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A Content Curation Roadmap: What You Need To Know To Get Started


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A brief introduction to content curation including the Seek > Sense > Share model and recommendations for apps to try out as you build your own personalized curation process.

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A Content Curation Roadmap: What You Need To Know To Get Started

  1. 1. #LWW19 @tmiket A Content Curation Roadmap What You Need To Know To Get Started Mike Taylor
  2. 2. #LWW19 @tmiket Mike Taylor Exploring the intersection of learning, design & technology tmiket
  3. 3. #LWW19 @tmiket Learning While Working
  4. 4. #LWW19 @tmiket What is curation?
  5. 5. #LWW19 @tmiket “Curation is using your expertise in a field to gather great content around a specific theme and present that content in a way that will educate others.” Stephanie Hatch Leishman
  6. 6. #LWW19 @tmiket Gather great content that will educate others.
  7. 7. #LWW19 @tmiket CURATE FOR YOURSELF FIRST Experiment | Play | Hone Your Skills
  8. 8. #LWW19 @tmiket Why curate?
  9. 9. #LWW19 @tmiket Curation is central to L&D
  10. 10. #LWW19 @tmiket Analyze & Set Goals Create & Collaborate Deliver, Publish & Share Measure Maintain, Expire & Destroy COURSESCURATION
  11. 11. #LWW19 @tmiket Why curate? Keeping yourself and your content current 1 Help yourself and/or others keep up on the latest trends 2 Gather resources for personal or organizational use 3 Supplement existing programs 4 Reduce need to develop new content 5 Driving innovation Getting outside your bubble 6
  12. 12. 1 Daily work experiences (ie doing the day job) 93% 2 Knowledge sharing within your team 90% 3 Web search (eg Google) 79% 4 Web resources (eg videos, podcasts, articles) 76% 5 Manager feedback and guidance 74% 6 Professional networks and communities 72% 7 Coach or mentor feedback and guidance 65% 8 Internal resources (eg documents, guides, etc) 60% 9 Blogs and news feeds 56% 10 E-Learning (eg online courses for self-study) 41% 11 Conferences and other professional events 35% 12 Classroom training 31% Jane Hart’s Learning in the Workplace Survey “non-designed” common L&D focus % VI+Ess
  14. 14. #LWW19 @tmiket How it works
  15. 15. #LWW19 @tmiket Aggregation vs Curation Aggregation is automated. Curation is manual.
  16. 16. #LWW19 @tmiket Aggregation Typically keyword driven (algorithms) + Fast + Many sources - No quality check/validation - Often lacks proper context
  17. 17. #LWW19 @tmiket
  18. 18. #LWW19 @tmiket Curation Why are you curating? Who are you curating for? - Time investment + Check for quality & context + More options and control for distribution
  19. 19. #LWW19 @tmiket Automatic vs Manual
  20. 20. #LWW19 @tmiket Best of Both
  21. 21. #LWW19 @tmiket More signal. Less noise.
  22. 22. #LWW19 @tmiket Getting Started
  23. 23. #LWW19 @tmiket Simple Find great things Share them with your audience
  24. 24. #LWW19 @tmiket A bit less simple Where do you look for content? How do you find the best stuff? How do you find the time to do it well? What do you do with it once you find it?
  25. 25. #LWW19 @tmiket Curation Process Goal Topics Sources Process + Add Value Sharing
  26. 26. #LWW19 @tmiket Personal Knowledge Mastery Harold Jarche A set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world and work more effectively.
  27. 27. #LWW19 @tmiket Seek S * Process, Verify, Add Value Discover & receive info efficiently Save, Share, Publish, Do Sense S Share*
  28. 28. #LWW19 @tmiket SEEK Discover valuable content + Keeping up efficiently
  29. 29. #LWW19 @tmiket Getting information is often like drinking from the fire hose.
  30. 30. #LWW19 @tmiket
  31. 31. #LWW19 @tmiket *@&^#!
  32. 32. #LWW19 @tmiket Step 1: Information Delivery INFO DELIVERY
  33. 33. #LWW19 @tmiket
  34. 34. #LWW19 @tmiket
  35. 35. #LWW19 @tmiket "It's not information overload. It's filter failure." Clay Shirkey @clayshirkey
  36. 36. #LWW19 @tmiket Step 2: Information Filtering
  37. 37. #LWW19 @tmiket
  38. 38. #LWW19 @tmiket HOW MANY ‘INBOXES’? Websites Email Twitter PinterestYouTube Etc
  39. 39. #LWW19 @tmiket CONSOLIDATE Websites Email Twitter Pinterest YouTube Etc
  40. 40. #LWW19 @tmiket Rich Site Summary Really simple Syndication (Feed Readers) RSS
  41. 41. #LWW19 @tmiket format for delivering regularly changing web content RSS
  42. 42. #LWW19 @tmiket RSS Feed Readers Newsblur Inoreader The Old Reader Bloglovin’ Netvibes FlowReader FeedReader Feeder
  43. 43. #LWW19 @tmiket Recommended Feedly Every new blog post, article or update from your favorite sites in one place FREEMIUM
  44. 44. #LWW19 @tmiket
  45. 45. #DevLearn18 @biancabaumann @tmiket
  46. 46. #DevLearn18 @biancabaumann @tmiket Adding Content
  47. 47. #DevLearn18 @biancabaumann @tmiket Find Content
  48. 48. #DevLearn18 @biancabaumann @tmiket SearchDiscovery
  49. 49. #DevLearn18 @biancabaumann @tmiket Organize
  50. 50. #LWW19 @tmiket Like Magic!
  51. 51. #LWW19 @tmiket 759 sources
  52. 52. #LWW19 @tmiket SENSE Process, Verify, Organize, Add Value
  53. 53. #LWW19 @tmiket Social Bookmarks Easy way to start curating
  54. 54. #LWW19 @tmiket Social Bookmarks Organize yourself Sharing with others Follow smart people
  55. 55. #LWW19 @tmiket
  56. 56. #LWW19 @tmiket Online bookmarking to collect and organize anything Organize your items by tags or lists Search and access from anywhere, anytime Group based collaborative research and content curation Highlight and add sticky notes on webpages
  57. 57. #LWW19 @tmiket
  58. 58. #LWW19 @tmiket Feedly (Boards)
  59. 59. #LWW19 @tmiket Save to Boards
  60. 60. #LWW19 @tmiket Saving/Organizing/Notes Diigo Pocket Pinterest Zeef Trello Evernote OneNote
  61. 61. #LWW19 @tmiket Zeef
  62. 62. #LWW19 @tmiket Trello
  63. 63. #LWW19 @tmiket SHARE Share / Publish
  64. 64. #LWW19 @tmiket Sharing spaces help accelerate learning.
  65. 65. #LWW19 @tmiketTime Ability Beginner Pro YOU CAN’T SHORTEN THIS How to be an expert
  66. 66. #LWW19 @tmiketTime Ability Beginner Pro YOU CAN SHORTEN THIS! How to be an expert
  67. 67. #LWW19 @tmiketTime Ability Beginner Pro YOU CAN SHORTEN THIS! How to be an expert
  68. 68. #LWW19 @tmiketTime Ability Beginner Pro How to be an expert
  69. 69. #LWW19 @tmiket Bazillion Options Social Media • Pinterest* • Diigo* • Twitter • LinkedIn • Facebook • Buffer • Hootsuite • Yammer Websites/Blogs • WordPress • Blogger • Medium • Zeef • Sharepoint • Jive, etc • Curatr • Sharepoint Newsletters • MailChimp • Mailerlite • Refind • Revue • Goodbits • TinyLetter • Drip
  70. 70. #LWW19 @tmiket 1-Click Saving/Sharing* Email into most for free!
  71. 71. #LWW19 @tmiket Considerations Efficient process Easy opt-in / out Searchable/ accessible archives
  72. 72. #ATDTK19 @tmiket PERSONAL PROCESS
  73. 73. #ATDTK19 @tmiket Seek S Sense S Share
  74. 74. #DevLearn18 @biancabaumann @tmiket Look for add-ins Many tools have browser add- ins that streamline the process Many services work with email too
  75. 75. #LWW19 @tmiket Curation Control Panel Share/ Publish Save/ Organize Subscribe
  76. 76. #LWW19 @tmiket Curation Control Panel Subscribe Save/ Organize Share/ Publish
  78. 78. #LWW19 @tmiket Be ruthlessly efficient with your curation strategy
  79. 79. #DevLearn18 @biancabaumann @tmiket Curate the curators.
  80. 80. #DevLearn18 @biancabaumann @tmiket Strive for 25 You can build a strong curation process on 25 good sources.
  81. 81. #DevLearn18 @biancabaumann @tmiket Mobile Apps Read on the go and tap windows of opportunity
  82. 82. #DevLearn18 @biancabaumann @tmiket Dedicate Time Put it on your calendar and make it a habit. Even just 10min/day or 1hr/week
  83. 83. #LWW19 @tmiket Learning While Working
  84. 84. #LWW19 @tmiket Aiming for Success 1. Goals 2. Audience 3. Finding Content that Resonates 4. Identify Trusted Sources 5. Get Started With Feedly 6. Organizing/Distribution Channels 7. Your Personal Setup Learning While Working
  85. 85. #LWW19 @tmiket Twist Weekly Curated L&D Content weekly-curation/ David Kelley Modern Workplace Learning Newsletter Jane Hart Friday’s Finds Harold Jarche Friday 5: Learning, Design & Technology Mike Taylor
  86. 86. #LWW19 @tmiket TL:DR 3 QUESTIONS TO GUIDE YOU
  87. 87. #LWW19 @tmiket Finding Content That Resonates Goals & Pain Points Financial advisor Sample topic: Retirement savings Sample share: 5 Easy Ways to Save More for Retirement Information They Want Software Sales Sample topic: Blockchain technology Sample share: How Blockchain Will Change Every Department in Your Company Awareness They Need Mortgage advisor Sample topic: Real Estate trends Sample share: What Buyers Need to Know About Home Prices This Year
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