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Why pro sports teams draft top digital marketers


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Slides from our live event on June 15, 2017. Sharing how data informs marketing decisions. No one knows the value of a fan’s engagement better than the Minnesota Vikings, so we’ve invited them to share the tactics and strategies they use to connect with their millions of fans during, and well-after game day.

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Why pro sports teams draft top digital marketers

  1. 1. Why Pro Sports Teams Draft Top Digital Marketers THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 2017
  2. 2. Data Informed Marketing Decisions The digital era could be should be referred to as the data era. Yes, digital has provided more marketing channels, but the data collected is leading to fundamental changes in marketing. Tonight’s event digs deeper into that topic and how data is used to enhance Minnesota Vikings fan engagement strategies… And how other industries can do the same.
  3. 3. Our Panel for Tonight
  4. 4. Rich Wang is entering his 4th season with the Minnesota Vikings, and have been in the sports industry for over 10 years. Rich implemented CRM, ESP, and marketing automation platforms for teams in the NBA, NHL, and NFL. As the director of sales analytics and engagement, his team launched the Vikings Rewards program and mobile app as the Vikings transitioned from Metrodome into U.S. Bank Stadium. Rich Wang
  5. 5. Kristin is the leader of the team delivering innovative strategy and solutions for Three Deep. She is the scale of justice who balances out the how with the why and what in building technology to reach a client’s marketing objectives. Bridging marketing, business, and technology has kept Kristin moving forward since beginning in computer science and analytics for startups, large brands, and agencies. Kristin has been a guiding fixture for Three Deep as a problem solving critical thinker and unifier of digital execution experts. She believes that somewhere between technology and philosophy, there is always a path to the logical solution of a digital marketing problem. Kristin Ziegler
  6. 6. Sara Strand is in her 5th season with the Minnesota Vikings. She is a designer by trait, and instrumental in developing digital marketing automation strategy for the Vikings. She drives fan communication and is an expert in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Sara’s team creates the fan journey from acquisition, engagement, and retention. Her passion for user experience has elevated the consumer expectation from Vikings fans. Sara Strand
  7. 7. Scott spends his days ensuring that Three Deep clients take advantage of every piece of their marketing technology to deliver efficient, conversion-focused messaging that keeps programs driving to their business goals. As a partner in our agency, he has expanded the marketing automation division by leading strategic programs that connect the dots between IT and Marketing needs. Continuously devoted to the success of clients of all types, Scott practices what he preaches by maintaining subject matter expertise of technical platforms and connecting them to results-driving customer touch-points. Scott Pearson
  8. 8. Target Audience
  9. 9. Customer Journey
  10. 10. Content Strategy: Align Your Story to Buying ProcessGood to Say Say it Well Content Marketing: Develop Persuasive Content and Align it to Execution Know When to Say It Say it Often Acquire Engage Optimize Technical Development Marketing Strategy
  11. 11. Technology Stack
  12. 12. Execution
  13. 13. Let’s Chat! Please add to tonight’s discussion by interacting with our panel