Hues legacy chapter 1


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Hues legacy chapter 1

  1. 1. Welcome to a new joint legacy, written by me (Taube/Roxanne) andmeadowthayer/Haleigh. Our founder is Neon Hues, pictured above.She has rainbow eyes that we’ll be trying to pass down throughout thefamily. Neon is an Aries with a personality of 6/8/5/0/6, so she takeseverything deadly serious but she’s pretty outgoing and kind of averageeverywhere else. She’s a pleasure/knowledge sim with the lifetimewant to have 50 dream dates. Joy. Her turn-ons are red hair and goodcooks.
  2. 2. I’m starting Neon in college. As you can see, she’s a natural blonde,but she prefers hair that matches her name. She claimed her roomin the dormitory. The first order of business is finding someone tohave some dream dates with.
  3. 3. We’re using the matchmaker ball to choose a spouse. It gives youfive top chemistry matches and then teleports the one you chooseto your lot. What I didn’t realize is it teleports the chosen sim rightnear your sim, so this dude wound up in the women’s bathroomwith Neon. Whoops. He was a Kennedy face so I had Neon saygoodbye to this guy that she had like 5 relationship points with, sothey make out. Sure.
  4. 4. Neon’s next date, Sinjin Couderc, is in the know on how he got there,probably in no small part because he didn’t end up in the women’sbathroom. That is a little confusing.
  5. 5. Sinjin’s not bad. I’ve always thought this face template was kindof cute, and certainly not as bad as some of the puffy-faced fuglyones that we all know and love. After a little chatting andestablishing that they had two bolts, Neon asks Sinjin on a dateand he happily accepts.
  6. 6. Of course, since they couldn’t get to romantic socials yet,they had to deal with Neon’s stupid pleasure sim wants.Sinjin got to follow Neon around as she watched TV and litfires in various places. They went to a college store and ofcourse Neon wants to light a fire and do other things thathave nothing to do with her date. And yet she wants 50 ofthese. Great.
  7. 7. By the end of their first date, they’re ready to kiss and they had a dream date.One down, forty-nine to go. *headdesk* You may be wondering why I startedwith a pleasure sim when they drive me so nuts. Well, it’s like this. When Imade Neon, I thought up a backstory in my mind that she’s a genius studentwho everyone urges to go on to grad school, but instead she decides toimpetuously go live on the lawn and pop out babies. Haleigh and I agreedthat pleasure/knowledge matched the story, so pleasure it is. Plus I do likethe challenge, no matter how much I may complain. ;)
  8. 8. Just for kicks, I had her check outthe other three potential suitors.One of them was the grandvampire, and he wasn’t bad thougha little pointy. I was feeling shy ofthose kinds of faces after theMcManias, so I decided to stick withSinjin. He may have a large nose,but how bad could it be?
  9. 9. Since she has no skill points anddoes need to actually graduatecollege in between dates, Neonspends some time studying up onvarious skills and doing collegework.
  10. 10. Once that bar is full, however, she spends all her time datingSinjin. They finally get their relationship high enough to woohoo,and making them have dream dates gets much easier.
  11. 11. Hey, Sinjin! Come back with those flowers!I was going to see how many bouquets Neon could collect, butSinjin took the bouquet with him when he left the lot, insteadof leaving it by the door, three different times. How rude.
  12. 12. After a freshman year’s worth of grants, working in the cafeteria,and a few gifts from Sinjin, Neon earns enough money to moveout of the dorm and onto her own little lot. She’s got anextremely cheap one-room house.
  13. 13. Life in her new home means changes for Neon. She startswork on getting her gold flower-arranging badge so we canget some snapdragons. She also spends a fair amount oftime cleaning up after Sinjin, who likes to catch butterfliesand then leave them all over the house to die.
  14. 14. Sinjin is a romance sim, and he sometimes got the fear to getengaged to Neon, and she never rolled any wants for it at all, so Ihad Neon propose when Sinjin didn’t fear it. Not the mostromantic proposal, but you’ve got to do what’s convenient, Iguess.
  15. 15. After their engagement, Sinjin gets a new hairstyle. He looks prettyokay. He’s got lots of dominant genetics so we definitely won’t beseeing any blond babies this generation.
  16. 16. Vooooo Gerbits!That’s another date.
  17. 17. Neon actually gets a fair bit done in between dates. Shekeeps up with all of her skills for classes and even reaches topculinary enthusiasm just by skilling. She also reaches thezone in arts and crafts while making snapdragons.
  18. 18. Finally Neon graduates and the time has come to head back toDesiderata. She had a 4.0 of course, and had completed 30 dates,making her more than halfway done with her LTW.
  19. 19. Back at the new lawn house, Neon gets dressed in somenew duds, fixes her hair, and starts birdwatching in adesperate attempt to pretend she did not just move outinto the middle of nowhere, on an empty lot, with only$1500 to her name, plus one snapdragon that I let herkeep from college. She also kept a piano that Sinjin gaveher as a gift in her inventory, but I’m not letting her use ituntil the first week is up so that we get the full extremestart effect.
  20. 20. When the newspaper finally comes, Neon finds a job in Education.I’m not sure her future kids will appreciate being stuck at thebookcase, but I’m looking forward to it.
  21. 21. Although she couldn’t invite him to move in for a week, Neonkept going on dates with Sinjin to keep her mood up and towork inexorably towards her goal. He kept leaving expensivepresents, which soon allowed her to build an unpainted,unfloored shelter.
  22. 22. After only a few dates, Neonhas a better bed and a deskfor Mr. Humble’s computer.Before long, the house is built– with two rooms this time! –and is even able to bepainted and floored inside.Neon can even afford lightsand a second chair for herchess table. Things arelooking up!
  23. 23. And yet, there is trouble. Why the pained look, Neon?“Why is this house so orange?”I was going for, you know, the neon look. But instead it just looksgarish. I guess I’m not as good at decorating with bright colors as Ithought.
  24. 24. Neon’s last night alone beforeshe can invite Sinjin to movein is an eventful one. Aburglar comes but luckilyNeon had thought to buy aburglar alarm and the policeofficer catches her and winsthe fight. It didn’t help thatthe insurance money wasn’tenough to buy back thestolen chess table, though.
  25. 25. Still fuming over the previous evening, Neon invites Sinjin overexactly one week after she moved onto the lawn. Time to gethitched! Sinjin regularly rolls a fear of marriage on dates, so Idecided not to let them have a date while they get married.Surprisingly, although Neon never rolled any wants for engagementor marriage, Sinjin once rolled a want to marry Neon and I’ve keptit locked ever since. At least one of them will get some points outof the wedding!
  26. 26. In view of the Desiderata coast, Neon and Sinjin say their vows.Neon was so busy in college thatshe only made one friend besidesSinjin, and that person didn’t getinvited, so it was a very privatelittle wedding. Still, the petalsfell, they kissed, and became Mr.and Mrs. Neon Hues.
  27. 27. There’s that romance sim! So Sinjin is romance with a secondaryaspiration of popularity. His personality is 5/5/3/8/4 and his turn-ons are blondes and hard workers. Interestingly, when asked “Doyou like what you see?” he seems to think (and approve of) thatNeon is blonde. Anyway, his turn-off is formal wear, so I guessNeon was least attractive to him during their wedding.
  28. 28. Sinjin’s lifetime want is to become a Professional Party Guest. Iwas most relieved it wasn’t something hard. Unfortunately, thejob never seems to come up in the newspaper or the computer.Also, notice Neon there has gotten in the zone in games. I don’tknow what it is, but she really is good at getting into hobbies.
  29. 29. I thought about having Neon finish her lifetime want before theystarted having kids, but she had spent a week of her life unmarriedand childless already. I can only handle so many dates in a day(because they get sooooo boring after about the 20 mark) and itwould take too long to finish before they could start having kids.
  30. 30. All that date woohoo takes effect and Neon is soon expecting theirfirst child.
  31. 31. What’s wrong, Sinjin?“Why is this house so orange?! Also, I stuck my hand through this hideous wall.”Oh, shut it.“Seriously, though. I have the flu. I got it from work. Maybe I should stay home.”Too bad. You’re going to work anyway since you’re still only a drive-thru clerk.
  32. 32. Thankfully, Sinjin doesn’t seem to fear the imminent arrival of hisspawn, which is good, as Neon is heavily pregnant. Once he got overthe flu, he was even willing to pat Neon’s belly, only once I told himto, of course. Otherwise he just wants to kiss and flirt with her.
  33. 33. The birth comes in the middle of the night. Like many a smittensim before him, Sinjin wakes up just in time to observe that he isattracted to his wife before groaning and clenching in terror.
  34. 34. Despite his fears, everything goes as planned and Neonsuccessfully delivers their first baby.
  35. 35. What’s this? The baby is blond. Sinjin must be dyeing his hair andsecretly be blond too, or possibly a redhead, I suppose.Anyway, meet baby boy Cerulean. He’s blond, S2, and has Neon’srainbow eyes. All the kids in this legacy will be named after colors.Cerulean is my favorite Crayola crayon, so I had to use it first.
  36. 36. In Cerulean’s early days, his parents pay him plenty of attention.Shortly after his birth, all three members of the family went outsideand I built them a new, larger house so that Ceru could have his ownnursery instead of being stuck in the single main room. However, Itried again with the colorful walls thing, each room a different color,and the house turned out frightfully ugly, so I never took any picturesof it. You’ll just have to guess how it looked from the backgrounds ofpictures. ;)
  37. 37. In their new bedroom, which now has a horrid pink safari print wallinstead of a horrid orange paint, Neon and Sinjin get started on babynumber two.
  38. 38. As you can see, the orange paint has been relegated to thebathroom, which Neon has made filthy with her relentless puking.I don’t remember what she’s getting aspiration points for in thispicture, but it was probably date related. On that note, did youknow that throwing up significantly decreases date score? Note toself: no more dates while Neon’s in the first trimester.
  39. 39. Sinjin didn’t arrive with an abundance of skills so he studies to dobetter in the culinary career while waiting for the slacker careerto appear on the computer. Neon, who dated or arrangedflowers 90% of her waking time in college, also needs lots ofskilling to advance in the education track.
  40. 40. Soon enough, it’s Ceru’s birthday and his happy parents gatherfor a small party in their cramped kitchen.
  41. 41. Hmm. Someone definitely got his Daddy’s nose. It doesn’t look thatgreat on his face, but maybe he’ll grow into it.Ceru is active, mean, and playful, with a personality of 5/5/9/8/1. EvenSinjin has a few nice points so it’s a little surprising to see such a meanlittle toddler.
  42. 42. Ceru begins learning all his toddler skills from his parents, oneby one.
  43. 43. Meanwhile, Neon is pregnant again, just as planned. This pregnancywent a lot smoother, and no dates were attempted while she was inthe pukey stage.
  44. 44. “Why?! Why is this room so pink?! What is wrong with you?”Sorry, Sinjin. Just pay attention for a moment, will you?
  45. 45. Baby number two is named Cobalt, another boy. He has S1 skin butotherwise has the same genetics as his older brother.
  46. 46. Although she doesn’t look too pleased about it, Neon justtopped the education career for a cool 15,000 points.Out the window you can see Samantha Ottomas, a playable.Apparently she’s pregnant. She comes home with Neon all thetime and waddles around the house. It’s quite amusing.
  47. 47. Shortly thereafter, Neon finishes maxing her skills. Now if wecould just get those dates finished too.
  48. 48. It’s not that they’re not trying.It’s just that dates take so muchmicro-management, andbesides the regular distractionsof work and sleep, there’s alsoCeru to take care of. Still, theyget in a date on most days andNeon creeps closer to her goal.
  49. 49. Ceru gets plenty of attention from his parents and it isn’t long beforehe’s making best friends with them.
  50. 50. With a toddler and a baby already in the house, the final child ofthe generation is on the way.
  51. 51. Neon and Sinjin paintedportraits of each other, butthis is the last you’ll see ofthem. When I later rebuilttheir ugly house, I accidentlytore down the wall they wereon without removing themfirst and didn’t realize untilmuch later. Whoops.
  52. 52. Ceru and Cobalt’s birthdays fall on the same day and onceagain their parents have a small celebration in the kitchen.There’s only one free counter so they have to take turns.
  53. 53. Here’s Cerulean. He’s . . . still got a big nose. I don’t understandwhy exactly, but it looks so much worse on him than on his father.
  54. 54. And here’s Cobalt. He’s also got the big nose but he got Neon’slips instead of Sinjin’s. Cobalt’s personality is 5/5/3/8/4. Nicerthan his brother, Cobalt also is much lazier.
  55. 55. Neon and Sinjin continuetheir dates. In betweentelling dirty jokes andwoohooing, they talk abouttheir upcoming baby. Willthey finally get a girl?
  56. 56. Cobalt and Ceru need theirparents’ teaching, but itisn’t long before Cobalt’stalking and Ceru is doinghis homework efficiently.Unfortunately for thechildren’s psyches, most ofthe education happenswhile their parents aretraipsing around in theirunderwear.
  57. 57. Days at this point were kind of boring with not much toreport. Neon and Sinjin went on dates, Neon gestated,and the boys played and skilled.
  58. 58. Finally, with the birth of her third child imminent, Neon completesher lifetime want of having 50 dream dates. By this point, Sinjin hadfinally found a job in the slacker career so maybe he’ll be permaplattoo before too long.
  59. 59. The Hues spend plenty of timeinteracting with each other.Despite being mean, Cerufrequently wants to play withhis little brother. For his part,Cobalt is very good at pullingadults away from their tasks toread to him. Not sure a storyabout a toilet is the best idea,but Cobalt seems into it.
  60. 60. This poorly-framed picture shows you two thing: how terrible the colorscheme of the house is, and that Sinjin decided to watch the final birthfrom another room entirely. Ceru and the mechanical hobby guy actuallywitnessed it though. If you look closely, you’ll see there’s already a babylying on the ground (since Sinjin wasn’t there to receive it) and Neon isstill pushing. That’s because . . .
  61. 61. Neon decided to go and havetriplets! Yay? There are twoboys, S1 Sky and S2 Indigo, plusan S2 girl, Azure. Finally they gottheir little girl, but there’s twomore brothers, too! All threebabies have blond hair andrainbow eyes.
  62. 62. Where in the world will we put three babies in their ugly littlehouse? Tune in next time to watch the triplets, Cobalt, and Cerugrow up, to see if I can get Sinjin to his LTW before I ship them off toHaleigh, and whether they’ll ever get a color-coordinated house. Asalways, please stop by SiMania to visit! <3 Thank you for reading!