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Integrated Media Strategies - RISE Austin 2011


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Integrating your media strategy into existing efforts is often overlooked. Social profiles should never stand alone. This presentation sheds light on opportunities to increase the effectiveness of some of the more popular networks along with how they can overlap with other efforts in your marketing plan.

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Integrated Media Strategies - RISE Austin 2011

  1. 1. Welcome toRISE WEEK 2011 Diversifying Your Online Media Strategy Hosted by Luis Sandoval Jr.New Media Manager / Content Creator
  2. 2. Digital Media Strategy:How Does This All Work?
  3. 3. Digital Media Strategy Don’t confuse your audience. Photo Credit geoffeg
  4. 4. Digital Media Strategy 5 Factors To Consider• Ensure that your overall business strategy is clear• Push for clarity on alignment for online engagement i.e. marketing,human resources, customer service, etc.• How will you extend new efforts onto the social web? (The focus here isnot so much the tools and tactics, but more on the rules of engagement.)• What experience do you want people to walk away with after engagingwith you?• Will the strategy be proactive or reactive? Decide whether you’rehoping for people to find you (word of mouth) or if you will strategicallytarget followers.
  5. 5. Digital Media Strategy
  6. 6. Digital Media Strategy 3 Types of Strategy• Bolt-on strategy - Company creates profiles, minimal engagement,business as usual.• Forced compliance - Telling employees they will engage, puttingsevere constraints on what can and cannot be done, no fun.• Company optimized for social media - Company alters “businessas usual” to include engagement, suggestions, and new opportunitiesfrom online community. “Itʼs all about organizational alignment.” Tac Anderson
  7. 7. Digital Media Strategy Components of an Optimized Strategy1. Audience 6. Content guidelines2. Measuring Success 7. Plan to produce, post, share3. Teams and resources 8. Plan to build and promote presence4. Identifying influencers 9. Tools (track/report)5. Social network selection 10. Translating activity to ROI
  8. 8. Digital Media Strategy Policy Considerations• Disclosure/Ethics Policy - Engagement is voluntary, fulltransparency is expected, compensation (if any) must be stated.(Walmart -• Social Media Policy - Internal Guidelines. Key tip, write what youknow. (Intel -• Community Policy - Community boundaries. (Sea World -• Internal Education - Brown bag learning session with externalspeakers. Educate don’t dictate.
  9. 9. Digital Media Strategy What do I record? Photo Credit TimWilson
  10. 10. Digital Media Strategy Record Everything! Photo Credit seantoyer
  11. 11. Digital Media Strategy Photo Credit andy_tyler ...but all the media you record can’t replace a sound plan. Donʼt get trapped by the pitfalls!
  12. 12. Digital Media Strategy BEWARE• Rushing to create profiles before the strategy• Lack of objectives and measurement• Content creation guidelines• Failing to engage with online community• Limited Reach Photo Credit meldroc2000
  13. 13. Digital Media Strategy Equipping Your Toolbelt Photo Credit sean dreilinger
  14. 14. Your Digital Toolbelt: LinkedIn Photo Credit pursuethepassion
  15. 15. LinkedIn: Applications Connect your Share your Wordpress blog presentations with to your profile your network. Acquire real data Connect with for your market your network in research. other cities. Display your Did you know you could put a video intro of yourself creative designs on Linkedin? to your network.
  16. 16. LinkedIn: Page Power
  17. 17. LinkedIn: Page Power
  18. 18. LinkedIn: Page Power
  19. 19. LinkedIn: Lead Your Industry
  20. 20. LinkedIn: Lead Your Industry
  21. 21. Your Digital Toolbelt: Twitter
  22. 22. Twitter: Twtpoll Polls and Surveys to gather real market data.
  23. 23. Twitter: Twubs
  24. 24. Twitter: TweetChat Polls and Surveys to gather real market data.
  25. 25. Twitter: Listorious
  26. 26. Your Digital Toolbelt: Facebook Photo Credit Laughing Squid
  27. 27. Facebook: “Like” Unleashed When your readers Like something on your website, this now generates an update on their news feeds that looks like Facebook Share. It appears as if you’ll only need one Facebook button on your blog or website in the future: the Facebook Like button.
  28. 28. Facebook: Comments Reborn Facebook now allows readers to have their comments published in their Facebook news feeds. And when friends comment back in Facebook, the reply will show up on your site.
  29. 29. Facebook: Power of Plugins
  30. 30. Facebook: Power of Plugins
  31. 31. Facebook: Power of Plugins
  32. 32. Your Digital Toolbelt: Other Ideas • Blog • YouTube • Ning • Foursquare/Gowalla •QR Codes
  33. 33. Measuring Success: Results May Vary
  34. 34. Measuring
  35. 35. Measuring• Demographic Data: This data types enables an efficient way to createcontext about consumers• Product Data: This data type is used to match similar products witheach other, in order to cross-sell and up-sell products.• Psychographic Data: Consumers are voluntarily self-expressing theirwoes, pains, and aspirations in websites.• Behavioral Data: Existing customer records like CRM or e-commercesystems or also in the “digital breadcrumbs” that users are leaving insocial networks using a variety of web techniques from cookies, FBconnect, and other social sign on technologies.
  36. 36. Measuring• Referral Data: Customers are emitting their recommendations forproducts, but positively –and negatively. (reviews, “Likes”)• Location Data: This data helps to triangulate context aroundlocation and time for brands to reach them.• Intention Data: This volatile data type holds great opportunity topredict what consumers will do in the future. (wish lists, socialcalenders, Plancast)
  37. 37. Measuring
  38. 38. Measuring: Social is SEO
  39. 39. Measuring: Social is SEO Key Elements •Tags •Profiles •URLS •Describe Everything •Photo Tagging Photo Credit MridulRaj
  40. 40. Measuring: Social is SEO I highly recommend this session!
  41. 41. RISE Specialty Membership GroupsIn addition to our global online memberships, RISE supports specialtymembership groups by coordinating meetings & speaker events, creatingopportunities for members to connect and share ideas throughout the year.These help entrepreneurs capitalize on opportunities and combat thosecommon feelings of isolation that accompany life at the top!The four RISE Specialty Groups that are currently active in Austin include: RISE: Women RISE: Social Entrepreneurs RISE: L/G Entrepreneurs RISE: Multi-Cultural EntrepreneursFor more information on membership and the specialty groups, please contact ChrissieNovak at or at 512-807-1452.
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