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Story of analysts.graduate page website


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Published in: Marketing, Business, Education
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Story of analysts.graduate page website

  1. 1. Stories of Analysts
  2. 2. 2012 Analysts share their story… My first project has been full of challenging opportunities. Not only learning new skills but also improving on the skills you already have. Being a THoM’er gives you the feeling that you truly are part of the THoM family. Fleur D’Haenens Vlerick Management School Universiteit Gent You can always rely on your colleagues to help you with any question you might have. 2012 First assignment : E-business SPOC for a leading Utility Company Single point-of-contact for retail and corporate segments Presentation1
  3. 3. 2012 Analysts share their story… I joined THoM to be able to gather a lot of experience in different sectors and functions. I really like the continuous training and the fact that THoM stimulates you to take initiatives and grow in your marketing expertise. Having a mentor, a counselor and a client manager means you can always fall back on someone. And thanks to the open company culture, you can fall back on any THoMer if you have questions or problems! Evelien Hesters Vlerick Management School Universiteit Gent Presentation1 As a newcomer, you feel at home quickly because of the many internal trainings, meetings, immersion camp and internal projects ! 2012 First assignment : Marketing Analytics for a Telecom company
  4. 4. 2012 Analysts share their story… Working on a project-basis offers me the change I need at the start of my career. You are challenged regularly in projects but also in developing your own point of view and specialty. A lot is expected, but you gain a lot in return. THoMers do not hesitate to call upon each other’s help. Céline Timmerman Vlerick Management School Universiteit Gent The learning possibilities, the open-space environment and the connection moments are elements that I value and that I can find at The House. 2012 First assignment : Market Intelligence Department for a leading automotive company Consulting project, identifying sector trends by 2030 Presentation1
  5. 5. 2012 Analysts share their story… The variation in the job content, the learning possibilities and the company culture were for me the main reasons to apply. Every project is challenging! I like the fact that you learn a lot about different marketing domains and different industries. It’s a job where you get a lot of responsibilities and where you can learn and grow fast. They also coach you in your career path, with personal and professional development plans. Rebecca Van Vaerenbergh Vlerick Management School Vrije Universiteit van Brussel If you are looking for a challenging job in Marketing with great career possibilities, I can only say; what are you waiting for? 2012 First assignment : Co-responsible for the Marketing Genius event Project management at THoM Presentation1
  6. 6. 2012 Analysts share their story… I joined The House because I was looking for challenges and diversity in my marketer job. Hard to stick to one brand / one sector when you just graduate! There is a very positive and constructive climate among us, I really feel supported as a starter! They promise to help you deploy your full potential, and this is true. Valentine Dautricourt CEMS MIM Louvain School of Management Even if we do not see each other every day, there is a family-like feeling among THoMers ! 2012 First assignment : Project Manager in a Fuel Card provider Company Assisting marketing manager for the launch of 2 new services Presentation1
  7. 7. They joined as Analysts in Summer 2013… 2013 Kristien Schrauwen KU Leuven Eline Van Hollebeke Ehsal Management School Valerie Vos KU Leuven Paulien Peters EDHEC Business School Presentation1 7
  8. 8. The next prom’ may include you! We look forward to hear from you ! Presentation1 8