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Lay of the Landing Page: Building Great Marketing Campaigns on WordPress


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Are you trying to get users to DO something on your site? Whether it’s sign-up, buy, download, donate: if you have a goal you NEED landing pages!

This talk covers important basics like what landing pages are and why/when to use them, attention ratio, message match and key persuasive elements. Includes a walk-through of examples of our premium interactive landing page templates and case studies to see what converts best and why. Run better, more efficient, and just plain cooler campaigns, plus get the most out of your marketing time and dollars!


By: Liesl Barrell & Mohamed Hamad

Published in: Marketing
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Lay of the Landing Page: Building Great Marketing Campaigns on WordPress

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A LANDING PAGE… …with a little help from Disney. Presented by Mohamed Hamad & Liesl Barrell WordCamp MTL (July 17, 2016)
  2. 2. TOC • The space we’re covering today • Who are we? • What are Landing Pages (LPs)? • Why are LPs so important for marketing? • Strategy and things to think about • Tools & Setup • Awesome Examples • **A/B Lightning Round** • Resources • Q&A @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  3. 3. THE SPACE WE’RE COVERING TODAY Loyalty Advocacy Awareness Engagement Conversion @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  4. 4. WHO ARE WE?
  5. 5. BIO Co-Founder & President @ThirdWunder #UserExperience & #Development CONTACT Tweet to @MohamedHamad Write to Connect Mohamed Hamad @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  6. 6. BIO Co-Founder & CEO @ThirdWunder #Marketing, #Content & #SocialMedia #MTLGG Organizer CONTACT Tweet to @LieslBarrell Write to Connect Liesl Barrell @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  8. 8. LET’S BE LITERAL FOR A SEC @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  9. 9. LET’S BE LITERAL FOR A SEC Planes can take off and land in a variety of circumstances, but it’s easier to direct traffic and for a pilot to focus on the descent with a landing strip. Wouldn’t it be cool to help your audience focus, too? @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  11. 11. 1. CLICKTHROUGH 1. No global navigation to tie it to your primary website. Limiting the options available to your visitors helps to guide them toward your one intended conversion goal — a purchase. 2. No links other than your CTA. These distract your visitors and potentially lead them away from your conversion goal. 3. It matches the message of the marketing material that you’re distributing, and there are multiple iterations to match different messages. This makes each page more relevant to marketing leads. 4. Your landing page may include a few additional persuasive elements to convince the customer to convert. A click-through landing page will resemble your product page, with a few important differences: e.g. Add to Cart Buy Tickets Subscribe Donate Buy Merch @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  12. 12. 1. CLICKTHROUGH EXAMPLES @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  13. 13. 2. LEAD GEN 1. Contest/Sweepstakes Entry 2. Event Registration 3. Teacher’s Kit/Guide 4. Corporate/Bulk Discount 5. Consultation for Professional Services 6. Discount Coupon/Voucher 7. Customer Survey/Poll 8. Free Trial/Estimate 9. Physical Gift (via Direct Mail) 10. Ebook or Whitepaper 11. Notification of a Future Product Launch 12. Webinar Registration Lead gen pages are used to capture user data (e.g. name, email address & fav colour). The sole purpose of the page is to collect information that will allow you to connect with the prospect and market to them at a later time. There are many things you could offer a prospect in exchange for submitting their info in the form. A few examples: @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  14. 14. 2. LEAD GEN EXAMPLE @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  16. 16. DECISION FATIGUE IS REAL, FOLKS “You’ll see I only wear gray or blue suits. I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing, because I have too many other decisions to make.” Take it from the POTUS… Be kind to your audience! Reduce their decision to a simple, binary Y/N Source: Fast Company – Always Wear the Same Suit @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  17. 17. THE PARADOX OF CHOICE In 2000 a jam tasting stall at a supermarket was set up to allow shoppers to sample different flavours of jam available for purchase. The test compared the impact of varying the number of choices… Source: The Ultimate Guide to Conversion-Centered Design @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  19. 19. ATTENTION RATIO 57 : 1 1 : 1 HOME PAGE LANDING PAGE @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  20. 20. THE PARADOX OF CHOICE MANY : 1 1 : 1 @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  22. 22. WHAT IS MESSAGE MATCH? Message match is matching the heading of your landing page with the headline of the ad or piece of marketing your visitor clicked. The hard part is to write a compelling headline in the first place. After that, the secret is to use a dedicated and focused landing page for your marketing, so message match is possible. Benefits of message match: 1. A Better Experience for your Audience 2. Paid Marketing Efficiencies @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  23. 23. MATCH GAME Source: The Smart Guide to Ecommerce Landing Pages @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  24. 24. LPs ARE YOUR FAIRY GODMOTHER 1. Be nimble, be quick. When you’re well set up with a landing page solution, it’s really easy to launch a campaign. Like, ridiculously easy. And you’re not locked into your existing website design. 2. A/B, baby, yeah! No more arguing over whether the button should be blue or red: testing will set you free. And it’ll improve your ROI to boot! 3. Insights o’clock So much easier to measure or compare how different channels are performing and optimize spend when they each have a dedicated LP. @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  25. 25. STRATEGY
  26. 26. MAP YOUR AUDIENCE Press Artists Sponsors Donors Single-Ticket Purchasers Subscribers General Public What does your entire audience look like? How do different groups relate to one another? Can you visualize it in an effective way? @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  27. 27. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE 1. Audit your actual database In the world of online marketing we’re uniquely positioned to have all our customer data. That’s a huge benefit, use it! Make sure your sample size is varied & large enough to glean important information. 2. Define personas Not general or theoretical ones, not borrowed from some arcane concepts: actual personas based on real data. 3. Plot out your customer lifecycle Develop stages in the decision journey that help you answer these questions. How, when, why do your different personas come to you? Which come back? What does an activated brand ambassador look like for you and how can you grow more of them? @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  28. 28. BEFORE YOU BUILD OUT YOUR CAMPAIGN 1. What is the Campaign Goal? • Lead Generation • Product Sales • Ticket Sales • Subscriptions • Donations 2. What channels will you be using? • Social • Email • PPC • … 3. What personas will you be targeting? • And how do they correlate to your channels? 4. Should there be device-specific messaging or responsive? 5. What can be tested? • There is ALWAYS something to test. WHAT DOES YOUR CAMPAIGN MAP LOOK LIKE? @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  29. 29. 1. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) • The main headline • A supporting headline 2. The Hero Shot • Image or video showing context of use 3. The Benefits of Your Offering • A bulleted list summary of benefits 4. Trust Indicators • Social proof, testimonials, reviews, certification 5. A Single Conversion Goal • With a strong call-to-action THE FIVE ELEMENTS OF A SUCCESSFUL LP @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  30. 30. THE ELEMENTS IN ACTION Source: The Smart Guide to Ecommerce Landing Pages @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  31. 31. WHILE YOU RUN YOUR CAMPAIGN Source: The Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  33. 33. UTM Tracking When you share your LP link in an email campaign, on social, or anywhere else online, add UTM parameters using Google’s URL Builder other built-in tools. MEASUREMENT @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  34. 34. Reporting That way you can better track the efficacy of each medium and campaign. Over time you’ll be able to see deeper insights into how people get to your site, what they do, and which channels are performing the best for you. @ThirdWunder #WCMTL MEASUREMENT
  35. 35. LANDING PAGE OPTIMIZATION PROCESS Source: The Smart Guide to Ecommerce Landing Pages @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  36. 36. TOOLS & SETUP
  37. 37. INBOUND TOOLS @ThirdWunder #WCMTL WordPress Inbound Now Suite • CTAs • Leads • Landing Pages CoSchedule Buffer MailChimp SEO Yoast
  38. 38. THE FLOW @ThirdWunder #WCMTL CTA Landing Page LEAD
  39. 39. CALLS TO ACTION (CTAs)
  40. 40. CTAs @ThirdWunder #WCMTL With the Inbound Now CTAs plugin you can create custom responsive calls to action for blog posts, pages, landing pages and track their performance across instances.
  41. 41. A/B TESTS @ThirdWunder #WCMTL Because CTAs are tracked sitewide, it makes it easier to run meaningful A/B Tests. Inbound Now has a marketplace for CTA templates which you can customize and style, or you can develop your own like we’ve done to the left. VS
  42. 42. LEAD GENERATION @ThirdWunder #WCMTL Using CTAs, you can develop customized templates to gather users’ info or redirect to another URL (e.g. campaign Landing Page or Contact Us page).
  43. 43. CTAs @ThirdWunder #WCMTL You can couple Inbound Now’s CTAs together with their Leads plugin to tailor what CTAs people see across your site based on where they converted or what segment they’re in.
  45. 45. Inbound Now’s Landing Page plug-in helps you create repurposeable landing pages that also work with the CTA plugin so you can send visitors to a landing page and track originating CTA variation. LANDING PAGES @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  46. 46. @ThirdWunder #WCMTL Using the Inbound Now Suite makes it easy to see a landing page performance statistics right in the edit view, including the conversion rates on any CTAs associated with it.. The CTA plugin lets you associated any CTAs you’ve created to a landing page, allowing you to customize messaging according to your content. LANDING PAGES
  47. 47. LEADS
  48. 48. LEADS @ThirdWunder #WCMTL Capturing Leads using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution or Email Marketing System (EMS) is a crucial part of inbound strategy. It allows us to build relationships and personalize content like newsletters for specific groups or segments.
  49. 49. @ThirdWunder #WCMTL The Inbound Now Leads plugin is a little different from those tools. It allows us to customize content so that visitors who’ve converted on your pages see what they need to see and your WordPress site morphs to their interests. LEADS
  50. 50. @ThirdWunder #WCMTL You can manage leads and create lists that help display customized content (e.g. specific Calls-to-Action) to different groups based on lists or actions. Their experience is personalized so they have a better time on your website! LEADS
  51. 51. @ThirdWunder #WCMTL That helps users understand how your site works with data. LEADS
  53. 53. AWESOME EXAMPLES @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  54. 54. AWESOME EXAMPLES Source: MY DAMN BOOK @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  55. 55. AWESOME EXAMPLES Hat Tip/Credit: Hunter Boyle @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  56. 56. OK, LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!
  57. 57. WHICH VERSION WON? Source: 7 Quick & Dirty Ways to Supercharge Your PPC Landing Pages @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  58. 58. WHICH VERSION WON? Source: 7 Quick & Dirty Ways to Supercharge Your PPC Landing Pages +23% @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  59. 59. WHICH VERSION WON? @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  60. 60. WHICH VERSION WON? +13% @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  61. 61. WHICH VERSION WON? Source: The Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  62. 62. WHICH VERSION WON? +216% Source: The Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  63. 63. WHICH VERSION WON? Source: The Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  64. 64. WHICH VERSION WON? Source: The Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing +21% @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  65. 65. RECAP
  66. 66. WHAT WE COVERED • What did we cover? The bottom of the funnel (conversion). • Who are we? >> Third Wunder. • What are Landing Pages (LPs)? >> Your fairy godmother. • Why are LPs important for marketing? >> Decisions are hard, make it easy & match it up. • Strategy and things to think about >> Know your customers. • **A/B Lightning Round** >> Wasn’t that fun? • Resources >> Comin’ right up… • Q&A >> Your turn! @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  67. 67. STEP 1: LPO - STEP 2: CRO - STEP 3: PROFIT! $$$
  68. 68. RESOURCES GLOSSARY • CTA = Call-to-action • CRO = Conversion Rate Optimization • LPO = Landing Page Optimization • KPI = Key Performance Indicator (an important measurable goal) • UTM = Urchin Tracking Module (just remember it’s important for analytics) • Home Page ≠ A good place to drive traffic :( • Landing Page = The best place to send traffic :) @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  70. 70. Tools We Use @ThirdWunder #WCMTL Inbound Now Suite: • CTAs • Leads • Landing Pages CoSchedule: Buffer: MailChimp: SEO Yoast:
  72. 72. Mohamed Hamad Tweet to @MohamedHamad Write to Connect Liesl Barrell Tweet to @LieslBarrell Write to Connect Q & A @ThirdWunder #WCMTL