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Tradoc this week sept 30


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Tradoc this week sept 30

  1. 1. TRADOC This WeekA publication of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command 1Victory Starts Here...FORT EUSTIS, Va. ■ Issue 7, Vol. 1, Sept. 30, 2011 ■ Gen. Cone speaks on challenge of changeInnovation at Fort Leonard Wood couldpoint way toward TRADOC future by Darrell Todd Maurina, Pulaski County Daily FORT LEONARD by Lynn Freehill, Univ. of photo by Kae Wang WOOD, Mo. (Sept. Texas The Alcalde 23, 2011) — When the As a 20-year-old cadet at West Point, Bob Cone stood in deputy commander of front of a group of senior officers and faculty, his already the Army’s Training and ruddy complexion turning red. Doctrine Command came West Point had just gone through a cheating scandal, Sept. 23 to Fort Leonard and Cone, who served on the honor-code committee, Wood to preside over the was getting grilled about how code-violators were being change of command from handled. Were some violators, they asked, being treated dif- Maj. Gen. David Quan- ferently than others? tock to Brig. Gen. Mark Cone was in a tough position — officially, any violator Yenter, he noted that it’s was supposed to be dismissed, regardless of the serious-Lt. Gen. Jack Sterling speaks unusual for Distinguished ness of the offense. But his committee hadn’t been handlingto reporters following Friday’s Service Medals to be lesser violations by their peers that way.change of command ceremony awarded for a time of Cone stood thinking. Finally, he said frankly: “ Fort Leonard Wood. service as short as that of They are.”Photo by Darrell Todd Maurina, Quantock, who came to Instantly, “his credibility with the audience went sky-Pulaski County Daily the post in May 2010 and high,” says Howard Prince, who tagged him right then as a is leaving in the early fall future faculty member and high-level leader. “His candorof 2011. made him stand out.” However, Lt. Gen. Jack Sterling said leaders at TRA- From the frank way he spoke about the U.S. Army’sDOC know commanding Fort Leonard Wood has become shortcomings on Friday, it was clear that his candor hasn’ta major task and said that throughout the Army, “the very changed. Cone, MA ’87, still speaks truth to power—ex-fabric of our schoolhouses is undergoing huge changes. cept now, as the head of all Army training and the highest- “How can somebody in that short a period of time ac- ranked Army leader ever to have graduated from UT, he iscomplish all the things that we normally associate with the power. And from his position, there is a lot he wants to seeDistinguished Service Medal?” Sterling said. “I’m here to overhauled.tell you today that Dave Quantock has earned this medal “We’re terrible bureaucratically,” he said of the Army tomany times over. an audience of ROTC members, special guests, and civil- For the rest of this story, click here. (See Gen. Cone, on page 2)
  2. 2. FORT EUSTIS, Va. ■ Issue 7, Vol. 1, Sept. 30, 2011 ■ 2(“Gen. Cone,” continued from page 1) MCoE Soldiers connectians. “We do brain surgery with an ax, is how we go about with 4G digital applicationsbusiness.” He made a powerful case that a military branch hecalled “very, very unbalanced” has to change. In Iraq and by Jennifer Gunn, MCoE Public AffairsAfghanistan, young leaders had 534 Army training manualsthat hadn’t been updated in 10 or 15 years, and they had toturn to wiki-type websites to share lessons learned. The military, Cone believes, needs to develop digi-tal apps and video games to train soldiers. “We gotta getsmarter, we’ve gotta use digital applications, we’ve got tounderstand how this generation learns,” he said. “If we donot capture their energy and imagination for the future ofour Army, we will fail. We cannot go back to the Mr. PotatoHead training of the past.” There should be fewer leaders for a military that on Jan.1 will become a peacetime force, he said. But the brightestamong them need to help write new doctrine and manuals.To do that, Cone believes many should first be sent back tograduate school. Sgt. Byron Arnold, of A Company, 1st Battalion, 29th In- After military college at West Point and several years fantry Regiment, the Experimentation Force, or EXFOR,in the service, that’s what Cone himself did when he came for Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment’s Spiral Gto The University of Texas to study sociology. Prince, now demonstrates using the Nett Warrior System Sept. 22 atdirector of UT’s Center for Ethical Leadership and a man McKenna MOUT Site on Fort Benning, Ga. The Nettintimately involved with turning around West Point after Warrior System provides networked situational aware-the cheating scandal, had “bird-dogged” him to get his ness and command and control capabilities to groundmaster’s degree. forces. The AEWE will be held at Fort Benning from Oct. The challenge at age 28 of defending ideas, examin- 17 through Nov. 4. Photo by Kristin assumptions, reevaluating beliefs, and debating withclassmates helped Cone later, he said. The negotiating skills FORT BENNING, Ga. –The same technology thathe learned came in particularly handy in dealing with lead- powers high speed commercial cellular networks willers like President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and Prime be driving the voice, video and mission commandMinister Nouri al-Maliki of Iraq. capabilities for Spiral G during the Army Expeditionary But Cone also has faced down leadership crises no Warrior Experiment here Oct. 17 through Nov. 4.amount of classroom training could prepare him for. He Although the Army has predicted for some time thatcommanded Fort Hood for several years, including during smart phones will play an important role in the Sol-the 2009 on-base shooting that killed 13 and injured many dier’s job, it is yet unclear just how large a role theirsmore. will be. During recent years, IT engineers at the Signal He has been a four-star general since April, and he Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon, Ga., have beendoesn’t plan to dial down the candor. Fellow “clear-eyed, pumping out iPhone and Andriod apps to satisfy today’sblunt” leaders like new Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. tech-savvy Soldiers.Martin Dempsey and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odi- When it comes to information flow on the battlefield,erno are helping change the culture too, he said. AEWE’s use of 4G as the vehicle to support tactical op- Above all, Cone believes honesty earns respect. “When erations may provide insight into how an unprecedentedsomeone asks me a question I don’t know, I say I don’t amount of information available to the Soldier level canknow,” he said. “If cadets think their leaders are sugarcoat- help shape the things and talking in circles, they don’t have a lot of For the rest of the story, click here.hope that things are going to get better.”
  3. 3. FORT EUSTIS, Va. ■ Issue 7, Vol. 1, Sept. 30, 2011 ■ 3Other News in TRADOC TRADOC leads charge in Fires MCoE’s new Maneuver Battle by Brig. Gen. Thomas S. Vandal, U.S. Army Field Artillery Lab captures synergy of Infantry School and Armor As we look to the future by Ben Wright, of the U.S. Field Artil- In a move to consolidate the battle lab of the infan- lery, the Fires Center of try and armor, Fort Benning officials will break ground Excellence and the Army, Sept. 30 on a $30 million Maneuver Battle Lab simula- we must take a hard look; tions facility. assessing deficiencies, The 88,000-square-foot building will feature a forging new doctrine, 200-person classroom and multiple large and small and charging ahead with simulation bays that can be reconfigured for simulation a renewed confidence in experiments. It will be built on a site adjacent to the the strength of our field Smith Fitness Center on Dixie Road. artillery units, leaders and As part of the Base Realignment and Closure deci- Soldiers. sion in 2005 to move the Armor School to Fort Ben- All of the changes we are making across the Army ning, the new facility is a key piece in consolidation of (recruiting efforts, retention programs and new the Infantry Center Battle Soldier Lab and the Armor doctrine, adaptability through mission command, and Center Mounted Maneuver Battle Lab that relocated on tactically smaller units) are leading us to the Army of post from Fort Knox, Ky. tomorrow. Virtual simulations are now conducted at Mabry Hall We are maintaining a level of readiness expected of at Fort Benning. When the new facility is completed, the the field artillery by producing a well-rounded, combined facilities will make the Maneuver Battle Lab functional and effective fires force. the Army Training and Doctrine Command’s premier For the rest of the story, click here. facility for experimentation and play a major role in all future Army experiments. Some key initiatives of the Maneuver Center of Ex-MCoE takes charge of emerging technology cellence include work on the Squad, as the Foundationexperiments of the Decisive Force, 21st Century Maneuver Training and Brigade Combat Team 2020. Building dedication marks unity of Infantry, Armor schoolsMaj. J.D. Evans, commander of A Company, 1st Battalion,29th Infantry Regiment, uses the WAVE CommunicatorSept. 22 on board a HMMWV. The WAVE Software createsvirtual radio channels over a standard data network toestablish multi-echelon voice communications between anycomputer or cell phone in lieu of a dedicated tactical voiceradio. A Company is the Maneuver Battle Lab’s experiment Family members of Cpl. Jerry W. Wickam cut the ribbonforce, or EXFOR, to test emerging technologies and con- Sept. 23 at the dedication ceremony for McGinnis-Wickamcepts for the AEWE campaign of experiments, currently in Hall at Fort Benning.Spiral G at Fort Benning, Ga. Photo by Kristin Molinaro. Photos by Mike Haskey
  4. 4. FORT EUSTIS, Va. ■ Issue 7, Vol. 1, Sept. 30, 2011 ■ 4 Snipers hone strategic squad capabilities Fort Lee: Home of CAC, Top shooters from across the globe travel each year ICoE, MCCoE, SCoE set to host to Fort Benning, Ga. Maneuver Center of Excellence to compete in the annual International Sniper Competi- Army’s finest tion. The two-man teams will compete in 14 events in- by T. Anthony Bell Senior, Fort Lee Traveller cluding a sniper stalk, urban shooting and orienteering FORT LEE, Va. (Sept. exercises, firing under stressful conditions and other 29, 2011)-The annual tests of marksmanship and sniper skills. The 72-hour competition that show- event runs virtually nonstop, with only two four-hour cases the skills, personal rest breaks in the three days of competition. strength and commitment The competition is hosted by the U.S. Army Sniper of the U.S. Army Soldier School, whose mission is to hone warrior skills, exhibit will make its 10th start the Warrior Ethos, determine the worlds best snipers here next week. and further the warrior mindset across the Army. The The 2011 Department of the Army Noncommis- Sniper School develops Warriors who are part of the sioned Officer and Soldier of the Year Best Warrior Strategic Squad and are able to dominate while con- Competition, commonly known as “Best Warrior,” will ducting wide area security and combined arms maneu- commence Sunday. It will feature five days of field, ver. classroom and boardroom challenges to determine who achieves distinction as the Army’s standout warriors. Twenty-six junior-enlisted troops and NCOs from Army commands around the world are slated to compete in the only major Army-wide event open to Soldiers of all military occupational specialties. Events include weapons qualification, a board appearance, ur- ban orienteering and several of the Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills that are key to survival in combat. Fort Lee, which has hosted Best Warrior since 2002, traditionally launches itself into event planning nearly a year in advance, putting to use a large infra- structure of people, equipment and facilities that are essential to a seamless operation. Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel Reid is commandant of the Logistics NCO Academy. A key figure in the plan- ning and execution of the event, he said preparation is the biggest factor.Follow TRADOC through its social media sites: For the rest of the story, click here.