Leveraging Global Events to Reach Your Social Audience


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As a brand marketer, how do you cut through the social noise in order to create better awareness, participation and conversation? Use global events, like the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and the World Cup, to boost your social marketing strategy.

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  • Marcus: As we get started, we want to level-set everyone and explain what we mean when we talk about social rich media.Define from Moontoast’s perspective…
  • Marcus:Social Rich Media is powered by Facebook’s page post link ad.
  • Marcus:And here is the mobile experience on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Marcus: With social rich media we take advantage of the advanced targeting capabilities of social advertising to reach the right people where they spend time online, provide deeper engagement and interaction, and measure the results.
  • Marcus: Not only does social rich media provide deeper engagement with your social fans, but it also gives your brand the control you want, from on-brand messaging to the type of engagement or even data collection.With that as an overview, let’s take a look at how we leverage global events to reach your social audience.
  • Marcus: Social has changed our behavior. Look at these amazing stats.
  • Marcus: Social has changed our behavior. Look at these amazing stats.
  • Carol:One of the really great things about social rich media is that it can address every phase of the consumer journey. This is important when you start to plan a media spend around an event, weather it’s a live sporting event like the Superbowl, or the premier of a television show, product launch or any number of other initiatives.
  • Carol:Before we go on to some examples, let’s talk about a multi-layered media buying strategy to maximize the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Carol: *Speak to each point
  • Carol:Let’s take a look at some ways we can engage with the social audience before, during, or after an event. First up, exclusive content…
  • Carol:*Speak to each point
  • CarolOne of the ways Toyota brought exclusive content to their social audience was through the Toyota Dream Build Challenge. Toyota used a social rich media unit to display a video gallery of each car and gave fans the ability to vote for their favorite. When the voting period ended, Toyota took fans behind the scenes to SEMA to watch the winner revealed in a live stream.
  • CarolAnother great way to engage an audience around a live event is through Sweepstakes.
  • Carol*Speak to each point
  • CarolToyota was already running the Contenders Sweepstakes in multiple channels with their partners. When they wanted to extend it to social they used social rich media to give fans the chance to enter from within the rich media unit, providing a seamless experience that met fans anywhere they were browsing their social sites. Toyota saw results 16% above their goal with 30% conversion. Even more impressive, the social rich media unit captured 10% of the total entrants to the sweepstakes across all channels.
  • CarolBefore you go and spend all of your media dollars on an ad, test out various creative or calls to action to understand which one is driving your primary KPIs.
  • Carol*Speak to each point
  • CarolFor example, Nissan tested two calls to action with their target audience to understand which would get more click-throughs. Those are just some of the examples we have worked with our clients to achieve their campaign goals. I’ll turn it back over to Marcus to take us through the Social Wave.
  • Marcus:One of the great benefits about these really big global events is that people are already talking about them. So how can social rich media ride the wave of social conversation?
  • Marcus:*Speak to each point
  • MarcusFor example, the TBS show Cougar Town wanted to swell audience participation and conversation leading up to the season premiere. They put together social rich media unit which asked fans to vote for the name of the giant wine glass on the show, keeping the series top of mind and spreading social conversation when it mattered most. Results will be revealed during an upcoming Cougar Town episode.A live reveal of the results of the Social Rich Media unit is an extremely effective way to increase your viewership.
  • MarcusAnother way to engage the social audience around live events is by presenting facts about the participants.
  • Marcus*Speak to each point
  • Marcus:Perhaps the best recent example is P&G’s Thank You Mom campaign which presents documentary videos about the Olympians' moms. This year, P&G used social rich media to give fans a convenient viewing experience in a video gallery. Each documentary showed the struggles of making it to the Olympics and the role the athlete’s mom played in getting them there. Fans could easily watch all of the videos from one source.To add an additional layer of engagement, P&G asked fans to vote for their favorite video, right within the social rich media unit. Once fans voted, they were presented with a leaderboard and calls to action to watch more videos and to share to their social networks.
  • CarolThe Holy Grail for Social advertisers is being able to tie social/mobile activity to real conversions or sales. Social rich media gives us an opportunity to engage with our audience through immersive, interactive experiences, and then track them to conversion.
  • Carol*Speak to each point
  • Marcus
  • Marcus*Speak to each point
  • Marcus*Speak to each point
  • Carol
  • Carol*Speak to each point
  • MarcusCountdown unit creates awareness and allows people to RSVP to a Facebook event or sign up for more infoThen follow up with a Sweepstakes unit which allows people to enter right from the unit.Finally, consider using user-generated-content during the event to create conversation, sharing, and extended awareness.
  • Leveraging Global Events to Reach Your Social Audience

    1. 1. Leveraging Global Events To Reach Your Social Audience Brought to you by: #SocialEvents2014
    2. 2. What is Social Rich Media? Social Rich Media is a Branded ad format powered by Facebook Advertising, promoted Tweets, or other native ad types. #SocialEvents2014
    3. 3. Social Rich Media is an Extension of Native Social Ads Facebook’s page post link ad (desktop) Facebook’s page post link ad (mobile) #SocialEvents2014
    4. 4. Brands Control the User Experience by Leveraging Native Social Ads Twitter’s promoted tweet LinkedIn’s sponsored post #SocialEvents2014
    5. 5. Social Rich Media allows you to take advantage of - the advanced targeting capabilities of social advertising - to reach the right people where they spend time (mobile) - provide deeper engagement and interaction and measure the results 5 #SocialEvents2014
    6. 6. Social Rich Media Ads Give Brands More Control #SocialEvents2014
    7. 7. The Social World 73% of online adults use social networking sites 114 Billion mins a month are spent on Facebook in the U.S. Americans spend an average of 37 minutes daily on Social #SocialEvents2014
    8. 8. The Social World 60% of social media time is spent on mobile devices 874 Million people use Facebook on mobile #SocialEvents2014
    9. 9. Click here to edit edit titledrive KPIs across the entire Consumer Journey Click here to ads to of Brands usetitle of this slide. this slide. AWARENESS TIMER CONSIDERATION RATINGS & REVIEWS INTENT CONFIGURATOR LEAD GENERATION DATA CAPTURE DECISION ENDORSEMENT BUSINESS LOCATOR INTERACTIVE VOTING #SocialEvents2014
    10. 10. The Multi-Layered Media Buying Strategy #SocialEvents2014
    11. 11. The Multi-Layered Media Buying Strategy •  Tag flights with a campaign-specific hashtag •  Promoted Tweets •  For country-specific events also incl. geo-strategic buys and language appropriate targeting •  Plan to use several ads as a comprehensive campaign o  Create early interest o  Main promotion before event o  Launch of event #SocialEvents2014
    12. 12. Exclusive Content #SocialEvents2014
    13. 13. Exclusive Content •  Give fans a glimpse into the event they can’t get elsewhere •  Major interaction drivers: •  Behind the scenes •  User generated content •  Live streams #SocialEvents2014
    14. 14. Toyota Dream Build Challenge #SocialEvents2014
    15. 15. Sweepstakes #SocialEvents2014
    16. 16. Sweepstakes •  Prior to an event, get the audience excited and primed with prize competitions and sweepstakes with prizes o  Prizes can be focused on the event, tickets, money towards travel to the event, branded giveaways, etc. •  Use creative RMU’s, like Countdowns to accentuate the time-sensitive nature of the event and your promotion #SocialEvents2014
    17. 17. Toyota NASCAR #SocialEvents2014
    18. 18. A/B Testing #SocialEvents2014
    19. 19. A/B Testing •  Testing creative and CTA ahead of time on limited audiences will give your campaign the best creative on the event day •  It’s critical to rotate to find the best performing creative •  Dealing with Global events, time is of the essence #SocialEvents2014
    20. 20. Nissan Heisman House A/B Test #SocialEvents2014
    21. 21. The Social Wave #SocialEvents2014
    22. 22. The Social Wave •  Leverage audience excitement through voting, polling and user generated content •  Thanks to the event, your audience is already excited – so leverage that wave with a 1-2 punch of a user generated content campaign o  Include a prize and use Facebook Advertising so participants’ friends can see submissions •  Facebook advertising is key to viral campaigns #SocialEvents2014
    23. 23. Example: Cougar Town Uses Voting to Support New Season #SocialEvents2014
    24. 24. Just the Facts #SocialEvents2014
    25. 25. Just the Facts •  For fact-filled events, like the Olympics, give fans guides and tools they can use to get to find what they are interested in, such as: o  Learning more about the athletes o  Discovering statistics and facts o  Hearing cool stories about participants & their countries #SocialEvents2014
    26. 26. Example: P&G Thank You Mom Video Voting Gallery #SocialEvents2014
    27. 27. Tie Online Social/Mobile Actions to Sales #SocialEvents2014
    28. 28. How to Tie Online Social/Mobile Actions to Leads or Sales •  Be sure that all Social buys are tied to a Facebook conversion pixel set to a specific action – Like, page Like, lead registration, offsite conversion, etc. o  Manage your buy via oCPM and manually set bids for every action type with the highest/only bid on the desired action #SocialEvents2014
    29. 29. Advanced Ad Targeting Custom Audiences #SocialEvents2014
    30. 30. Advanced Ad Targeting Custom Audiences •  Build the custom audience for you buy based on interests that match the event o  Ride along on the buzz that event sponsors will generate by also building audiences that are followers of the sponsoring brands and friends of those followers •  Show segments of people and overlay the ones you want to target #SocialEvents2014
    31. 31. Advanced Ad Targeting Custom Audiences •  Custom Audiences – A Facebook advertising tool that lets you target the segmented audience of your choice •  Create an audience based off users you already have a relationship with – meaning you have either: o  Email address o  Phone number o  User ID #SocialEvents2014
    32. 32. Thought Starters #SocialEvents2014
    33. 33. Thought Starters •  Debut commercials on Social •  Vote for your favorite commercial •  Live product reveal during event via Live stream •  Sweepstakes to take people to the event •  In-event messaging – use SMS to send URL for RMU •  Hashtag support/awareness – show hashtag in creative and ask audience to spread word using it in a pre-populated Share message #SocialEvents2014
    34. 34. 1-2-3 Punch COUNTDOWN TO SWEEPSTAKES SWEEPSTAKES ENTRY PERIOD LAUNCH OF THE EVENT Media Spend   Flight   Week 1 Week 2-3 Week 4 #SocialEvents2014