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7 Marketing Automation Strategies That Actually Drive Business Results


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IBM Marketing Cloud and Three Deep Marketing have teamed up for a back-to-school marketing session! Join us as we chat about building bridges between Marketing and IT departments. Here's the slides from our panel discussion on September 22, 2016

Published in: Marketing
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7 Marketing Automation Strategies That Actually Drive Business Results

  1. 1. 7 Marketing Automation Strategies That Actually Drive Business Results
  2. 2. The New Wonders of the World Marketing Automation Mobile Phone Battery Life
  3. 3. Why Marketing Automation
  4. 4. Buying Has Changed Forever
  5. 5. The Landscape of the Buyer Has Changed Forever The customer’s path to purchase is forever changing. The only thing that is predictable is that they will do their research. In fact, consumers have made 50% to 70% of their decision before they even think about contacting you. It’s your job as marketers to understand when, where and how they’ll research their next purchase.
  6. 6. …And They Don’t Need Your Sales Pitch
  7. 7. Lifecycle Marketing Marketing Automation Paid Media Website Development Search Engine Optimization Content Creation CRM Database Marketing Automation Contact Center Analytics KPI Reporting Custom Dashboards Acquire Engage Optimize
  8. 8. Tiffany Tooley Tiffany aims to help today’s marketers feel like they’re making a difference. As the WW Marketing Leader for Digital Marketing Agencies at IBM, she has the distinct pleasure of using her 15+ years of marketing and agency experience to help today’s agencies best support their clients and grow their businesses. She is responsible for developing a global strategy and campaigns that can be executed to drive increased engagement and pipeline opportunities around the world. When she’s not busy coming up with her next greatest idea or planning her next trip, she spends an obscene amount of time online, coming up with (yet another!) house project and eagerly anticipating the next Star Wars release or college football season. Tiffany is the proud mom of two sons, both of which are Star Wars and college football fans, as well. The house projects, they can seemingly do without – go figure.
  9. 9. Christina Skinner Christina is passionate about building strong teams that drive for results – that are measurable. She has 15 years experience in sales and marketing, with the majority in the for-profit education sector. Currently, Christina is the Sr. Manager of Marketing at Capella University leading the Brand Experiences team. She manages strategy for the digital and communication experience for prospects, learner and alumni, along with developing strategies for referral, word-of-mouth and advocacy that drive new and repeat business. In her downtime, she is busy being super mom raising and breaking up arguments between her two six year olds and doing overpriced yoga in the burbs to keep her sanity. Her passionate leadership style transcends into her family life – driving for results. She micro-manages the family schedule, dominates Excel spreadsheets and receives multiple online clothing subscriptions, against her husband’s wishes.
  10. 10. Dave Woodbeck Dave takes pride is starting a marketing consulting company that included both strategy and technology before either were cool. He leads the charge with an insane interest in the wildly variable, yet strangely predictive, psychology of why people buy – backed by a fascination (and knack) for measurement systems that guide the needle in digital marketing. Dave is quick to point out that his experience gives him the perspective to identify the marketing strategies and executions that will work, and the humility to know that you need an excellent team to deliver on those results. After hours, Dave’s MN Wild hockey obsession is, in his words “a complete alter ego dedicated to this crazy passion that sometimes embarrasses me, but what can I say?”
  11. 11. Lack of Effective Strategy Our marketing research in partnership with Ascend2 stated 58% of marketers believe lack of an effective strategy as the MOST SIGNIFICANT BARRIER to successful marketing automation.
  12. 12. See Where You’re Going First Technology is just a tool. Launching a program without already thinking about how you’ll use it is like trying to assemble a piece of Ikea Furniture without instructions.
  13. 13. Benchmark Yourself
  14. 14. Benchmark Yourself 23% 35% 24% 14% 4%
  15. 15. Disciplined Approach to Strategy
  16. 16. Let’s Chat Strategy
  17. 17. Write This Down! Investing in technology won’t automatically deliver an ROI. Technology is only a tool and it is the overall strategy and implementation of that strategy within the tool that brings the return. Benchmark Your Current State Then Develop Strategies That Build Your Maturity
  18. 18. Lack of Ability or Know How It’s hard to be a Jack or Jill of all traits. In most cases marketing people don’t speak IT and IT staff doesn’t understand marketing lingo.
  19. 19. Marketing in the 2010’s is a Left Brain & Right Brain Skill
  20. 20. The Infamous T-Shaped Marketer They’re an expert at their core discipline, yet they understand jargon from other disciplines well enough to call people out on their bullshit baloney.
  21. 21. Let’s Chat Marketing Talent
  22. 22. Write This Down! Digital marketing is in many ways advancing faster than traditional marketers can transition and universities teach. That means many marketing professionals have a shallow understanding across wide practices. In turn some digital marketers because of their knowledge and success in one discipline are handed other digital responsibilities that their skills or bandwidth do not support. You’ll likely find the best success is a mix of in-house and outsources-professionals. Define the priority, range and level of digital skills required then create training plans across teams.
  23. 23. Content Creation and Development Technology isn’t everything. When communicating with your audience, how do you know: What to say… When to say it... Where to say it... How often to say it...
  24. 24. Good news, content marketing is dead so you don’t have to worry about it anymore
  25. 25. Defining the Terms Content Strategy HAVE SOMETHING GOOD TO SAY For the creation, publication and governance of content Content Marketing SAY IT WELL To attract, engage and convert using content
  26. 26. The Messaging Gap “It doesn’t matter what product you buy. Most products are now good enough to serve the majority of users most of the time.” Simon Hayward, VP and Gartner Fellow in Gartner blog
  27. 27. Structured Approach to Content Development
  28. 28. Let’s Chat Content
  29. 29. Write This Down! As technology increases our ability to implement strategies and provide more frequent and relevant messages, the need for good content increases. While focus tends to be on the technology and strategy, don’t let your content and creative get sidelined until the end. Have a content strategy, and like all things digital LEAN is best. Get to market quickly, test and revise along the way. Drive your message from the corporate level to the person level.
  30. 30. Budget Constraints It’s just like your parents told you… Money doesn’t grow on trees!
  31. 31. Measurement Gap But, many don’t know how to align against revenue. Opens and Clicks are important, but that’s not what executives care about.
  32. 32. Measurement See-Saw
  33. 33. Climb the Value Pyramid Vision Objectives Goals KPIs Metrics & Measures
  34. 34. Let’s Chat Dollars
  35. 35. Write This Down! Budget conversations are rarely fun dialogs. However you can change the conversation by understanding the value of your marketing efforts. Validate your work by knowing your data and how to project your return on investment. You’ll find you enjoy the budget talk much more when you show how you’re investing in growth, rather than a sunk cost. Align your metrics to company KPIs and stretch to sell the value.
  36. 36. Marketing | Sales | IT Alignment Why can’t we be friends. Three different departments with very different perspectives on how to achieve your business goals.
  37. 37. Connection Points Integrated Process Outcomes Integrated Data Points Source: Sirius Decisions
  38. 38. Let’s Chat Team Alignment
  39. 39. Write This Down! Everyone on your team wants to succeed. At least we assume that’s the case. Natural silos and communication breakdowns exist in nearly every work environment. Allow more freedom, even create a playground for Marketing Technologists to work across Marketing, Sales and IT to develop and drive successful projects. Agree on an outcome and create a scorecard to keep each team accountable.
  40. 40. Complexity of Marketing Technology Implementing Marketing Technology can seem like you’re stuck in a maze. You’ve heard this before:
  41. 41. LEAD DISTRIBUTION / ROUTING LEAD PRIORITISATION / LEAD INSIGHTS INBOUND OUTBOUND CHANNELS LEAD SOURCES Email Forms Landing Pages MARKETING QUALIFIED LEAD NURTURING • Low Quality Leads • Lifecycle • Cross Sell • Acceleration • Retention • Welcome / Onboarding CONTACT RULES • Suppression • Contact Thresholds • Recency REAL-TIME CLOSED LOOP ANALYTICS Segmentation Lead Recycling (Prospect or Customer is not ready) Sale SCORING MODELLING / ANALYSIS / SEGMENTATION Propensity Models + Early Adopter + Next Logical Product + Retention Analysis & Recommendations + Detailed analysis of data + Recommendation to marketers for inflight campaign optimisation Implicit (Behavioural) +10 – Home Loan SEO +15 – Home Loan Landing Page +35 – Filled Out Form + 5 – Visited Blog Explicit (What Customer Tells Us/What We Know) +10 – Job Title Contains Executive +15 – Existing Product (Credit Card) +15 – Postcode NEW LEAD PROCESSING Immediate Hot Leads AWARENESS NAMES PROSPECTS LEADS OPPORTUNITY SALE OTR LEAD / CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT & FOLLOW UP • Work Activities • Tasks • Blog • eDM • Direct Mail • Ad Targeting • UIB • Social • Content • Landing Pages • Forms • Events • Webinars Branch Referrals DB/PAS Customer Centric View Events Data Management Analytics Reporting
  42. 42. Work the Technology Invest 90% of your budget in people and 10% in technology - Avinish Kaushik 90-rule-for-magnificient-web-analytics- success/
  43. 43. Let’s Chat Marketing Technology
  44. 44. Write This Down! The goal of marketing technology is to make it easy for a marketer to use and not involve IT. But it is not always that easy. A new bread of marketers are evolving “Marketing Technologists” to assist in the implementation, integration and ongoing strategy and management of technology solutions in the marketing stack – build your team with this in mind so that traditional marketers receive the technology support required to be successful Invest more in people who understand the technology than the technology itself.
  45. 45. Migration Integration Implementation Yes, we’ve identified a new marketing platform that will make our lives easier. Now what?
  46. 46. Impact Time Delivered 11 Months + Project OH SNAP! 1 Months + Traditional Implementation Approach
  47. 47. Impact Time 11 Months + Project OH SNAP! 1 Months + OH SNAP! Delivered Delivered OH SNAP! Delivered Delivered Rapid Iterative Approach
  48. 48. Let’s Chat Migration|Integration|Implementation
  49. 49. Write This Down! The real challenge is in the migration and integration and implementation of your shiny new platform. It’s the baseline to ensuring successful strategies are executed. Careful, as strategy can easily be lost in translation between IT and Marketing. Even vendors may not have a true understanding of your strategies. So this final challenge brings us right back to the beginning… Have a sound strategy and know how to communicate it across departments and skill sets. Develop in a rapid iterative fashion with many demonstrations to ensure you stay aligned with strategy.
  50. 50. Let’s Recap
  51. 51. Strategy Summary 1. Benchmark Your Current State Then Develop Strategies That Build Your Maturity 2. Define the priority, range and level of digital skills required then create training plans across teams. 3. Drive your message from the corporate level to the person level. 4. Align your metrics to company KPIs and stretch to sell the value. 5. Agree on an outcome and create a scorecard to keep each team accountable. 6. Invest more in people who understand the technology than the technology itself. 7. Develop in a rapid iterative fashion with many demonstrations to ensure you stay aligned with strategy.
  52. 52. …On to the next wonder of the world Please help yourself to a party favor tonight and RE-CHARGE anytime you need it.
  53. 53. Thank You! The panel discussion is over, but the fun isn’t! Feel free to stick around for drinks, networking and fun.