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A Twitter workshop for coalitions with some experience using Twitter. The workshop is part of the 2013 CADCA Coalition Leadership Forum, Washington, DC on February 4-8, 2013

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  • Find or produce interesting things to tweet about. Then there’s the technical angle: 1. Tweets that are under 100 characters do best when it comes to engagement (replies, RT) 2. Tweets that have a link receive 86% higher Retweet rates than those without a link. Source: Buddy Media’s Strategies for Effective Tweeting) UNLESS the link is broken – be sure there’s a space before the http .. Tha’t’s the most common issue. 3. Tweets with hashtags get twice as much engagement than those without BUT only 1-2 hashtgs. More than that * the engagement drops. 4. Tweets with image links have engagement rates 2x higher than those without. 5. Tweets that ask followers to RT get 12x more action. If you spell out retweet it jumps to 23 times more action. NOT EVERY TWEET WILL BE A HOME RUN
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  • Twitterverse for Coalitions

    1. 1. CADCA Leadership Forum February 4-8, 2013 Twitterverse The Final FrontierLaDonna CoyRaye Shilen
    2. 2. Welcome & Introductions #Forum2013 #FindTheYES
    3. 3. We believe … Twitter is the single mostpowerful and underutilizedtool we have right now for community and social change.
    4. 4. Twitterversethe final frontier.It’s not just aboutwhat’s out thereBut what goes onin here.
    5. 5. Find things online Keep up-to-dateShare Ideas, Resources,And experiences Nurture Networks
    6. 6. Twitter gives you Super PowersPower to readpeople’s thoughtsAbility to overhearconversations Source: The Twitter Book, Ch. 2 Tim O’Reilly & Sarah Milstein
    7. 7. That’s me!
    8. 8. Learn & Use #Hashtags (like a super hero)Hashtags are how we categorize tweets and share them. #forum #coalition #Find the 2013 YES
    9. 9. “Hashtag How-to” Power of Hashtags
    10. 10. 1. Your First Name 2. @your handle
    11. 11. Networking Activity• Image of cardstock with name, handle and a few sticky notes Your First Name @handle
    12. 12. Networking Activity#Hashtag Harvest
    13. 13. Why do you Tweet? I tweet to … My coalition tweets to … #forum2013
    14. 14. Personal – Professional – StrategicNewsLearning Influence VisibilityContent GenerateCuration Content Broadcast
    15. 15. Twitter Etiquette Etiquette means behavingyourself a little better than is absolutely essential. -- Will Cuppy
    16. 16. Listen First
    17. 17. Nurture YourConnections Follow your Sector Reps and …
    18. 18. Nurture your ConnectionsWho do I NOT follow? Credible?Legitimate? Trolls, Jerks & Haters?
    19. 19. Fishin’ For Followers(catch some new peeps in 10 minutes a week)
    20. 20. What you’re looking for is what others look for in you
    21. 21. Be Visible Bring your …YourLogo
    22. 22. What do you Tweet?
    23. 23. If you want twaction … Be Interesting
    24. 24. Crafting a TweetWhat kind of tweets do youfind most interesting/useful?
    25. 25. Crafting a TweetHere’s the latest Monitoring the FutureReport from Institute of Social Research What would strengthen this tweet?
    26. 26. Create a Virtuous Cycle Listen Learning Meaning-makingEngagingDiscuss, nudge Sharing Seed, distribute
    27. 27. Be Relevant… but it’s the drugs ….
    28. 28. MaintainingRelevance
    29. 29. Twitter for Advocacy
    30. 30. Who to Follow• City council person• Local news anchor• Mayor• Social media marketer• Local culture/events bloggers• Local journalists
    31. 31. @PreventionGeek
    32. 32. Tweet about books, materials
    33. 33. #TYS13
    34. 34. Tools to Manage Twitter
    35. 35. Tweet ToolsDesktop Tools Mobile Tools Metrics Link Shorteners, etc.
    36. 36. Tweet like a Super HeroUsing the hashtags choose an action & tweet! 1. Tweet to recognize & honor someone you met today 2. Tweet something sticky you heard today 3. Retweet something you heard or thought “that’s worth saying again” #forum2013 #FindTheYES
    37. 37. InfluenceThat you are on Twitteris not important.What you are doing with Twittercould be. --Chris Brogan @chrisbrogan
    38. 38. Twitter is the single most powerful and underutilized tool we have right now for co-creating community and social change.
    39. 39. Photo Citations• Shoutout• Istockphotos and shutterstock for purchased images• Ladder of Engagement (Twitter) more-effective/#more-5884• here
    40. 40. Resource List•• Strategies for Effective Tweeting: A Statistical Review• The Twitter Book, Ch. 2, O’Reilly and Milstein• The Twitter Networking activity is a variation on Jeff Pulver’s activity• Paul Evensen’s Relevance Activity (from onsite training)• Ladder of Engagement• PEW Data on Twitter – – –• Minority Usage y-Trends-Among-People-of-Color.aspx• Neighborhood Communications
    41. 41. This presentation is licensed under CREATIVE COMMONS. This means you can use it, or parts thereof, as long as appropriateattribution is given and your resulting product is made available under thissame license. The license prohibits using this presentation for commercialpurposes. A list of citations and links is included for your reference and use. Please cite all creative commons photos to the original source. Suggested Attribution:Source: LaDonna Coy, Learning Chi, Inc. and Raye Shilen, PreventionGeek forthe CADCA Leadership Forum, February, 2013, Washington, D .C.