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GFN News


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GFN News

  1. 1. Volume 6, Number 11 November 2011 Globetrotting Brother Tofique at home again from Texas, Massachusets, and Rome Dear Brother Fabius, It was great to meet you in Rome. Thank you for taking your time off. I am attaching the photos we took. Dear Ellisbhai, It was a thrilling experience for me to meet Brother Fabius in Rome and Brother Leo Scott in Houston. Two old friends of many years, whom I was lucky to meet for the first time. WWFR Tofique Texas 2011 (Left to Right): Sheila Scott Gulbanu Fatehi Leo Scott Tofique Fatehi Rome 2011: Fabio Pogelli (Left) Tofique Fatehi (Right)PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressor
  2. 2. Volume 6, Number 12 December 2011 India EllisBhai, Thanks for the Nov GFN Newsletter, which I have posted to my list. While in Massachusettes, I visited a PH lodge in Boston. Bro. Fred Milliken (now in Texas ) arranged for my introductions. I attended the Widow Son Lodge in Dorchester (south Boston ). I am attaching a picture of me with the WM - Dexter McKenzie (in top-hat), with me on his left, and the SW - Otis Sams on his right, and the JW - Linus Eyong on my left. I would be pleased if you can include this picture in the next issue of GFN Newsletter, if that is OK with you and the editorial board. WWFR TofiquePDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressor
  3. 3. Volume 7, Number 1 January 2012 INDIA Crossing the Tropic of Cancer - deliberately and knowingly Dear all, I have crossed the Tropic of Cancer many times, but only day before yesterday, I did it knowingly. Last Tuesday/Wednesday I had gone to a small remote village in Rajasthan called Galiakot, whre there is a Mausoleum of one of our saints. Left early in the morning by the Super-fast train (Shatabdi Express) for Ahmedabad which is normally a 9 to 10 hour journey, but the Superfast takes 7 hours. Reached Ahmedabad at lunch time, had lunch and immediately left by a private air-conditioned cab for Galiakot, which took 5 hours. It was a scenic rural drive with no big towns, only small towns and villages. Just after crossing the Gujarat-Rajasthan border, we saw a sign about the Tropic of Cancer. Reached Galiakot just after sundown, paid homage to the saint buried there - and had our sumptous dinner (free to all the pilgrims who come there - breakfast/lunch/dinner are all free all the year round - and very mouth watering dishes - unlimited quantity too). Spent the night at the mausoleum campus - there are about 500 rooms in the complex - single bed/double bed - with and without AC. and very well kept and maintained. The charges depend on the category of the rooms. Plus there are two huge halls, one for men and the other for ladies, who cannot afford the rooms - and which can accomodate upto 200 people each. The charges for that are just 15 Rupees (roughly 30 cents) per head per day. The free food is for all the pilgrims. Next early morning we had our breakfast and paid our homage once again and left for Ahmedabad. On the way back, we were all looking out for the Tropic of Cancer signpost, and we had told the driver to stop at that sign so we could take photos, which we did. And from Ahmedabad, again by Shatabdi Express back to Mumbai, on Wednesday night. It all took 40 hours, of which 24 hours were spent in travelling! On reaching home, we just hit the bed and slept till late next motning. Thats the story. WWFR Tofique ***PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressor
  4. 4. B RIDGING THE GAPH T T P : / / WW W . PH O E NIXM A S O NR Y . O R G / BR IDG ING _ T HE _ G A P . HT M On the evening of November 26, 2011, Redeemer Lodge # 53 made history. This daymarks the first such occasion when a sitting Grand Master from the Grand Lodge ofMichigan has ever sat in a tyled lodge under the Most Worshipful Prince Hall GrandLodge of Michigan. It turns out that included in those 29 guests were the Grand Wardensalong with several appointed Grand Lodge officers. Stories of Prince Hall & Mainstream interaction are popping out everywhere. And thebeautiful aspect of it all is that there is great appreciation and joy at this intermingling.Brotherly love and affection prevail and every moral and social virtue cements Brothersof different traditions. The Beehive reported recently the story of the Mainstream Grand Master of Michigan visiting a Prince HallLodge with many of his Michigan Brethren in “Bridging The Gap.” The latest example of this joyous crossvisitation comes from a personal friend, Brother Tofique Fatehi from Mumbai, India. Brother Fatehi and I meton the Global Fraternal Network in the late 90s. Soon, thereafter, Brother Fatehi journeyed to Massachusettsto visit his son who is living here. When an opportunity to see the Paul Revere Colonial Degree Team performin Southern Maine arose, Tofique took the opportunity to accompany us and see US Mainstream Masonry. Tofique returned this fall for another family visit and got in touch with me to see about visiting a Prince HallLodge in Massachusetts. I turned him over to the capable hands of Worshipful Jim Bennette of the GrandLodge of Massachusetts, another good friend who has a strong relationship with Massachusetts Prince Hall. Tofique reports in the Global Fraternal Network newsletter: “While in Massachusetts I visited a PH Lodge inBoston. Bro. Fred Milliken (now in Texas) arranged for my introductions. I attended the Widow Son Lodge inDorchester (South Boston).” Tofique reports that they rolled out the red carpet for him and he had a great time and was impressed by theirritual & knowledge. All this goes to show that it is time now for all the old barriers to be taken down. We are in the second decadeof the 21st century and the manner in which different races and cultures have heretofore interacted is a thing ofthe past. The future brings us all closer together in brotherly love and affection. So let us all do our part to see that the state of Freemasonry in the world opens up into a celebration of its di-versity and a new age of the expression of what Freemasonry truly exemplifies.Bro. Fred Milliken Your Editor, W. Ellis Mills, (a/k/a etfromstar187); GFN Conventions Master W. James Markwalder, (a/k/a James ofStar 187); and GFN Staff Administrator W. John R. Nicholas Sr. (a/k/a John R.) were also present at the Paul RevereColonial Degree Team performance in southern Maine and met Bro Tofique there for the first time after manyvirtual meetings in the GFN.Jim Markwalder and I first met Bro. Fred Milliken in October 2003 when he portrayed Squire Bentley in the MasonicPlay “A Rose Upon the Altar” at a meeting of Mayflower Lodge AF & AM, and Quittacus Lodge AF & AM whenthey hosted a British Invasion, a visit from Stanstead Abbotts Lodge # 9085. On that occasion we also first met W.Ralph W. Staples of Blue Hill Lodge AF & AM, GFN Rep for MA