Analysis of music magazines


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Analysis of music magazines

  1. 1. Analysis of MusicMagazinesFront Covers
  2. 2. Masthead – Red and the contrasting Central Image – EyeFeatures – This shows white stands out to the readers eye contact with the readerto the reader what else draws in the in the magazine. By Close up makes thehaving white text it image more personal. Ascontrasts well with the background is blackblack background, and Madonna is wearingstanding out. dark clothes her skin is lit up, making her stand Headline – Big and out. The fact that the bold text in red front cover is Madonna, colour, fitting in with a well-known musician the Masthead colour this also encourages the as well as contrasting reader to buy the with the black magazine. background making it stand out. Box – out – This helps the text stand out from Tag – this entices the reader the image and makes it to buy the magazine as they easier for the reader to feel they are gaining read it. something extra for their money. As this magazine is This front cover is striking with the red font colour and as targeted at males the fact the magazines brand identity is red it uses the colour that it is a ‘Women’ special well. The page is busy but not over crowded giving the may also make them buy reader everything that they need to know to entice them the magazine. into buying the magazine.
  3. 3. Masthead- Similar to Q The yellow text colour with red magazine. Using black, red outline adds another colour to the magazine which works as it By placing and white. As it is contrasts with the darker colours information in the abbreviated it adds a used. pugs, it makes the sense of ‘cool’ to the magazine look more reader. full of information. Features - The text forCentral Image - This takes features are also in yellow andup the whole front cover white font. There are a lot ofwhich is striking and draws band names with no morethe reader in. As the band is information which indicatesmaking direct eye contact that the reader needs to openwith the reader, this also the magazine to find out moredraws them in to looking at information, drawing them inthe magazine. Secondary Images – This isBox-Out - The red box out editing and cropped to allowallows the text and the image to fit the page andsecondary images to stand look visually pleasing.out to the reader. This magazine addresses the specific target audience for the magazine. The colours combined work well and makes it stand out on the page.
  4. 4. Masthead- is black and white Headline - Links in with the mainwhich stands out from all the article of the magazine.darker images. There is aspecial effect in the style of‘smashed’ which adds to the Central Image - This imagestereotypical rock style image. is positioned to the left allowing other text on the right. The artist is making Secondary Images- eye contact with the this adds more depth reader and as the image is to the front cover and a close up, the reader feels makes it look more that he is communicating busy and appealing to with you. The left hand the reader. side of the face is slightly shadowed which indicates to the reader he has a hidden secret to be revealed in the magazine. Tag – These words This draws the reader in to draws in readers to see what it is. see what else is in the magazine. I like this design however I do think that The orange text stands out from the orange does not link in with the rock the dark colours and is also used theme. On the other, Kerrang needs to as box outs behind white text. stand out from Q and NME
  5. 5. Analysis of MusicMagazinesContent Pages
  6. 6. Logo - This is Headline- This shows the Box out recurrent through reader what page they are out the magazine reading. but creates brand identity Numbers - these help to show the reader whichFeatures- This is the special page. As they are differentarticles that Q have. They are sizes they link the size oflinked to the front cover as the image.well. Secondary Images – These Text- The text is black and help to give the reader a red linking in with the visual on what else is in the colour theme of the magazine as well as linking magazine. to the descriptive contents text. This contents page is striking and links in with the colour theme of Q magazine. I Red- The colour theme is visual like the bar of red underneath each title through out the magazine. as it adds a sophisticated style to the magazine.
  7. 7. Headline- is different from other magazines with Logo – Seen on the front cover, like many ‘contents’. This makes it unique and stand out other magazines, and is seen on every other from other magazines. It is big and bold which page. stands out to the reader. Box Outs - As the boxText- is simple and is black the white textcategorised which helps the becomes morereader to not get confused. prominent and catchesIf they were it would the readers eye.discourage them fromreading the magazine. It isall one font which allows The colour theme stillthe reader to read it quickly links in with the frontand efficiently. cover which helps create Brand Identity. Special Offers- This encourages the reader to This contents page fits in with the keep buying the magazine. It is a good magazines rock theme as well as technique to use to ensure that readers keep adding special offers to encourage coming back. readers. I like this magazine as all the components stand out and are eye catching.
  8. 8. Headline- Uses orange text, linking in A letter from the editor is unique and with the text on the front cover. It is makes the magazine seem more personal small but simple in the right hand to the reader. corner, like a pug which allows the reader to flick through the magazine and picking this page quickly.Secondary Images-These allows thereader to see what Features – This shows whatelse is in the is in the magazine. Each hasmagazine. Each a page reference making itimage has a frame easy for the reader to find itbox which makes it in the magazine.stand out and adds a3d effect. This makesthe image catchy tothe readers eye. Box – Out - each title sub- title has orange text with a black box out allowing the text to stand out to the I don’t like this contents page. I don’t like the reader as well as drawing way it is laid out or the frame boxes around focus to what else is in the the images. magazine.
  9. 9. Analysis of MusicMagazinesDouble Page Spreads
  10. 10. Central Image - The image for this article has a grey Headline/Pug – The way they have positioned the title filter which creates a moody is different to what a reader normally expects and atmosphere. As it takes the because it is in the top right, when a reader flicks whole right hand side of the through the pages it is easy to spot. article it draws focus on to Lady Gaga and her article. Text- is simple and relevant size however enlarging the beginning of a new paragraph draws the readerEye-Contact – is crucial in and adds ato draw the reader in sophisticatedand make them feel mood.part of her life. The L shape links in with Q’s colour theme of red as This double page spread is simple but very well as drawing in the readers attention. It also links effective. I like it as it draws you in to in with the article and can be seen as a secondary reading it. headline
  11. 11. The colour theme is black red and Headline- is a quote from the article which white which is the brand identity draws in the reader to see what else they through out the whole magazine. have done. This creates familiarity to the reader The text is not when reading the magazine. big and the article is not long which allows theCentral Image - Is reader to feelrelated to the article accomplishmentand fits in with the after reading therock genre magazine spread. The images however Secondary Images - does add to the are used to add more article telling a depth and visual to story itself. The the article for the columns are wide reader. As it relates to which fits the the article it makes page well. the reader feel part of the band. There is no eye contact in any I like this article. The ‘moody’ images makes the photos which is article interesting and it draws me in. The colours different and adds a work really well and links in with the whole magazine. little distance.
  12. 12. The orange theme is apparent through Text- is all the same font with wideout the whole magazine which also columns. As the article is wellcreates brand identity. Standfirst- arranged all the components fit in introduces the article. line with the text making it flow well.Central Image - is Box – out dividesthe topic of the the page up andarticle. Direct eye makes it easier forcontact and their the reader to readfacial expressions the article. As it isare a little the same colour asunnerving however the theme it isit links in with the appropriate andtitle of the article by catchs the readers‘see’. eye. I think this article is really clever and links in with the rest of the Secondary Image- is similar to the magazine. It is visually striking and central image however it breaks the works well on the page. article up.