The Army Learning Concept


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The Army Learning Concept

  1. 1. Information Paper<br />Subject: The Army Learning Concept for 2015<br />1. The Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Commander directed the development of the ALC 2015 in December 2009 to create a new Army learning model. The ALC 2015 describes a model that is learner-centric, more engaging, relevant, rigorous, and accessible for a generation of recruits who have grown up in a digital world, as well as seasoned Army professionals with repeated deployments who bring a wealth of experience to learning. <br />2. ALC 2015 emphasizes a Continuous Adaptive Learning Model built upon two themes. First: increased rigor, relevance, and effectiveness of face-to-face learning in our schoolhouses through instructional strategies that maximize the effectiveness of limited resident learning time. Second: expanded reach and effectiveness of the schoolhouse through enabling technology to create a learner-centric, career-long learning capability delivered at the point of need. <br />3. CG TRADOC approved TRADOC Pamphlet 525-8-2, The U.S. Army Learning Concept for 2015 on 20 Jan 11 and issued the the ALC 2015 Operations Order dated 25 March 11 as part of the Army’s campaign of learning and executed through the TRADOC Campaign Plan (TCP).. Major milestones include: FY12 – Adapt Learning Models; FY13 – Achieve Interim Operating Capability (IOC) and Build Program Objective Memorandum (POM 15); and FY15 – Achieve Full Operational Capability. <br />4. The ALC nests within the overall framework and themes of the Army Capstone and Operating Concepts, Army Training Concept, and Army Leader Development Strategy. It focuses on active and reserve component individual learning in Initial Military Training (IMT), Professional Military Education (PME), and functional training and identifies critical 21st Century Soldier Competencies for cultivation across all echelons and cohorts throughout the career span <br />5. TRADOC Campaign Plan Major Objectives for ALC 2015 identify essential areas for change, adaptation, and institutionalization in TRADOC and the Army and include: Establish Governance for Command and Control, Adapt Delivery of Instruction, Improve Training/Education Developer Skills, Adapt Curricula, Instructor Development and Training Methods within Initial Military Training, Adapt Resource Models, Adapt Quality Assurance Techniques, and Develop Enabling Information Technology and Knowledge Management Processes. <br />Updated as of: 27 Sep 11<br />HQS, TRADOC; DCS G-3/5/7<br />ATTN: Training Integration, G-32<br />COM 757-501-5425<br />