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Mixmag analysis 2


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Mixmag analysis 2

  1. 1. Colour Schemes – Colours used are pink, white and black. This suggests the genre dance music. The colour scheme is less serious so they can target a younger audience. The colours are bright and stand out against other music magazines which are usually black, white and red. With the colours been so bright the magazine could of come out in summer time.Photography – The picture Writing style – For a fronthas been taken in a studio, cover there is quite a lot ofthis is normal for a magazine writing on it. It is also quitefront cover. It also shows small which is also unusual, aswho the main feature is in they uses it to get people tothe magazine. a close mid buy the magazine. Howevershot has been used. His the colour of the texts makespose is natural looking, but it it stand out so that could beis hard to tell with the used to attract people. Thesunglasses on. It looks like text on the cover tell peoplesomeone has caught him what is going to be in theunaware, yet he still looks magazine, this is likely tocool and relaxed. The main make people buy it especiallyfocus is on his face as his if they see things that theywhite jacket blends into the really want to read. There is abackground making it the lot of competitions on thelarger object. His yellow t- cover, this gives the readershirt also stands out and chance to live the ultimatemakes the image bright. We clubbing life. The readingcan tell what kind of level is easy to the majority ofmagazine it is from the image and what he is wearing. We wouldn’t the target audience can readexpect such bright colours or sunglasses to be worn on a rock magazine it.front cover suggesting it is a dance/clubbing magazine.
  2. 2. Overall Look – The overall look to the magazine is edgy and fun. The bright colours make the magazinelook interesting and fun. The slanted text and image make the magazine different from others and gives itan edge. We can tell that it is a dance and clubbing magazine from the way it looks.Text / picture ratio – Ithink the text/picture Fonts – The masthead isratio is about 50/50 . done in a different text,There is one big picture which is large, bold andon the cover this gives the bubbly. This gives us anmagazine which is normal indication that it is afor magazine covers to dance/clubbing magazinehave but it is surrounded as it doesn’t look a lot of text. Most The text changes for themagazine covers don’t rest of the magazine. It ishave much text on them thin, modern and lookshowever this one does. graphic. This fits in wellThey could of done this with the target audience asbecause they want people they like to be up to dateto buy the magazine and if with the latest phones andthey have more IPods. The colour of theinformation about the fonts are the colourmagazine then they could scheme and stand outbe more likely to buy it. against the image.
  3. 3. Colour Scheme – Different colour have been used on the contents page. The yellow from his top hasbeen used, but the pink colour isn’t so bright. The black and white has continued, which is the main baseof the colour scheme the other colours have been added to make it interesting and stand out.Photography – Studio andlocation images have been usedin the contents. This indicatesthat they are the main story. Theother images seem to be moregraphic this is expect in adance/clubbing magazine. In thelarger images the people areposing in them, the smallerimages seem natural or don’thave people in them. Theimages seem to have a lotcolour to them, making themlively which relates to the genreof magazine. The two lads arewearing baseball hats withbrightly coloured clothes thiswouldn’t be seen in a rock/popmagazine, neither would what Writing style – The writing is telling us what is going to be in thethe girl is wearing. The way the magazine. There isnt much but it is informative.pose is also different to arock/pop magazine .
  4. 4. Overall look – The look to the contents page is young. The type of fonts, images, what they are wearingand the lack or writing suggests this it also show who they are trying to target. Text/picture ratio – On this page there is more images to text. This is the least amount of writing I have seen on a contents page which suggest that the reading level of the magazine is quite low. With it been a dance/clubbing magazine the readers are probably more interested in what the people are wearing, how they look and what the latest gadget is so they prefer to look at images instead of reading text. This is how theyFonts – The fonts used for text and page numbers are very modern design their magazine to fitand graphical which fits in with. The page numbers are in a larger size their target audience.which suggests their importance.
  5. 5. Colour scheme – colours used on this page are black and white with a bit of pick, this stands outagainst the other colours. The pink colour shows that it is a dance/clubbing magazine as a rockmagazine is more likely to use red black and white. This magazine hasn’t used the same colour schemeall the way through therefore it doesn’t have a specific identity and probably changes it every time anew magazine come out.Photography – The picturehas been taken in a studio. Thepose is something that peopledo naturally but they way he islooking into the camerasuggests that it is posed. He iswearing a jacket, tie and shirt.This makes him smart, but thewhite jacket takes the showsthat he isn’t that serious. Theyhave used a full page for theimage and only one which isstrange on a double pagespread that would normallyhave more than one image ofhim. There is anther image onthe other page in with thetext, however it isn’t him andsmall which shows that it can’t Writing style – They have written a paragraph explaining bit aboutbe that important. Dizzee Rascal and then done a question and answer style. This has taken away some class to the magazine. In the other magazine they have set it out in a different way.
  6. 6. Overall look – Compared to the other magazines that I have analysed this page doesn’t look thatserious and doesn’t have as much class. However this is better because of the genre of magazine it is. Itdoes give us a impression that it is about a rapper this could be because of the image and text used. Text/picture ratio – The text picture ratio is quite equal on this page. The text takes up one side of the page and the image the other. It is quite unusual for the text and images to be quale as in most magazine they tend to take up more space with images. There is quite a lot of writing on the page but it is broken up by questions and then the answers to them questions. I thought there would have been more images on the page than there is.Fonts – The fonts are simple, modern and bold. This is so it fits in withthe target audience. The size is quite small so they can fit all thewriting on one page.