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Social TV, Reviving TV Advertising

  1. SOCIAL TV reviving TV advertising PRESENTED BY:
  2. COMPANY BACKGROUND BARS+TONE is a Digital Media Agency specializing in innovative and engaging video, online media, visual effects, and social engagement strategies. With an innovative approach to new technologies and a true understanding of the power of the internet, our client portfolio has grown to include some of the world’s most respected Fortune 500 companies. BARS+TONE helps companies and organizations capitalize on the advent of mobile broadband connectivity as well as new interactive technologies. We consult with our clients to strategically leverage digital media across the web and mobile as an integral part of their messaging and brand marketing.
  5. WHAT IS IT? Social TV is described as when a viewer is engaging with a second screen (smartphone, tablet, etc…) while viewing TV, which is known as the first screen.
  6. SOCIAL TV A mass reaching vehicle that can deliver innovative, and extremely engaging content while providing new avenues for people to interact with brands.
  7. SOCIAL TV by the numbers 12.2M social media comments during Super Bowl LXVI 11.7M GetGlue Check-ins during August 2012 1.2x more engaged than those viewing alone without a social app
  9. WHAT’S IT DOING? Social TV has transformed TV from a one-way communication system to an interactive dialogue where TV watchers play an important role in co-creating the viewership experience.
  10. WHAT’S IT DOING? Social TV has transformed “TV zombies” into actively engaged participants who pay attention to the show and its commercials.
  11. WHAT’S IT DOING? Social TV is helping to bridge media with data, generating a goldmine of statistics and information for marketers to profit from and optimize campaigns.
  12. HOW DOES IT DO THAT? Social TV optimizes a viewer’s level of interest and excitement while encouraging real-time tune in by engaging fans via different social media outlets.
  14. 20th CENTURY FOX Created online communities, called hubs, for Glee, American Idol, and X Factor.
  15. 20th CENTURY FOX Glee has had its actors and even characters, like Rachel Berry, tweet during airtime engaging with fans to encourage real-time tune in.
  16. 20 RESULTS th CENTURY FOX Resulted in… • 681,413 check-ins for Glee on GetGlue during 2011. • 1.2 million social comments during the season finale of American Idol.
  18. GetGlue Think of GetGlue as a Foursquare-like check-in to TV, movies and music with the addition of a Facebook-like feed where you can interact with your friends and other viewers.
  19. GetGlue A unique feature of the site is that you can earn virtual stickers for the shows or movies you watch and, once a month, you can request a hard copy of those stickers, which get delivered to you via post mail.
  20. GetGlue + GRAMMYs The Grammy’s partnered with GetGlue to run a sweepstakes promotion where one lucky winner would receive a pair of tickets to the annual awards ceremony.
  21. GetGlue + GRAMMYs During the live broadcast, viewers were encouraged to check-in on GetGlue and join the conversation online surrounding the event.
  22. THE RESULTS The campaign generated the highest ratings in over a decade for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. 13M social comments 40M viewers
  23. Umami Uses proprietary “audio fingerprinting technology” to recognize what show/movie a user is watching. Then, it provides a customized range of content from gossip, news, and social chatter based on the show.
  24. Miso Combines elements from both GetGlue and Umami. Delivers interactive and user- generated content, check-in options, and a news feed feature, all of which are seamlessly blended in a single social network.
  25. Miso Offers a differentiating feature called SideShows, where fans can create their own second- screen content.
  27. Twitter Before the Show • Incorporate #hashtags into TV commercials to encourage Twitter interactions and direct viewers to online content hub.
  28. Twitter During the Show • Use #hashtags on air with a Call-To-Action. • Can be quizzes & polls, reactions to moments…. • Have characters or actors tweet live.
  29. Twitter During the Show • Run Q&As with actors. • Reward people for interacting with exclusive content. • Overall, just be engaging. Reply, Retweet & Favorite
  30. Twitter After the Show • Curate comment highlights and incorporate in reruns. • Share next week’s conversation #hashtag. • Reward people for engaging.
  31. Facebook • Set up a fan page for the show & characters. • Run quizzes & polls. • Create a Facebook App or a game as exclusive content. • Create Events for episodes as a reminder to tune-in live.
  32. Facebook • Monetize fan page by setting up a fan merchandise store. • Reward fans by posting highlights of episodes, behind the scenes video clips and interviews.
  33. Final Thoughts Select a few strategies and experiment to find out what resonates with your audience.
  34. Final Thoughts Ensure all marketing strategies, from traditional to digital, are working cohesively to achieve the same goal.
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