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7 ways social media and digital content are changing broadcast media


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7 ways social media and digital content are changing traditional broadcast media. The impact of digital media, technology and the connected consumer on traditional broadcasting presented by A Couple of Chicks Digital Marketing at Staying Tuned 2014 BBM Canada Conference.

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7 ways social media and digital content are changing broadcast media

  1. 1. What’s Next? 7 ways social media and digital is changing traditional broadcast media Alicia Whalen, Co-founder and Principal
  2. 2. #soundbites • What’s changed in digital media • Multi-platform content consumption • Impact of media consumption & social media • 7-ways social and digital is changing traditional media • Case Study: Tim and Sid • The Opportunity • Tips & Tools • Conclusions @acoupleofchicks
  3. 3. 2014 Digital Trends Digital Convergence: Multi-platform content
  4. 4. Content is consumed across multiple devices FACT: 90% of all media interaction are screen based Source: @Nielsen 2013 @acoupleofchicks #StayingTuned2014
  5. 5. What’s the impact ?
  6. 6. The new connected consumer -Socially Connected -Influenced by what they see online -Using WIFI and Mobile Devices
  7. 7. Digital Media Convergence: the impact on traditional media Mobile is the driving source Must have content for all screens
  8. 8. Screen Convenience: Digitized content and technology interact on the same screen. Digital Media Convergence: #StayingTuned2014
  9. 9. Social Media Impact on TV
  10. 10. Impact: Engagement on Twitter about content on TV and Radio DRIVES REACH AND BRAND
  11. 11. Social Media Engagement= Ratings Impact: Both radio and television were once a one-way medium Creates a feedback loop adding ROI to a primarily “reach” advertising medium. 27% increase in engagement and 30% increase in ratin #StayingTuned2014@acoupleofchicks
  12. 12. 1 . Increase of live programming • NBC attracted 18.6 million viewers for its live broadcast of The Sound of Music. • High-quality live stream video delivered to any device and through multiple channels. • Impact on advertising: cloud-delivery of ads in the video stream. Hard to block advertising, easy to target and measure @acoupleofchicks What is changing?
  13. 13. 2. LIVE is Part of the Experience: • Social media has become part of the Television watching experience Multi-screening @acoupleofchicks Social media is LIVE
  14. 14. Most used LIVE Social Media Channels: Twitter Facebook Tumbler Vine Instagram YouTube Shazam Source: @Forbes Social Media = LIVE @acoupleofchicks #StayingTuned2014
  15. 15. 3. The micro-video Branded Vines 4X more likely to be shared than traditional online video -micro video is portable to all screens Could eventually result in micro-video becoming the most portable video format across screens.
  16. 16. 4. Broadcasting is no longer a one-way conversation • Social media has created a two way conversation with audiences • Content providers now become content mediators. • The Voice voting - integrated into iTunes @acoupleofchicks #StayingTuned2014
  17. 17. 5. Expanded reach and engagement Re-broadcasting Extends the Reach Internationally and increased relevancy for the content Britain’s got talent: building new audiences outside of Britain... Over 7-Million Views and counting! #StayingTuned2014@acoupleofchicks
  18. 18. 6. The advertising industry is catching up Source: MarketingLand: Danny Sullivan What has changed over 2013? @acoupleofchicks New Record For 2014: Hashtags Mentioned In 57% Of Super Bowl Ads
  19. 19. The #selfie that broke Twitter • Ellen’s #oscars #Selfie: impact on engagement with the Oscars - reach was far beyond those watching on the LIVE broadcast 7. Expanded audience engagement: @acoupleofchicks
  20. 20. The Tim and Sid Show: A Case Study @acoupleofchicks How Social media boosted the show's reach outside of traditional radio and TV #StayingTuned2014
  21. 21. @acoupleofchicks The Ice Dance Rant It happened!! Originally broadcasted as part of the daily radio and TV show: -Podcast -YouTube -Twitter
  22. 22. The YouTube Re-broadcast Tessa did the thing...with the skate behind her head ..The guy that invented the move said @Virtue_Moi should be leading! 204,811 YouTube views
  23. 23. The Parody Tim and Sid Fan Parody Expanded REACH and ADDED NEW Audiences
  24. 24. The Opportunity Use SOCIAL MEDIA and Media convergence to grow audiences and increase advertising Revenue
  25. 25. Except the medium has EXPLODED and the messages are different depending on what medium is being used. The Medium is the Message @acoupleofchicks
  26. 26. Social media has made broadcasting a dialogue. Audiences are now content producers So what now? @acoupleofchicks
  27. 27. Tools for producer’s and hosts to monitor and proactively engage in social media conversation with fans. Crowd sourcing platforms Social media contesting @acoupleofchicks Strategy: Add Value “Radio Freaks Out: Radio Station Turns Over Control To Listeners 24/7 On Web And Mobile” Source @TechCrunch #StayingTuned2014
  28. 28. Build New Audiences + more engaged audience = happy advertisers @acoupleofchicks
  29. 29. Listen. Respond. Optimize. Measure. Repeat. @acoupleofchicks
  30. 30. Keys to success: Content plan Resources Monitor and Measure Have a Social Media Strategy @acoupleofchicks
  31. 31. Hashtag strategy Cross platform linking (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) Integration into other media (Live radio or TV broadcast) Encourage the dialogue Proactive Social Media Strategy @acoupleofchicks #StayingTuned2014
  32. 32. Tools to manage @acoupleofchicks Sprout Social: Listen and segment audiences Hootsuite:Listen and manage posts across platforms Buffer:pre-tweet at peek times Tweetdeck: available as an app For producer’s, journalists, TV radio personalities, media sales people
  33. 33. Conclusions: It’s all about the content Multi-channel approach a must Invest in Social Media Invest in content accessible across multiple channels and devices #StayingTuned2014@acoupleofchicks
  34. 34. Thank you!