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How to Improve Your Landing Page Optimization | Landing Page Testing


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Jeff Sauer leads a session on how to improve your landing page optimization and the top 7 ways to improve your landing pages today.

Landing pages are often overlooked in many internet marketing initiatives when compared to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), but is a very important part of any internet marketing campaign. Whether you're looking to gain more qualified leads for your lead generation business, or improve your e-commerce sales, this presentation is sure to help you look at landing page optimization in a new light.

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How to Improve Your Landing Page Optimization | Landing Page Testing

  1. 1. WAYSTOIMPROVEYOURLANDING PAGESTODAYPhoto Credit:Thomas Lieser 200971
  2. 2. 1) USESMELL-O-VISION2@jeffalytics
  3. 3. 3@jeffalytics“Humans track information ina similar fashion to the wayanimals follow a scent” Eisenberg
  4. 4. Make sure your ads have a scent trail@jeffalytics 4
  5. 5. Make sure your ads have a scent trail@jeffalytics 5
  6. 6. Make sure your ads have a scent trail@jeffalytics 6
  7. 7. Make sure your ads have a scent trailWhere is theScent???@jeffalytics 7
  8. 8. eBay Learned the HardWay@jeffalytics 8
  9. 9. eBay Learned the HardWay@jeffalytics 9
  10. 10. eBay Learned the HardWay@jeffalytics 10
  11. 11. 11Be Careful with Dynamic Keyword Insertion@jeffalyticsImproves your QualityScore when You SeeIncreased CTRIncreases your keywordcoverage for PPCaccountsYou may not always beable to create new landingpagesLanding Pages Often LoseScent TrailUser may becomealienated by irrelevantlanding pageDoesn’t often result inincremental conversionsAdvantages of Dynamic Keywords Disadvantages of Dynamic Keywords
  12. 12. 2)THELONG ANDSHORT OFIT12@jeffalytics
  13. 13. 13“The higher the scrutiny level –the more information is needed toget the conversion” Lykke Aagaard@jeffalytics
  14. 14. 14@jeffalytics“The higher thescrutiny level – themore information isneeded to get theconversion, and thelonger the landing pageshould be.”Long vs. Short Form Copy
  15. 15. Longer Pages work with More Expensive Purchases@jeffalytics 15
  16. 16. Also Pay Attention to Form Fields@jeffalytics 16
  17. 17. Single Landing Page or Microsite?@jeffalytics 17Use a Landing Page When:You have specific calls-to-action… and there is aspecific action path forvisitors.
  18. 18. Single Landing Page or Microsite?@jeffalytics 18Use a Microsite When:• You have a complexproduct or service toexplain• Microsites can appeal tomultiple personas andsupport multiple calls toaction.
  19. 19. 3) CALL ME,MAYBE?19@jeffalytics
  20. 20. 20“Up to 70% of all advertising-generated conversions occurover the phone”Marchex Internal Case Study@jeffalytics
  21. 21. “Use local phone numbers when you wantto appear local…”21The Case for Local Phone Numbers@jeffalytics
  22. 22. “…UseToll Free Numbers to appeal to anational audience.”22The Case forToll Free Numbers@jeffalytics
  23. 23. CallTrackingNot all customers enjoy filling outlead forms. In fact, a study foundthat:“Inbound phone calls are 10-15times more likely to convert thanan inbound web lead” 23
  24. 24. MobileVisitors? Implement Click to Call@jeffalytics 24
  25. 25. 4) KNOWYOURSURROUNDINGS25@jeffalytics
  26. 26. 26“[GeoIP] is a gold mine forpersonalizing content toconvert!”Angie Schottmuller@jeffalytics
  27. 27. Personalize headingsUse local “voice” or slangInclude maps near user’s locationPre-populate location fields on webformsShow locations near user27Tips for Enhanced Location Awareness@jeffalytics
  28. 28. 28Test the Use of Local Maps onYour Landing Pages@jeffalytics
  29. 29. 29Test the Use of Local Maps onYour Landing Pages@jeffalyticsWhich do you betterassociate with -Address or Map?
  30. 30. 5) BUILDCUSTOMERTRUST30@jeffalytics
  31. 31. 31“Give the user an impression thatthey are doing business with agenuine, secure & ethical company.”
  32. 32. “Show website visitors that your e-commercesite can be trusted and thatYOU can be trustedwith their personal information.”32CompanyTrust@jeffalytics
  33. 33. Beware:Trust Symbols Don’t Always IncreaseConversion Rate@jeffalytics 33
  34. 34. “Tell me, when you’re off to buysomething…don’t you first stop to read whatother customers think about that product orwhat their experiences are with it? “34Testimonials@jeffalytics
  35. 35. Remember: Fake Reviews are Illegal@jeffalytics 35
  36. 36. 6) GIVE DIRECTIONS36@jeffalytics
  37. 37. 37“As directional cues, arrows are about assubtle as a punch in the face – which iswhy they work so well.”
  38. 38. 38Photos Can Set Up Web Forms@jeffalytics
  39. 39. 39Look Path Matters@jeffalytics
  40. 40. 7) MAKE ITWORTHIT40@jeffalytics
  41. 41. 41“I refuse to give you my personalinformation unless you give mesomething worthwhile”Everyone@jeffalytics
  42. 42. “If your offer has no relevance to yourtarget’s persona, you won’t be attractingthe right customers anytime soon.”42Offers@jeffalytics
  43. 43. Psychology Behind Pricing@jeffalytics 43 Pricing Not AlwaysOptimalSell Time Over moneyUnderstand “Useless” price PointsThe Number 9 is PowerfulContext is Important
  44. 44. 44BONUSTIP: DON’T FORGETTOTEST@jeffalytics
  45. 45. 45“Assumptions Kill Conversion andBest Practices Make Chris GowardAngry ”@JeffalyticsJeff Sauer@jeffalytics
  46. 46. That being said…@jeffalytics 46
  47. 47. That being said…@jeffalytics 47
  48. 48. That being said…@jeffalytics 48
  49. 49. Thanks!Jeff SauerVice PresidentThree Deep Marketing+1 651-789-7706jsauer@threedeepmarketing.com49@jeffalyticsAll Links available