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21st Century Training


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21st Century Training

  1. 1. Combined Arms Center-Training Locations Fort Leavenworth, KS operational readiness. CTD’s experts,trainers and technicians champions Soldier and CAC-T Headquarters Mission Command Training Program responsibilities include FM leader requirements to the acquisition community while Collective Training Directorate Combat Training Center Directorate 7-0 maintenance, training providing world-class training support. They are leading National Simulation Center TPO One Semi-Automated Forces management and training the effort to integrate Army training across the Live, TCM Virtual development. CTD leads Virtual and Constructive environments at home station Army efforts for the Mission and schools. NSC also manages Gaming as a training Command Training Strategy, enabler. Fort Lee, VA Logistics Exercise & Simulation the Army Training Network Directorate (NSC) (ATN), Combined Arms TCM VIRTUALARMY JOINT SUPPORT TEAM Training Strategies (CATS) TRADOC Capability Manager for the Virtual TrainingThe Army Joint Support Team (AJST), in support of USAF and the Digital Training Environment (TCM Virtual) is the Army’s centralized505th Command and Control Wing, conducts Joint air- Fort Eustis, VA Management System planner, manager and integrator for all capability Army Training Support Centerground operations education, training and C2 systems Nellis Air Force Base, NV (DTMS). developments associated with virtual simulators, Army Joint Support Team-N Hurlburt Field, FLintegration for Joint Warfighters: Army Joint Support Team-H simulations and other components of the virtual training • Conducts 21 courses at Hurlburt Field and Nellis Air environment. To enable a common virtual environment, Force Base for more than 4,200 U.S. Army, Navy, Air COMBAT TCM Virtual manages the Close Combat Tactical Trainer, Force, Marine and USSOCOM students. TRAINING Reconfigurable Vehicle Simulator, Reconfigurable • Provides training and operational support to Battlefield MISSION COMMAND TRAINING CENTER Vehicle Tactical Trainer, Dismounted Soldier, Aviation Coordination Detachments worldwide. • Supports Mission Command Training Program event PROGRAM DIRECTORATE Combined Arms Tactical Trainer, Non-rated Crewmember The Combat Training Center Directorate (CTCD) facilitates Manned Module, Common Driver Trainer, Engagement planning/exercise design and provides observers/trainers The Mission Command Training Program (MCTP – formerly the validation, administration and integration of the Army’s Skills Trainer, Call for Fire Trainer Increment II, Basic to train corps and division headquarters in joint Battle Command Training Program) provides combined arms Combat Training Center (CTC) program: Electronic Maintenance Simulator and Synthetic air-ground operations. training, replicating Joint-Interagency-Intergovernmental- • Integrates CTC training policy and directives. Environment Core. • Operates the Joint Air-Ground C2 Lab to support schools Multinational Operations in a relevant Operational Environment, worldwide. Training is conducted for Brigade • Accredits CTC common standards of support. and Army organizations. Combat Teams, Divisions, Corps, ASCCs, JFLCCs and JTFs to • Plans, programs and executes the CTC budget. TPO ONE SEMI-AUTOMATED • Develops solutions to lessons learned relating to joint air-ground operations. create experiences enabling the Army’s Senior Commanders • Develops and executes CTC modernization strategy. FORCES to develop current, relevant, campaign-capable, joint and • Coordinates CTC Master Plan and administration. TRADOC Project Office One Semi-Automated Forces • Enables joint training initiatives. (TPO OneSAF) is the Army’s capability developer andARMY TRAINING SUPPORT CENTER expeditionary Mission Command instincts and skills. MCTP • Transforms CTCs to meet future requirements. single Army point of contact for OneSAF. Released toThe Army Training Support Center (ATSC) delivers supports mission command training for multifunctional support brigades, certain functional brigades, theater the Army in Fiscal Year 2006, TPO OneSAF is a brigadeintegrated training support programs, products, servicesand infrastructure to enable education and training to sustainment commands and expeditionary sustainment NATIONAL SIMULATION CENTER and below next-generation computer-generated force commands. The National Simulation Center (NSC) is the leader of constructive simulation. TPO OneSAF provides intensive,the Soldier anytime, anywhere. This includes providing centralized, total system management and integration the Army’s training simulation community. This team ofdistributed learning; training information systems;classrooms; training ranges; audiovisual products; and COLLECTIVE TRAINING DIRECTORATE of all development consideration across the Army’s three modeling and simulation domains that support training,training aids, devices, simulators and simulations. ATSC The Collective Training Directorate (CTD) develops, analysis and experimentation. TPO OneSAF maincontinues to expand its role as a provider and implementer integrates and manages combined arms training programs roles and responsibilities are to inform, staff, receiveof leading-edge technology to enhance Army readiness. and unit training products. CTD also provides Mission feedback and gain consensus from Army modeling Command mobile training teams that support unit and simulation domains on OneSAF development and testing.
  2. 2. CONTACTS WHAT WE D0 HOW WE DO IT CAC-T Strategic Communication 913-684-8021 HOW WE DO IT DIRECTORATES CAC-T’s focus and concepts are to: Army Joint Support Team Hurlburt Field, FL • Leverage technology to deliver training resources 850-884-7498 (DSN 579) that are accessible, effective and efficient. Also at Nellis Air Force Base, NV • Support readiness with training programs, Army Training Support Center strategies and products that help prepare Soldiers Fort Eustis, VA WHEREVER ARMY TRAINING OCCURS, CAC-T HELPS MAKE IT HAPPEN and develop agile, adaptive leaders and versatile 757-878-2880 (DSN 826) COMBINED units to conduct successful operations in a Mission Command Training Program complex, JIIM environment. Fort Leavenworth, KS 913-684-5847 (DSN 552) ARMS • Manage the Combat Training Center program.Based at Fort Leavenworth, KS, the Combined Arms • Manage development of training aids, devices, Combat Training Center Directorate simulators and simulations. Fort Leavenworth, KS CENTER-Center-Training (CAC-T) is a subordinate organization 913-684-7646 (DSN 552) • Manage the Army training support enterprise. • Manage Army training development. Collective Training Directorateof the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command TRAINING Fort Leavenworth, KS • Manage requirements for Army distributed learning 913-684-7616 (DSN 552)(TRADOC). CAC-T delivers training programs, products and the Army Training Information System. • Develop and sustain an integrated training National Simulation Center THE UNITED STATES ARMY Fort Leavenworth, KSand services to leaders and units in support of Army environment. 913-684-8259 (DSN 552) Also at Fort Lee, VA (Logistics Exercise & Simulation Directorate)readiness to conduct full spectrum operations in any TCM Virtualenvironment. Fort Leavenworth, KS 913-684-8214 (DSN 552) TPO One Semi-Automated Forces Fort Leavenworth, KS 913-684-8281 (DSN 552) WEBSITES AND SOCIAL MEDIA • (ATN and DTMS) • • • •