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Growing Leadership Presentation and Workshop


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Growing Leadership is a presentation and workshop offered by Caravela Inc. For more information visit website at or contact Tom Laughlin at

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Growing Leadership Presentation and Workshop

  1. 1. 63,216 Hits for Leadership August 2010
  2. 2. 5 Practices 10 Commitments 20 Characteristics 50 Actions 135 Behaviors 39 Skills
  3. 3. Vision Competence Character
  4. 4. Vision Formulate Communicate Competence Character
  5. 5. Vision Competence Technical Organizational Character
  6. 6. Vision Competence Character Situational Individual
  7. 7. Experience Guidance Feedback
  8. 8. David
  9. 9. Innate Characteristics Developed Characteristics Low egocentrism Cognitive complexity Sense of destiny Empathy Low distrust Self-awareness Gravitas Patience Sociability Non-judgmental thinking Sense of humor Tolerance for lack of control. Optimism Emotional control Trustworthiness Self-confidence. Integrity “Nelson Mandela: Partisan and Peacemaker” by Daniel Lieberfeld - Negotiation Journal - July 2003
  10. 10. From “Long Walk to Freedom” by Nelson Mandela “I had become so used to my deceptions that I lied even when I did not have to.” Early 20’s “I was a young man who attempted to make up for his ignorance with militancy.” Mid 30’s
  11. 11. Caring Confident Reliable Mature Cooperative Respectful Loyal Persistent Diligent Disciplined Inspiring Considerate Flexible Intelligent Open Generous Fair-minded Gentle Self-Controlled Imaginative Broad-minded Independent Humble Supportive Self Aware Accepting Straightforward Loyal Honest Dependable Empathetic Forward-Looking Compassionate Benevolent Ambitious Accountable Considerate Courageous Modest Kind Responsible Patient