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Top 10 Principles of Event Strategy


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Events are labor intensive, time-consuming…and remarkably effective at building your brand when done right.

How can you be sure you’re maximizing your events’ effectiveness while creating a memorable experience your attendees will enjoy—and, better yet, share and talk about with their networks? Learn from one of the best in the business. In this quick, actionable eBook, Opus Agency EVP of Event Strategy, Design & Production Kerrie Sheldon offers 10 insights for event success.

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Top 10 Principles of Event Strategy

  1. 1. TOP 10 PRINCIPLES OF EVENT STRATEGY Kerrie Sheldon EVP of Event Strategy, Design & Production Opus Agency
  2. 2. REVISIT YOUR GOALS. Don’t do an event just because you did it before. Always reassess your reasons and goals.
  3. 3. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Research your audience and know who they are. Speak their language— avoid marketing babble and clichés.
  4. 4. LISTEN TO ATTENDEES. Give your attendees a voice and listen to what they have to say. One-way conversation is not effective communication.
  5. 5. CREATE A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. Your event should be true to your brand and echo your unique brand attributes. Your brand is not just your logo.
  6. 6. MAXIMIZE EVERY TOUCH POINT. Immerse and engage your attendees. Inspire participation and creation. Do with events what can only be done with events.
  7. 7. INTEGRATE YOUR EVENTS. Every engagement is part of a strategic brand relationship. Allow them to work together.
  8. 8. ENGAGE WITH CONTENT. Content is not king. Content is the currency of engagement.
  9. 9. MEASURE FOR VALUE, NOT VANITY. Align metrics with business objectives and optimization goals.
  10. 10. EMBRACE DATA FOR ITS INSIGHT AND ACCOUNTABILITY. Collect and treat it with respect, transparency, and reciprocal value for attendees.
  11. 11. START PLANNING TODAY. Good planning is always better than good reacting.
  12. 12. KERRIE SHELDON IN HER ROLE AS EVP of Event Strategy, Design & Production for Opus, Kerrie deftly blends strategy and creative in order to bring her clients’ visions to life—while simultaneously meeting defined, measurable goals. A seasoned pro at achieving success with projects of all sizes, Kerrie’s ability to bring a creative vision together with the technical production services necessary to create it is critical to helping Opus clients extend their brands through keynotes, breakouts, and engagements of all kinds. With more than 25 years of event management, production, and creative event design experience, Kerrie joined Opus in 2010 after most recently running her own event marketing and production company, Genesis Creative Group, for 12+ years. Previously, she worked for Fortune 500 company Tandem Computers as Director of Global Events. Kerrie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her daughter Sarah, and enjoys the Pacific beaches and mountains throughout the year. OPUS AGENCY PROVIDES event marketing, management and production solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. Since 1993, we have been a trusted adviser to a diverse group of customers creating unique, high quality events. We design, plan and execute brand experiences that accelerate results and enable customer success. Our passion for customer success drives every aspect of our business—our amazing people, the values they share, and our best-practice methodology. We call it TeamCS™— the Opus Customer Success Platform. We would love to show you how it works.
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