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As part of the TXCHANGE for Good Educational Series, Unidev and The Net Impact are speaking to local high school students about the latest careers in tech, digital, and online. This month we discussed careers in social media marketing.

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  • Interaction, get definitions from the students
  • Interaction, ask for examples of social networks or social media
  • ? Possible Interaction
  • Student Example/Volunteer. Compare schedules
  • Hootsuite example?
  • Hootsuite example?
  • Hootsuite example?
  • Hootsuite example?
  • Hootsuite example?
  • Video? Play on click (picture of Jeff)
  • Interaction, brands they follow and why
  • Groups, social media challenges
  • Maybe questions for them?
  • Careers in Social Media Marketing

    1. 1. Today’s Careers inTech, Digital and Online by Amanda Gabbert Liz Maritz Pat Niday
    2. 2. Social Media Marketing Using social networks to market your company and clients#TXCHANGE
    3. 3. Today’s Presentation • Defining Social Media and its impact • The Social Media Marketer • Social Media Marketing Tools • Examples, Good and Bad • Your Chance to be a Social Media Marketer!
    4. 4. What is Social Media?
    5. 5. Social Media- A Formal Definition“Forms of electroniccommunication throughwhich users createonline communities toshare information,ideas, personalmessages, and othercontent”- Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary
    6. 6. Social Networks - Examples
    7. 7. Social Networks
    8. 8. More on Social Media“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer itis – it is what consumers tell each other it is”- Scott Cook, founder of Intuit “We’re all publishers now, and the more we publish, the more valuable connections we make.” - Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable“Our head of social media is the customer.”- McDonald’s
    9. 9. Social Media’s Impact 62% of adults worldwide use social media 90% of marketers use social media for business 60% of social network users are willing to post about product on Facebook if they get a deal or discount Facebook: over 900 million users YouTube: over 4 billion daily viewsSources: The Social Skinny, Media Bistro, AllFacebook, Social Media Today, Digital BuzzBlog
    10. 10. The Social Media Marketer (SMM)• Why do companies need SMMs?• Who is a SMM?• Day in the Life• Skills/Education/ Background needed
    11. 11. Social Media Marketing Roles • Brand/Reputation Management • Customer Support • Community Management • Driving Web Traffic and Sales
    12. 12. Who is a Social Media Marketer? FocusedAlways Monitoring Mobile Connected Organized Data-Driven Analytical
    13. 13. A Day in The Life7:00am – Wake up, check tablet foralerts8:00- 8:15am- Check emails andsocial networks, make sure no majormeltdowns 1:00-3:00pm- Draft and Edit blog8:15-10:00am- Scour the web for 3:00-4:00pm- Meet with social mediagreat content, schedule tweets for the team, strategize and review executionday 4:00-6:30pm- Breaking news about a10:00-11:30am- Strategy Meeting pending client product recall. Planwith client social media response with team. Enter crisis mode with client and11:30am-Noon- Review Metrics from response team.the previous week 6:30pm- Head home and monitorNoon-1:00pm-Lunch response. Tweet and eat. 12:17- Send Tweet 12:40- Retweet a Fan
    14. 14. Social Media Marketer: Requirements Skills Education Background• Organized • Bachelors Degree in • Social Media• Strong o Communications Experience Communicator o Journalism • Interest in• Outgoing o Marketing Technology• Energetic o Business • Up-to-date with• Analytical o Emerging Media current trends
    15. 15. Social Media Marketing JobsMarketing Agency VS. Client Side
    16. 16. Tools of the Social Media Marketer• Smartphone• Hootsuite• Social Media Monitoring• RSS Feeds• Google Alerts
    17. 17. Tools of the Social Media Marketer• Smartphone• Dashboard• Social Media Monitoring• RSS Feeds• Google Alerts
    18. 18. Tools of the Social Media Marketer• Smartphone• Hootsuite• Social Media Monitoring• RSS Feeds• Google Alerts
    19. 19. Tools of the Social Media Marketer• Smartphone• Hootsuite• Social Media Monitoring• RSS Feeds• Google Alerts
    20. 20. Tools of the Social Media Marketer• Smartphone• Hootsuite• Social Media Monitoring• RSS Feeds• Google Alerts
    21. 21. Social Media – Legal Impact• Social Media has effects in every field• Potential Legal Issues – Copyrighted Images – Employee Relations – Intellectual Property Theft – Privacy – Reputation
    22. 22. ExamplesThe Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Corporate Social Media
    23. 23. Jetsetter – Pinterest Contest• “Pin it to win it” contest on travel site• Nearly 50,000 pins• Traffic increased “The overall goal of our Jetsetter 100% Curator contest was branding, quality content generation and• Pageviews engagement with members” increased 150% -Social Media Manager, JetsetterSource: Oneupweb
    24. 24. Taco Bell – Twitter Fun
    25. 25. Taco Bell – Twitter Fun
    26. 26. Taco Bell – Twitter Fun• Nearly 250,000 followers• Adding 442 followers daily on average
    27. 27. McDonald’s – Who owns the hashtag?
    28. 28. QR Code Fails
    29. 29. Your Turn!We put YOU in the shoes of a Social Media Marketer
    30. 30. Brand Management• Scenario: You work for Burger King’s social media team. Today you see this tweet from @brandon276: “Cashier @burgerking was very rude to me just now. Never eating there again.”• Challenge: Craft a response tweet to this person. Also consider the next steps to follow up with this complaint.
    31. 31. Customer Support• Scenario: You work for Adobe Software. Your latest version of Photoshop has launch day bugs making it unusable. Your developers are working on a fix, but the patch won’t be ready until 24 hours from now.• Challenge: Write a post to your large Facebook fan base addressing the situation.
    32. 32. Community• Scenario: You work for the Ray-Ban’s social media team. You want to use social media to build brand engagement and community with your customers.• Challenge: Describe a social media contest designed to create a community among Ray- Ban’s customers. Remember to consider all social platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)
    33. 33. Driving Traffic and Sales• Scenario: You work in the marketing department for Marvel Studios. You want to increase sales for the upcoming Avengers DVD release.• Challenge: Describe a plan to directly boost the # of DVDs sold and increase “buzz” around The Avengers DVD.
    34. 34. Questions? Amanda Gabbert @AmandaGabbert1 on Twitter Pat Niday @patniday on Twitter on Twitter #TXCHANGE