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Business School

  1. 1. We Help Global Leaders To Accelerate Business School Solutions
  2. 2. Entrepreneurship, pioneering, transparency and flexibility Contents: Who We Are What We Offer Our Locations 2
  3. 3. We are a global executive education consulting firm, specializing in executive development and coaching. Our offerings range from global career development through general and executive MBA programs to entrepreneurship and innovation workshops and seminars around the world. With 80 experienced professionals worldwide, we work with current and future leaders to help them achieve greater success in global business environments. Our professionals operate from offices in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, United States, and the Middle East, in a total of 34 countries. Our philosophy is based on the qualities of entrepreneurship, pioneering, transparency and flexibility. With these values in mind, we create a variety of client relationships in many industries, including financial services, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, consulting services, business schools, and non-profit organizations. Founder and CEO Susanne May is an experienced consultant and facilitator, and is a certified executive coach with the Columbia Business School in New York. She launched her company after a successful career in the German automotive and global consultancy industries. With her special talent to motivate and build trust, she creates an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship, focusing always on practicality and bottom-line solutions. We work differently. Our mission is to contribute to executive education by creating experience-based learning and development platforms. We thoroughly design and present our programs, using the latest academic and practical principles, theories, and approaches. These include: positive psychology, neuroleadership, solutions focus, emotional intelligence, cross-cultural approaches, leadership theories, corporate storytelling, psychometric tools, Appreciative Inquiry, design and systems thinking. Our professionals are established and experienced experts in the world of business, able to bring real business cases and scenarios, dynamic learning methodologies fostering solution- oriented thinking and universal business and leadership dilemmas to the classroom. Who We Are 3
  4. 4. When the world is your office, we believe that the only security in global careers is the ability to change. We help students develop the essential skills to advance continuously in their careers in global and competitive environments. We aim to create awareness and deliver knowledge to students about ‘the global playing field’ – the job markets and requirements, the employers, and opportunities for launching a global career. Reflecting these needs, we designed the ‘International Competitiveness Program’, covering the following comprehensive skills modules: Module 1: Career Strategies Knowing yourself is a prerequisite for a successful career start and advancement. Based on a variety of proven methodologies, we help students take stock of their core competencies, functional and industry preferences, motivations, values, skills, people preferences, and working conditions. Focus is the key to a successful pursuit of a career path. We, therefore, support students in the creation of a strong career vision, goals and action plan. Module 2: Global Applications & Social Media Finding a fit within an organization is a major challenge for most students. We help screen target employers or an individual path as an entrepreneur or freelancer, offering a broad range of global research, contacts and networks. Expanding global coverage with a personalized social media strategy (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) allows students to be found by global headhunters and recruiters. Module 3: Application Material Knowing how to create a unique footprint with exceptional application materials is crucial. HR professionals and recruiters decide in less than four minutes if a candidate’s application What We Offer Global Career Development 4 makes it or breaks it. We help students apply for jobs in their preferred job markets and industries, and fine-tune their application materials to be aligned with specific job requirements and cultural standards. Module 4: Global Personal Branding in Interviews Being able to stand out in a crowd is a major challenge. We help students tell and sell their stories successfully to their global target employers, by: – Defining a Unique Selling Proposition – Teaching Cultural Branding Tactics – Preparing a 90 Seconds Pitch – Providing awareness of different global communication styles and behaviors – Imparting interviewing skills and easy-to-apply survival techniques Module 5: Building Social Capital The way of the world is meeting people through people. We help students understand the spectrum of successful business relationships and establish business networks supporting their professional visions and goals. Module 6: Reflect Career coaching is one of our core services - strongly related to individual topics that lead to a realistic and well-developed self-portrait, supported by an action plan. This module is always highly rated by our students all over the world. This program is designed for Global MBA and EMBA students, and other Masters Studies, in which students search specifically for jobs in global careers. The program can be delivered in modules of 1-2 day workshops or as a 5-day program. Length of this module depends on class size.
  5. 5. “In our view, the ICP program is of the highest professional standards and we recommend it to every Business School which has to cope with a professionally diverse and multicultural clientele.” ”Meike Rissiek. Program Director European/Asian MBA, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany 5
  6. 6. “We really appreciated the very professional career program of MayCoach Company. Focused on the priorities of our global MBA clients, the training was based on a comprehensive modular approach.” Wim Zwanepoel. Associate Director Career Services, Instituto de Empresa, Spain Module 1: Orientation The initial question for many students is simply one of curiosity: what’s it like to be an entrepreneur? What spectrum of entrepreneurial careers is there? What does it take to develop an idea into a profitable business? What personality, attitude and skill set are necessary to develop as an entrepreneur? This module is designed to help students answer all of these questions. Module 2: Entrepreneurial Strategies This module examines ‘blue business strategies’ as the crucial aspect of successfully starting a new enterprise. Taking the most innovative companies worldwide as an example, the module reviews the areas of business model, services/products, branding and customer experience. Students learn the essence of entrepreneurial activity – to conceive a long- term business vision, create a powerful business model that will convince and motivate potential customers and partners to join in, and to focus on bringing it into reality step-by-step. Module 3: Business Model Innovation This module will help students invent, design, and implement innovative business models, creating value for customers and society. Students learn about the nine building blocks of business models, business model patterns, design thinking, and strategies for implementation. 6 Module 4: Personal Branding Social Media How do we leverage the incredible power of social media to make a difference? How do we use it to support a clear, single, focused goal? This module is designed to create awareness for Social Media and help students design a social media strategy for the business idea. Module 5: New Business Coaching New business coaching is strongly related to individual entrepreneurial topics from idea generation to business modeling and implementation. It helps students develop the right attitude and skill set to become successful entrepreneurs. This program is designed for Global MBA and EMBA students and other Masters Studies, in which students particularly look for careers in entrepreneurialism. The program can be delivered in modules of 1-2 day workshops or as a 5-day program. Length of this module depends on class size and can be added as coaching days. Additional Workshops Programs LEGO SERIOUS PLAY – Problem Solving Workshop Strengths-Based Leadership Curriculum Mentoring Program Consultancy Prices upon request. Entrepreneurship Development
  7. 7. Offices Representatives Europe MayCoach | Company Grüneisenstrasse 15 70184 Stuttgart Germany North America MayCoach | Company 4370 Barchester Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 United States Middle East MayCoach | Company 1800 Beit El Chaar Maten district Mount Lebanon Lebanon Country List of Consultants Africa South Africa Americas Argentina Brazil Mexico United States Asia-Pacific Brunei China India Japan Malaysia Singapore South Korea Europe Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark France Germany Hungary Italy Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Russia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey UK Middle East Lebanon Qatar Syria United Arab Emirates 7 Our Locations Global Contact Information: T: 0049 711 72 69 320 E: I:
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