reserved Reserved studentpirgs.org
    34. 34. Open LicensingRights: Conditions:• Freely use the • All: Credit the author work • Some: Share under• Adapt, remix, revis same license e the content • Some: Use must be• Create and not for profit distribute copies studentpirgs.org
    35. 35. Open LicensingSystem of standardized open licenses www.creativecommons.org Attribution Attribution No Derivs (BY) (BY-ND) Attribution Share-Alike Attribution Non- (BY-SA) Commercial (BY-NC) Attribution Non- Attribution Non- Commercial Share-Alike Commercial No Derivs (BY-NC-SA) (BY-NC-ND) studentpirgs.org
    36. 36. Open Textbooks studentpirgs.org
    37. 37. Open Physics TextbookOpenStaxCollege.org studentpirgs.org
    38. 38. Open Calculus TextbookOpenTextBookStore.org studentpirgs.org
    39. 39. OpenEcon 101 TextbookFlatWorldKnowledge.com $35 pdf studentpirgs.org
    40. 40. Open TextbooksCriteria 1: Quality• Covers similar content, with exercises and illustrations• Written and reviewed by experts• Used at Harvard, Caltech, UCLA… studentpirgs.org
    41. 41. Open TextbooksCriteria 2: Cost• Freely available online to everyone• Downloadable and printable at a low cost• Hard copies typically cost $20-40 and can be sold at the bookstore studentpirgs.org
    42. 42. Open TextbooksCriteria 3: Fit• Open license allows instructors to adapt the text to fit the class• Update in real time (but no unnecessary new editions) studentpirgs.org
    43. 43. Maximum SavingsOpen Textbooks 80% Rentals 33% E-Books 8% E-Readers 1%Source: www.studentpirgs.org/textbooks/research studentpirgs.org
    44. 44. Savings from switching to open textbooks. Physics Calculus Economics 185 Students 150 Students 90 Students $24,575 $20,115 $10,114 4 Years Tuition Down Payment $75,000 401(k) At Iowa State On First Home after 40 yearsSource: www.studentpirgs.org/textbooks/research studentpirgs.org
    45. 45. PublisherStudent Professor studentpirgs.org
    46. 46. PublisherStudent Professor studentpirgs.org
    47. 47. What’s the catch? studentpirgs.org
    48. 48. What’s the catch? There isn’t one.** Obviously there are still some challenges. studentpirgs.org
    49. 49. OER ModelsIndividuals• Wider distribution of work Robert Beezer• Sabbatical projects “The world didn’t need another linear algebra book. It needed a free• Personal motivation one.” linear.ups.edu studentpirgs.org
    50. 50. OER ModelsInstitutions• Pool resources with Community College other colleges with Consortium for OER similar needs More than 200 colleges working to review,• Provide support to create and promote OER. faculty who use OER oerconsortium.org• Pass OER policies studentpirgs.org
    51. 51. OER ModelsInstitutions• Pool resources with University of Minnesota other colleges with Creating an online similar needs catalog of reviewed open textbooks, and• Provide support to providing support to faculty faculty who use OER open.umn.edu• Pass OER policies studentpirgs.org
    52. 52. OER ModelsInstitutions• Pool resources with UMASS Amherst other colleges with Libraries similar needs Provided small grants to faculty to help• Provide support to transition to OER, saved students $72,000 faculty who use OER per year! open.umn.edu• Pass OER policies studentpirgs.org
    53. 53. OER ModelsFoundations• Grants or prizes to OER authors• Support the development of sustainable models studentpirgs.org
    54. 54. OER ModelsGovernment• Invest in “generic” WA recently launched OER content that OER library for its 81 can be localized largest courses. The 1st year will save• Require open license students $1.3 million. for all taxpayer opencourselibrary.org funded resources studentpirgs.org
    55. 55. OER ModelsGovernment• Invest in “generic” US Dept. of Labor OER content that created $2 billion can be localized grant program to improve job training.• Require open license The first wave of for all taxpayer grants required a CC BY license on all funded resources materials created. studentpirgs.org
    56. 56. OER ModelsPublishers• Lots of room for Non-profit publishing improvement on effort (Rice Univ.) traditional model Grant funding and support from for-• Business models profit partners. built around books OpenStaxCollege.org rather than on them studentpirgs.org
    57. 57. OER ModelsPublishers• Lots of room for Commercial open improvement on textbook publisher traditional model Revenue (incl. royalties) from• Business models selling optional print copies, study aids. built around books rather than on them flatworldknowledge.com studentpirgs.org
    58. 58. Student PIRGscampaign 2003-2012 studentpirgs.org
    59. 59. Exposing the ProblemCampaign Activities• 8 studies on various elements of the issue• 1,000+ media hits over the last 8 years• Congressional investigation studentpirgs.org
    60. 60. Organizing FacultyCampaign Activities• 700 prof letter on new editions• UCLA math dept negotiated 25% cut• 23-campus Calstate faculty resolution studentpirgs.org
    61. 61. Price Disclosure LawsCampaign Activities• Passed laws in WA, OR, CT, AZ, CA (sort of)• Passed federal law in 2008, took effect Jul 1, 2010 studentpirgs.org
    62. 62. Price Disclosure Laws Higher Education Opportunity Act • Publishers must disclose prices to professors • Publishers must offer books unbundled • Colleges must list books during registration studentpirgs.org
    63. 63. Promote AlternativesCampaign Activities• 3,000 profs signed statement endorsing open textbooks• Student “marketing” force met with over 2,000 professors• Open textbook catalog studentpirgs.org
    64. 64. studentpirgs.org
    65. 65. Questions/Discussion studentpirgs.org
    66. 66. Open Education and Solving the Textbook Cost Crisis Open Education Week March 2012 • #openeducationwk Nicole Allen The Student PIRGs www.studentpirgs.org/textbooks nicole@studentpirgs.org twitter @txtbks studentpirgs.org