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Deactivate poster ideas


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Deactivate poster ideas

  1. 1. Deactivate Poster ideas
  2. 2. Idea 1 To show that this style of horror has the subgenre of psychological the poster could be similar to a puzzle. My initial idea was to create a poster that needed to be decoded. I would achieve this by creating a portrait poster filled with words associated with horror, however the tag line for our film is imbedded amongst the words but the tagline is red and in a larger font size. Whereas the rest of the individual words are in black and in a small font.
  3. 3. Idea 2 My second idea was to channel the slasher aspect of our trailer, I have chose to place a stock prop (knife) as people can easily identify with this object. For this poster the back ground would be black, with a large glistening knife. As the blood falls down the knife it reveals the word deactivate which is the title. The combination of black and red are common on posters as black is associated with darkness and evil, whist red is linked to death and murder.
  4. 4. Idea 3 My 3rd idea was to create a traditional poster, this would included a character and a prop. I have placed the character face in the middle with the title hanging over her head, in order to draw the audience in i have split the tag line either side of the character head to make it look like its her thoughts. For this poster the background would be black with white text as a contrast. For this poster I would have to look closely at lighting, as i don’t what the character to look like a floating body on a black backdrop.
  5. 5. Development of idea 3I have developed different character posters which was idea 3, these are some of thecharacter position that Im taking into consideration. This poster only shows half the characters face, it helps keep her full identity a secret. This poster creates a sense of mystery which enforces the subgenre of psychological. Also this character is staring straight into the camera so this poster should draw in the audience. Another character poster would be to have a pair of lips whispering into an ear. This shows that there is something hidden, this makes the audience want to find out the secret enticing them to watch the film. By only showing a few feature of the character the viewer are left in the dark as to who the character is. The sense of unknowing makes the viewer want to watch the film.