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Magazine analysis


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. Magazine AnalysisFront cover, contents and double page feature By Megan Durham
  2. 2. ‘REAL RAP’ is at the top to indicate what the The background is magazine will be bout. white which makes everything very clear to see on the magazine. The magazine follows a Title- largest text on the colour scheme of magazine which makes it white, black, red and very eye catching. It is grey which are all bold gradient and fades to red colours. which sands out amongst the mostly black text.Eminem is written inred as it is made to The magazine is aboutstand out as it is a main rap/rnb music so havingstory and he is also the Eminem as the main imagemain image. is a selling point for the magazine. It takes up most of the space as which makes it the centre of attention. The cover engages the reader by asking There are many rhetorical questions different headings and saying ‘you decide’ which give an idea of this makes them feel what stories will be included and inside. They are there encourage them to buy to make people want to the magazine. buy the magazine to find out more.
  3. 3. The magazine advertises the otherThe title of the magazine is stories which will bevery bold and clear so it inside. They standstands out. NME is a very out as they are on apopular magazine and this yellow orwill make it stand out background. It is aagainst other magazines. music magazine so having popular artists will help sell it.The writing which goeswith the main imagestands out as it’s white on The colour schemea black background. This used works very wellcatches the readers as the whiteattention and makes them background makes thewant to know more about black writing and thethe story. images stand out. The use of red and yellow also catches the readers attention. Having the plus bar at the bottom shows readers what else will be in the magazine to encourage them to buy it.
  4. 4. The background iscovered by a large Vwhich promotes the The colour schememagazine and also fills used is very affectiveup space on the page. as the plain light background makes the black font stand out so it is easy to read.The use of the mainimage on this page is toattract the audiencesattention and it alsosuggests that the mainfocus through out themagazine will be on the The use of headingsartists. It is a music in bold works well asmagazine so he will they stand out andinterest them to read the the reader can findmagazine. what they are looking The only use of colour on the page is the red heart this for easier. also helps in making the page very eye catching as the simple design is very effective.
  5. 5. Heading is made to stand out as it’s on such a plain background. Date is there to informExtra information in the the reader that it’s theband down the side to latest issue.give an insight of whatis inside. Headings in a boldImages linked to stories large font so it standsin the magazine, they out against other text.are musicians which It also separates it andpeople reading this makes it easy to findmagazine are interested about themain story in the Simple layout so it’smagazine as it will easy to read. It ismake the reader want also numbered whichto see more. makes it easy to find the stories inside. Advertisement for their own magazine to subscribe to NME.
  6. 6. The bands name is the title for the By putting ‘NME loves’ at the story as this will appeal to the top advertises the story as audience and catch their attention the being good which will engage font is bold and on a blue background the reader. so it stands out. Other artistsMost of the aredouble page advertised atspread is the side as itcovered by the fits with themain image of magazinethe group as it story andwill catch the takes upaudiences space of thisattention. article. The NME website is advertised on this page which is promoting the magazine company.
  7. 7. The main image takes up most of the space as the whole story is about her it also catches peoples attention.Nicki Minaj inthe biggestboldest font asit’s all about herand also tocatch peoples Quote in boldattention. on a background toFirst line gives make it standsreader and out. If theidea as to what reader readsthe story will this it willcontain. persuade them to read it all to find out more. Set out in Pink background even columns use so the black making it font stands out on it easy to read. and is easy to read.