Marketing for Independent Insurance Agents on a Shoestring Budget


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This presentation is for independent insurance agents. Jeff Sauer presented at the Trust in Marketing Seminar in Minneapolis, MN on 3/20/2012. This presentation showcases marketing activities done by large organizations and how to achieve a similar effect on a shoestring budget.

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  • While PR Is not the only way to build brands, it certainly helps by providing press opportunities, quotes and mentions in major news sources.There is a lot of value in connecting with the media
  • Pros have a seemingly limitless budget for public relations software, tools and agenciesAgencies seek to be on retainer at all times
  • You get a lot for this money – strategy, insight, connections and more… but more than anything, you are buying time from these agencies
  • Enterprises need
  • Consumers spend 30 hours a week watching TV compared to 18 hours on the Internet
  • Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each monthOver 3 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTubeMore video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years
  • 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, or one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second.Over 4 billion videos are viewed a day
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/14/12 10:35) -----Many businesses use search engines as a major source for driving web traffic and leads
  • Top advertisers spend $40 million+ a year with Google – up to $54.91 per click
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/14/12 10:35) -----logo smaller, keyword biggerlinks
  • The pros use very powerful email marketing tools to send campaigns to their customers. Ever get an email from that knows what products you browsed? The pros have the technology to get this done.
  • These services can be inexpensive – even free!
  • Marketing for Independent Insurance Agents on a Shoestring Budget

    1. 1. Online Marketing Tactics• Public Relations• Social Media• Video Production and Distribution• Search Engine Marketing• Email Marketing• Program Measurement
    2. 2. Public Relations
    3. 3. Why Public Relations?PR Helps Build Brands
    4. 4. How the Pros Do PREnterprise PR Platforms and Agencies
    5. 5. What the Pros PayWorking with a PR agency costs at least $100k/year Pros $0 $1MM +
    6. 6. The Agent Alternative: Self PublishingStart by creating a website or blog using WordPress. Use this site tomake major announcements and publish thought leadership
    7. 7. The Agent Alternative: Self PublishingWordPress is easier to use than MS Word, helps search engines find your business and iswidely supported by most web hosts.
    8. 8. The Agent Alternative: Self PublishingMake it easy to share your content and join networks of similar publishers to gaincredibility and followers within your niche
    9. 9. The Agent Alternative: PressWhile you may not have the connections of a PR firm, you can find them using freeservices to locate reporters in need. HARO is a tool that allows you to sign up as an expertand receive requests to share your expertise with reporters.
    10. 10. Cost Comparison Agents Pros$0 $1MM +
    11. 11. Social Media
    12. 12. Why Social Media?Social media provides an unprecedented opportunity tocommunicate directly with current and prospective customers
    13. 13. How the Pros Do Social MediaPros use Large Enterprise Systems or in-house “command centers”to monitor and respond to comments on social networks
    14. 14. What the Pros PaySubscriptions to tools start at $1,000/month and managed servicescan be $100,000+ per month for complex brands Pros $0 $1MM +
    15. 15. The Agent AlternativesUse Google Alerts to get updates on a particular topic via email or RSS feeds. Set alerts onemployees, competitors and your business name
    16. 16. The Agent AlternativesListen for any mentions about your business, affiliated companies and competitors. Usethis information to understand competitive landscape and sentiment of commentary
    17. 17. The Agent AlternativesUtilize Tweetdeck to schedule tweets, manage multiple accounts, search fortopics and filter users
    18. 18. The Agent AlternativeUse syndication to feed content into social media accounts
    19. 19. The Agent AlternativeEstablish an editorial calendar to consistently post to social networks and blog Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 3-5 Posts 1 3-5 Posts 3-5 Posts 3-5 Posts 3-5 Posts + BLOG 3-5 Posts 2 3-5 Posts 3-5 Posts 3-5 Posts 3-5 Posts + BLOG 3-5 Posts 3 3-5 Posts 3-5 Posts 3-5 Posts 3-5 Posts + BLOG 3-5 Posts 4 3-5 Posts 3-5 Posts 3-5 Posts 3-5 Posts + BLOG
    20. 20. Cost Comparison Agents Pros$0 $1MM +
    21. 21. Video
    22. 22. Why Video?Consumers spend more time watching television than any otherentertainment source
    23. 23. How the Pros Do VideoThe pros pay large sums of money to hire a company to create,shoot, and produce commercials and then purchase broadcastspots from local and national television station
    24. 24. What the Pros Pay Pros$0 $1MM +
    25. 25. The Agent AlternativeUse affordable movie software with a working camera in good lighting andpublish to YouTube
    26. 26. The Agent AlternativeYouTube is the largest video website on the web, with 60 hours of videouploaded every minute and 4 billion videos viewed per day. Marketers can easilyupload videos and share on a custom channel. YouTube is also the second largestsearch engine after Google
    27. 27. Cost Comparison Agents Pros$0 $1MM +
    28. 28. Search
    29. 29. Why Search Engine Marketing?When consumers are interested in learning more about a productor service, they turn to search engines to find information, oftenclicking on the first result
    30. 30. How the Pros Do PPCPros have the budget to spend incredible amounts of money to getthe top spot on search engines.
    31. 31. How the Pros Do SEOPros also have the status and the credibility to rank high for organicsearch results… and SEO can be get pretty complicated!
    32. 32. What the Pros PayAverage cost of search marketing for Pros in Insurance is millionsper month Pros $0 $1MM +
    33. 33. The Agent AlternativeFocus on Long Tail Keywords for driving searchers. Instead of ranking for“Insurance”, try to rank for “Auto Insurance in Maple Grove, MN”
    34. 34. The Agent AlternativeFocus on Long Tail Keywords• Use your long tail keywords for CPC campaigns with Google AdWords Express• AdWords Express will help you tailor your campaign to your budget• Will tailor to both mobile and desktop users
    35. 35. The Agent AlternativeClaim Your Business with Google Places and Encourage customersto review your business and provide other insights
    36. 36. Tools for SuccessTool Recommendation: Google AdWords Keyword Tool
    37. 37. Cost Comparison Agents Pros$0 $1MM +
    38. 38. Email Marketing
    39. 39. Why Email Marketing?Email marketing helps to keep your current and prospectiveconsumers engaged throughout the entire buying process
    40. 40. How the Pros Do EmailPros use email marketing software solutions such as ExactTarget,Eloqua, Epsilon, Responsys and Silverpop to deliver sophisticatedemail programs
    41. 41. What the Pros PayDepending on the size of your mailing list, pros begin paying$25,000 per year for software all the way up to $1MM+ for a fullymanaged email solution Pros $0 $1MM +
    42. 42. The Agent AlternativePrograms like ConstantContact and MailChimp help you to design attractive emailnewsletters, manage mailing lists and execute an email marketing campaign
    43. 43. The Agent AlternativeEmail marketing can be easy with templates that allow you to easily edit text and imageswhile adding social media links for a professionally designed email campaign
    44. 44. Cost Comparison Agents Pros$0 $1MM +
    45. 45. Measurement
    46. 46. Why Measure Effectiveness?Without properly measuring marketing efforts, it is difficult tounderstand whether online marketing is successful
    47. 47. How the Pros Do MeasurementOmniture and WebTrends are enterprise class web analaytics tools.Foresee Results and iPerceptions are expensive voice of customeranalytics tools
    48. 48. What the Pros PayThese technologies cost at least $10,000/month and upwards of$1MM/year Pros $0 $1MM +
    49. 49. The Agent Alternative: FreeGoogle Analytics is a best in class web analytics tool, and it’s free.4Q Suite provides actionable voice of customer data, and has a freeversion for beginners.
    50. 50. The Agent AlternativeGoogle Analytics provides many great insights on your visitors andis widely adopted: 50% of all websites use Google Analytics
    51. 51. The Agent AlternativeLearn how many visitors complete their tasks, as well as how manyhave trouble finding information on your site with 4Q Survey
    52. 52. Cost Comparison Agents Pros$0 $1MM +
    53. 53. Marketing on a Budget
    54. 54. Yearly Online Marketing CostsUsing the tactics mentioned in this presentation, you can compete with the prosin many aspects of online marketing. Agents Pros $0 $10MM + OR You can work with Agoragate
    55. 55. Agoragate Program CostsThe Agoragate program was designed from the ground up by the pros to provideindependent insurance agents with a complete web solution. Starting at $1,560 Per Year $0 $10kLearn more today at
    56. 56. Sign up for the Agoragate Program Today to Today’s Tools Mentioned Today: WordPress - HARO – Google Alerts – Tweetdeck – Social Mention – YouTube – Google Places – Get Listed – Mailchimp – Constant Contact – 4Q Suite – Google Analytics – Questions?