Magazine research


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Magazine research

  1. 1. Banner Colour scheme The banner, informs the audience what the page is The colour scheme is based around the colours pink showing. The contrast of the white text and pink and yellow, but there are quite a lot of other colours background makes the banner stand out considerably, used, therefore portraying a fun type of magazine. It even though the page is very busy anyway. The fact also suggests the target audience is probably young the text is also bigger than the rest on the page teenage girls, or those aged about 10 – 13. The many emphasizes it, and makes the reader notice it colours makes the magazine appear very busy and instantly. The word ‘mag’ could also make the target interesting to look at, which could persuade people to audience identify with the magazine, as it is a word buy it. that typically a teenage girl would probably use. FeaturesImages Text boxes have beenThere doesn’t appear to used to separatebe one main image on different sections ofthis contents page. There the magazine, and itare two; one showing the means it doesn’t havefront of the magazine and huge blocks ofone of a pop band. The information for theway that a pop band is reader to have to siftshown could also through to find whatrepresent what type of they are trying to readperson would read this about. The top of eachmagazine; one that text box has aenjoys pop music. The subheading to showpictures are scattered all what the pages in theover the page and this box are about, and thecould symbolise the laid subheadings are largerback style of this so they stand out tomagazine. the reader. The text boxes mean that the page has some organisation.Selling line General layoutThere is a ‘wins and offers’ box, which is a waythat the producer of the magazine is trying to The layout is very busy and girlie, which may attractpersuade the reader to buy it. It intrigues the the reader, as it is definitely not dull! There are lotsreader to skip to that page and win amazing of pictures and colour, and numbers are used toprizes or get offers for things they may be clearly show where the different articles are in theinterested in. It is another way of selling the magazine. It means although the layout isn’tproduct, as even if some of the articles aren’t of simple, the reader should still clearly know whereinterest to the reader , they might still buy the each different feature is in relation to the rest ofmagazine because it means they have a chance the magazine, as the page number is given. I thinkof winning free things. It might also make them the layout is very age and target audiencebelieve that it is better value, as they might appropriate, as if it was really plain and boring, abelieve they getting more for their money. 10-13 year old girl probably wouldn’t buy it.
  2. 2. Main image The main image of Kanye West is central to the contents page, and suggest o the reader that he may be featured in the magazine. The red heart being held in front of Kanye’s adds some warmth to the otherwise quite cold looking page. It could General Layout suggest that the magazine’s theme could be love. The shot uses a direct mode of The general layout of this magazine address, therefore making the audience is quite simple and this makes it connect with it, as Kanye is staring straight easy for the reader to see what is at the reader. included in the magazine. All of the text is down the right hand side, which adds a clear and sophisticated edge to the style of this magazine contents page.Colour schemeThe main colours used in thiscontents page are black and grey,and these are both effective asthey blend with the light greybackground, to produce a very Subheadingsclassy and subtle look to themagazine. This could therefore The subheadings used in themake the reader associate the contents page are in a different fontclassy look with the actual theme and are bigger than the majority ofof the magazine, and make them the text. This makes them stand out,want to read on. and it means the audience understand exactly where they need to look to see what is in the magazine and where the fashion pages are in the magazine. Background The background uses two different tones of grey, to coincide with the main colour scheme. It consists of a large grey ‘V’. The Title contrast of the two grey’s almost create s a The title of the contents page is laid out in in a very brand identity, as it is instantly recognisable different way to most magazine contents pages. The to the normal readers of the magazine, and word is split into three different lines, which draws the this therefore promotes the magazine in its reader’s attention to it, and makes them wonder why it own way. It is different to most magazine is. It fits into the style of the contents page as it makes content’s pages, as it only has the title the writing all on the right hand side, and the writing is a ‘Contents’ and it doesn’t have a specific one lot bigger than the rest of the text, to emphasize to the relevant to a certain article in the magazine. reader that it is important, and shows what the page is about.
  3. 3. Banner Main image The banner along the top of the page, The main image is placed towards the right-hand side of the page, and allows the reader to clearly see that this shows one of the bands featured. It is large which suggests it could be one page is showing what is featured in the of the main articles in the magazine, and this could intrigue the reader to magazine. The black background allows skip to this page and see what is so important about this article. The both the ‘Contents’ text and the ‘Q’ to picture used is a long shot of four people, whom are all looking directly at stand out to the reader. The date is also the reader, apart from one, and this is to try and connect with the shown on the right hand-side as it is less audience. The men in the image are stood on a hillside which suggests important and therefore is in smaller they are rural, and the way they are casually dressed means the audience text. may be able to identify with them. Colour schemeSidebar The colour scheme used isThe sidebar consists of clear mainly red, black andfeatures of the magazine in an white. The main imageeasy way for the audience to used uses a slight variationread. It also uses clear of this, but mainly the pagenumbers, so the reader can consists of those threeskip to any page that takes colours. The colour schemetheir interest. There is also a keeps the page lookingbox used to emphasize the simple, and means that the‘Oasis special’ and this makes text stands out, as thethe audience aware of the background for writing isspecial articles in the magazine generally white, apart fromfocused on Oasis. The sidebar the subheadings andis all down the left-hand side of banner, which makes thatthe page to leave room for the those stand out more.big picture to the right. It is setout in a very simple way, but isvery effective. Subheadings Sub-article These are in a white font with a red This uses a sub-heading of ‘review’ and this shows background. This creates a contrast of exactly what it’s about to the reader. It also uses a colour and makes them stand out. The smaller image to create interest from the reader, colour red has many connotations, such and uses the selling line, ‘The biggest and best music as danger and passion, but in this case I guide’ which creates the magazine article with a think it just points out the key features unique selling point. Most importantly though, it and emphasizes the importance of them makes the reader think that no other magazine will to the reader in the magazine. have an article about this, that is better than this one, which may make them want to read this article, and judge if they think it is the best one they’ve read or not.
  4. 4. Main Coverline Main image Colour scheme This is made to stand out via the The main image is quite busy, and The colour scheme of this double blue background and bold black this is to interest the reader and page spread is blue, black and white. writing which contrasts this. I think make them want to read the article. I think this works well, as the the colour blue has been chosen as The way the boys are positioned in headings and key features are the main picture in the article is of the image is in a way that tries to generally consistent in being blue, three boys, and the colour blue is connect with the audience, as it is a which therefore means the reader often associated with males. I think relatively relaxed scenario, and the can clearly see which bits are key the way it states ‘The Teenagers’ way they are staring directly at the information to read. The way that could also be showing what the reader, could also help connect with all the colours can be layered with target audience is for the magazine, them. It takes up a full A4 page, each other and still stand out, shows as well as showing which band the which could help the article stand that the colour choice was a good article is about. It will intrigue out as when flicking through the one, for example; there is both black teenagers to read it, to see what is magazine, the image would writing layered on blue and white being said about them. probably be more obvious than writing layered on black. Both stand other, smaller, images. out considerably well.Button Subheading SidebarThe button, ‘NME loves’, The subheading doesn’t actually The sidebar uses a differentemphasizes the importance of the sound particularly appealing to the coloured background, to symbolisearticle to the reader, and reader, as it calls the target to the reader how the informationencourages them to read on. The audience – teenagers, ‘dumb’. on the sidebar isn’t actually relatedway it is in a different shaped text However this could actually entice to the band in the main article. Thebox to anything else on the page, the reader to connect with the smaller images on the sidebaralso makes it look like it is magazine as it uses language that is create interest for the reader, as if itsomething the reader should take associated with teenagers, therefore was all text, it may look a bit boring,interest in. could make it more relatable and and plain. personal for them.