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Event Marketing Strategies - 8 Social Media Tactics to Ignite Ticket Sales


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Too many event marketing strategies do the bare minimum when it comes to social media. Leverage these 8 social media tactics to push your ticket sales to the next level.

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Event Marketing Strategies - 8 Social Media Tactics to Ignite Ticket Sales

  1. 1. 8 Social Media Tactics to Ignite Ticket Sales
  2. 2. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs A0er  this  slideshare,  you  should: • Understand  what  you  need  to  do  before  jumping  into  tac8cs   •  Define  your  target  a;endee  &  where  they  hang  out  on  SM   • U8lize  at  least  1  of  these  tac8cs  in  your  event  marke8ng   strategy
  3. 3. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Before  we  get  into  the  juicy  tac-cs… • We  go;a  talk  PROCESS.   • Without  having  event  marke8ng  strategies  in  place,  tac8cs  are   meaningless.
  4. 4. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Event  Marke+ng  is…
  5. 5. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Event  Marke+ng  is  not…
  6. 6. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs The  Social  Media  Landscape • Rate  of  change  is  accelera8ng   quickly   • 1.6  billion  ac8ve  mobile  social   accounts   • Know  your  audience! Further  reading:  h.p://­‐social-­‐mobile-­‐worldwide-­‐2015/
  7. 7. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs The  Social  Media  Landscape • Makes  implemen8ng  event  marke8ng  strategies  frustra8ng  at   8mes   • but  also  creates  opportunity  to  find  new  a4endees
  8. 8. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Who’s  ready  for  some  tac-cs???
  9. 9. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Tac-c  #1:  Incen-vized  social  sharing • It  is  in  your  a;endees’  best  interest  to  get  their  friends  to  buy  8ckets  to  your  event.   • Offer  small  discount  on  8cket  price  to  increase  sharing   • Also  can  include  discounts  on  future  events   • Check  out  Referral  Candy
  10. 10. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Tac-c  #2:  Ticket  Giveaway  Contests • Why  contests  are  awesome:   • Easy  to  setup  with   • Plays  directly  into  an  event’s  social  element   • Network  effects! Each  entry  should  be  considered  a  poten7al  7cket  buyer
  11. 11. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Clear  descrip8on  on  how  to  enter  -­‐> Incen8vized  ways  to  enter  -­‐> En8cing  visual  -­‐>  Contest  Breakdown More  entries  given  based  on  type  of  ac8on
  12. 12. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs A  Ticket  Giveaway  in  Ac-on Conference  creates  a  8cket  giveaway Gale  enters  via  tweet Conference  gains  exposure  to  Gail’s  Twi;er  audience NETWORK  EFFECTS!!!
  13. 13. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Tac-c  #3:  Instagram  Men-oning  n’  Hashtagging Instagram  is:   • The  FASTEST  growing  social  network   • 26%  of  US  adult  popula8on   • Visual  Storytelling   • Primarily  Mobile Your  Instagram  presence  has  to  be  na7ve!
  14. 14. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Photo  Men-oning • Every  8me  an  Instagram  user  is  tagged  in  the  comments  of  a  photo,  they’ll  receive  a  no8fica8on POTENTIAL  VIRAL  ALERT!
  15. 15. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Great  for  contests
  16. 16. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Best  Prac-ces  for  Instagram • Unless  you’re  producing  a  large-­‐scale  event,  create  an  account  for  your  org  to  build  an  audience   • Contests  via  photo  men8oning  is  a  great  way  to  a;ract  eyeballs   • Be  authen8c  &  crea8ve.  NOT  commercial.   • Research  &  use  popular  hashtags  that  are  relevant  to  your  event  (loca8on,  target  audience) If  you  were  organizing  a  vegan  food  truck  fes7val  in  Aus7n,     #atxvegan  would  be  a  prime  hashtag  to  u7lize.
  17. 17. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Tac-c  #4:  Leveraging  Your  Speaker’s  Audience • Think  of  your  speakers  as  an  affiliate  marke8ng  channel   • Both  interests  are  aligned   • Your  speakers  want  a  large  audience  to  talk  to   • Your  event  needs  to  sell  as  many  8ckets  as  possible
  18. 18. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Track  results  by  crea-ng  codes Create  your  codes  in  Ticketbud Watch  the  tweets  roll  in
  19. 19. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Tac-c  #5:  Gaining  Exposure  Through  Reddit   Common  misconcep8on:  Reddit  community  destroys  any  a;empt  to  market  to  them.  How  not  to  get  destroyed:   •Be  na8ve   •Be  authen8c   •Be  relevant
  20. 20. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Subreddits  are  your  friend • A  subreddit  is  a  sub-­‐community  focused  on  a  specific  topic.   • We  recommend  pos8ng  in  your  city’s  subreddit  or  one  specific  to  event’s  theme   • Use  a  conversa8onal  tone  when  pos8ng.  Be  110%  sure  it’s  relevant.   • DON’T  make  your  post  read  like  an  adver8sement! GOOD  TITLE:   Anyone  ever  a4end  the  oyster  fes7val  happening  this  weekend? BAD  TITLE:   Buy  7ckets  to  the  oyster  fes7val  for  $45!!  Get  ‘em  now!
  21. 21. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Subreddits  are  your  friend s8ckied  post  stays  on  top  of  page large  readership  =  big  poten8al normal  post  upvoted  w/  75  comments
  22. 22. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Tac-c  #6:  Repurposing  Content  for  Long-­‐Las-ng  Effects   • Use  photos  of  a;endees  in  social  updates   • Create  highlight  video  from  previous  events   • Get  your  speakers  to  upload  their  slide  decks   • Use  tes8monials  as  social  proof Further  reading:  h.p://­‐social-­‐media-­‐to-­‐promote-­‐your-­‐event/
  23. 23. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Tac-c  #7:  Facebook  Retarge-ng   • Retarge8ng:  When  you  serve  ads  to  people  who  have   previously  been  on  your  website.
  24. 24. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs 2  Types  of  Retarge-ng  Ads 1.  Direct  Ticket  Purchase:  Clicking  goes  right  back  to  your   8cke8ng  page.  Most  popular  choice  here.   2.Demand  GeneraFon:  Clicking  the  ad  goes  to  a  highlight  video,   speaker  lineup,  or  just  any  piece  of  content  that  will  help   convince  your  a;endees  to  buy  8ckets. Typically  #2  works  be4er  if  you  have  highly  priced  7ckets   Mo  $$  =  Mo  Convincing
  25. 25. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Social  Media  Channels  for  Retarge-ng Facebook  News  Feed Twi;er  Feed Further  reading:  h.p://­‐for-­‐events/
  26. 26. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Tac-c  #8:  Twi`er  Adver-sing • Twi;er’s  ad  plakorm  is  sexy.   • More  &  more  people  who  have   money  to  spend  are  using  Twi;er   • S8ll  inexpensive  to  test  out  &  quick   turnaround  8me  for  campaigns Further  reading:  How  to  Use  Ads  to  A.ract  A.endees
  27. 27. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Twi`er  Targe-ng  Op-ons • Loca8on,  loca8on,  loca8on   • Topical  hashtags   • Influencer  Targe8ng   • Device  targe8ng If  you’re  wan7ng  to  target  mobile  devices,   make  sure  your  7cke7ng  website  is  mobile   responsive!
  28. 28. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Dissec-ng  a  Twi`er  Ad •  2  parts:  promoted  tweet  &  website  card   • Tweet  needs  to  be  na8ve  &  draw   audience  interest   • Use  Canva  for  quick  ad  crea8ves   • Run  mul8ple  ads  to  test  what  works   • Triple  check  your  URL  is  correct!
  29. 29. 8  Social  Media  Tac-cs Where  to  go  from  here? “Brands  have  to  have  a  deep  understanding  of  their   customer  base.  A    marketer  cannot  deliver  the  right   message  to  the  right  customer  at  the  right  :me  if   she  doesn’t  know  precisely  what  her  customers   want  and  need.” •  Find  your  target  audience   •  Create  a  social  media  marke8ng  strategy   •  Test  out  some  of  the  tac8cs  here  &  analyze  results!