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Mojo complete


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Mojo complete

  1. 1. The image looks quite old; this is appealing to the audience because it shows them the type of music that is inside. The colour pallet used is red,The title is quite simple and sophisticated; I blue and white, these colours arethink this has been used because the unisex, and however the coloursintended audience are between the ages of are dark indicating that the main30 and 40. Also the title is in the back target market is male.ground, showing that it isn’t important andthe music is the main objective of themagazine. The puff breaks up the page, it shows the reader who the main feature is. It grabs the reader’s attention‘The who’ is in silver, it look sophisticatedand reflects the intended audience. Thefont is attractive on the reader’s eye The front size changes dependingbecause it isn’t too bright and bold, on the importance of the text. Theinstead it’s subtle. musician’s names are in bold, and the information underneath it isn’tThe image in view is a mid shot, the eyes Because of the intended audience,are focus on the camera creating a mojo have chosen to give away a CD. Ifconnection with the audience and it the magazine was aimed at a youngerdraws them in to the magazine. The generation free downloads could beimage has been composed so that the offeredmost important person is at the front, heis most likely to be the lead singer and theaudience are more likely to recognisehim.
  2. 2. The image used is purposely black The overall tone of the content page is The colour scheme used is clear and The banner is the title of theand white to emphasis the simplicity, the tone is created, the simple to engage the reader in the magazine, this is because the page isintended audience, the black a colours, page layout and the image used. important copy, instead of being so simple is doesn’t need to saywhite image shows that the music This reflect the intended audience of distracted my bright colours. Each of the content page, it also reminds theinside is from an older generation. whom are around the ages on 27 and page numbers are in red, this has been reader witch magazine their reading.The image makes the audience just want to facts on the music they like. done to make them stand out to the The font used is easy to read andthink of classic songs because the The content page is easily to navigate reader, also the page numbers are large bold, this keep the simple themeblack and white reminds us of an around and it isn’t over crowded with to grab the reader’s attention and make constant and it also grabs theolder generation. images such as the NME content page. then notice what page the story is on. reader’s attention. The content page has a quote that anchors the image used, without The copy on this content page is in a formal style, the the attached quote the image has font is small and simple. This shows that audience that no meaning. The quote and the the articles inside are going to be formal and in small amount of copy gives the informative, this compliment the audiences intentions. reader an insight into the article Also the copy gives the reader information on the inside. featured articles; there is a lot of text which highlights the fact that the intended audience are interested in information about musicians and not the images. The image has been place on the right side, this is because the audience are more focused and The font is constantly Only one image has been interested in the music so the copy changing size used, to carry the theme of is on the left hand side which is depending on the simplicity throughout the where the reader looks first. importance of the text, magazine. Also props have mojo is the largest been added to the image, . piece of text because The guitar shows the type of The model is looking directly the magazine want to music and it tell the into the camera lenses to remind the reader audience that the magazine make a connection with the which magazine their is about the music and not audience, this is to draw reading. the musicians face them in and encourage them to keep reading the magazine
  3. 3. the intended audience for this magazine are of an older generation, this is The font used is a classic style, its sleek and simple to look shown through colours, images, fonts and page layouts. The overall tone attractive to the audience. also the size of the font varies of the magazine is serious because the aim is to get information across to depending on the importance of the text, the word ‘my’ is in the reader. The layout of the page is extremely simple to draw in the the largest font because it’s the musician talking to the reader, the typical reader likes to read facts on musicians and they don’t audience, the magazine are trying to engage the reader by want to look at lots of brightly coloured images because they aren’t talking to them directly. The main article is written in a small images conscience. size to make it look sophisticated and informative. The image is extremely large to show the importance of theThe colour pallet on this double musician featured, the imagepage spread is black and white, takes up over half the page andthis is to represent the music is the back ground for the text.inside which is form an older Because the image over spillsgeneration. it also reflects the onto the text it make the copyaudience who are an older have a connection to thegeneration of music fans, featured musician. In the imagearound the age of 30. The black the musician is looking directlyand white colour scheme straight into the camera andmakes the page look classic and making eye contact with thesophisticated which looks audience, this makes theappealing to the reader audience want to read about hisbecause they just want to know story. the musician has beeninformation on the featured position to look casual andmusician. relaxed, this is reflecting the intended audience who aren’t out at parties but instead are indoors spending time with loved ones. The image is a cross between a mid shot and a three quarter shot the layout is very simple all of the text is on the left hand side, the because we are close enough that the audience can see the magazine have chosen to have the text on the left hand side musician’s facial expressions but we can also see what he is because this is where the audience look first and to the reader the wearing and his torso. The mid shot works well because the reader text is the most important feature on the page. Whereas double is close enough to the model to have a connection, but the three pages from magazines such as rock sound have the images on the quarter shot means the reader is able see the musician stance. left hand side.