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Music covers

  1. 1. This magazine uses media that The images that the cover contains includes bright colours which could are bright, cartoon-like and child relate to an audience of young friendly. The artists that are females. This is apparent due to included are seen as pop artists colours such as pink and yellow which appeal to a younger which is used in a cliché manner to audience of about 10 years+ who refer to young females. The media are of a lower social class. Images included also contains child of girls clothes are used which also friendly themes and designs, refers to a young female audience. further emphasising its child friendliness. The mast head of the magazine uses imagery to relate to the targetThe fonts used on the magazine audience by including a picture of acover are bold and follow the heart which is used in text messaging‘young female’ styled colour to portray the word ‘love.’ Usingscheme which shows a consistent semiotics that relate to modern dayand neat layout. This is seen as technology means that they areappealing and improves the trying to also relate to the targetmagazines aesthetic quality. The audience who are seen as ause of block capitals makes the generation brought up onindividual stories and articles stand technology.out. The size of the font depend onthe importance of the article whichallows the customer to see themain story easier and be attractedto he magazine for this reason.
  2. 2. This magazine uses a large masthead font to grasp the attention of theThe colour scheme of the audience. The white font colourmagazine is very mature by being allows the masthead to stand outblack and white which suggests from the dark black background. Thethat the magazine is not for an masthead also includes a small pieceaudience below the age of 13. The of text saying “new” which is alsosemiotics behind the colour attention grasping as it is where thescheme include the yellow, that audiences eyes will first look to readintercepts the black and white, the title. The magazine cover includes a mainwhich implies that the contents is story image of a famous artist tonot boring and has a hint of make the magazine look morecraziness. exclusive for the target audience. The image is very large and even overlaps the masthead which makes the story stand out and suggests that the story is very important and worth the audience’s time. The image focus, the artist, is making eye contact with theThe font used around the camera and audience whichcover is in block capitals which subconsciously makes the story moremakes it stand out along with exclusive to the magazine. The focusits colour which helps it stand of the image is wearing dark clothes,out from the black this subconsciously makes thebackground. audience feel that in the interview with him, he has dark secrets.
  3. 3. This magazine cover looks more cluttered than most music magazines. This makes the audience think that the magazine The magazine uses a basic white andNME is a well known organisation has more content and is maybe red text colour scheme whichwhich when seen, is usually related better than the others for content doesn’t clash and ruin the coloursto music articles or stories. The quality. used in the image in the backgroundpopularity of the organisation of the magazine cover. The imagesmeans they can afford to have a colours are very neu6tral and are notsmaller masthead but still be too bright which allows the audiencerecognised as a big named to read the articles on the frontmagazine. The masthead is in the left corner and is not toonoticeable as it blends in with theother text on the cover. The image used to show a main story article is of a well knownThe large article name “AMY” music artist who appeals to allstands out more than any ages meaning the magazine couldother aspect of the magazine be for any age and background.cover which draws the The eye contact that the imagereader’s eyes to the main and shows makes the artist look moremost likely more interesting mysterious and dark, which couldarticle. entice the reader into finding out more.
  4. 4. The contents page of thismagazine is very clutteredand contains a lot ofinformation. The actual The title of the pagecontents list is located on the saying “contents” is in anvery far right of the contents easy to read and followspage which allows the page the consistent colourto also contain a lot of added scheme of the rest ofand extra information in the page.areas around it. The colour scheme on theThe images included in the contents page is consistentcontents relate to the stories and well displayed whichthat are further explained makes it look veryinside the magazine. They professional. The blackhave also used the contents which is used a lot on thispage to include extra page is seen as a suitableinformation about the colour due to themagazine. magazines genre which is hardcore and rock music.The page is laid out neatly sothe audience can easily locateand then find the story oftheir preference.
  5. 5. This magazines layout isfairly neat as it has a basicleft hand side text structure.The only other content thatthe page includes is apicture of an artist that is The font it has beenvery eye catching on the written in is basic butright hand side of the page. easy to read andThis image is very basic and understand, making italmost describes the sort of very beneficial as itgenre that he represents follows the neat layout of(punk) by having him with the rest of the page. Thishis tongue out. makes it aesthetically pleasing and easier toThe colour scheme is very navigate to locate theplain and almost boring contents the audiencebut is consistent and neat; wishes to also follows the samecolour scheme as theimage( re and black on thescarf).
  6. 6. This magazine has anaesthetically pleasing layoutand house style as it followsthe same colour schemethroughout and is laid out ineasy to read and understandfashion. The fonts that are includedThe title at the top of the on the contents page arecontents page relates to very basic but follow thethe name and colour consistent font that thisscheme of the rest of the magazine has throughoutmagazine which makes the to show look more consistent The white backgroundand professional. The allows the audience tocontents page has a design read the text easily whichwhich puts the contents list also helps them locate theon the left of the page and content of their choice.then has pictures relatingto the main stories that areincluded in the magazine.These large images allowthe audience to easilylocate and find the mainstory of their choice.
  7. 7. This double page spread contains a large image on the lefthand side and a lot of text on the right which is a goodlayout because it leaves room around the image foradditional information and then a whole page of room to fitthe main article and any other text etc. that the spread mayneed. There is a large masthead near the centre of the page The double page spread has awhich makes it obvious to the reader what the article is basic but very aestheticallyabout and also an extra information bar on the far right pleasing colour scheme which iswhich may have articles relating to the main one. made up of blue, white and black. The large image means that the font must be very small to fit all of the information on the single page, but the black font shows up very well on the white background and the white on the blue, therefore making it easy to read despite its small font.
  8. 8. This double page spread has a very dark background with a verylarge image and a lot of writing. The extremely space consumingimage causes the design to be laid out differently than if it wasnot included. The writing is very small to compensate for theimage and it is very densely spread out throughout the secondpage to give more room for the image. This font type makes itvery hard to read for some readers, especially with the whitefont colour on the dark black background. The magazine double page spreads colour scheme is black, pink and white which has semiotics relating to being wild as the article suggests and dark, which could relate to the article containing secrets. The image of the music artist has her half covering her face which could resemble her covering up a truth and/or hiding secrets which could interest people and make them read the article.
  9. 9. This magazine double page spread features a large image of the artiston the left page and a lot of writing about the article on the right.The large image means the writing needs to be a lot smaller to beable to fit the same amount of content in the article. The text is verybasic other than the large letter ‘J’ which is an aesthetically pleasingand clever image which relates to the artist. This however coulddistract the reader from the text and make it harder to read. The effects on the large image relate to the rest of the pages colour scheme and text colour. This also is aesthetically pleasing an can entice the audience even more if they see the bold image of the famous artist. On the image there is a caption from the text which could interest the reader and cause them to read the article.