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Content Analysis

  1. 1. Media Homework By: Matthew Miller
  2. 2. Introduction • The magazine that I have looked up is NME Magazine, which is a based on celebrities, musicians, music and entertainment in and around the music industry. However the target audience of this magazine is mostly to directed at teenagers and adults and the concept of the age groups are 16-20 and ending off from the ages of 30- over who would constantly read the magazine. Different age groups that read the NME Magazine? 30-over 26-30 21-25 16-20
  3. 3. Target audience theory • The target audience that the NME Magazine is it is gender of its audience that read the magazine and depending on the context of pages including headlines and images to its audience, whether it be male or female. Gender of audiences Male Female
  4. 4. Religion of audience • The religion of its audience has a different varieties of Christians, Catholics, Muslims and others that mostly the NME Magazine. Types of religions of the audience that read the NME Magazine? Catholics Christians Muslims Others
  5. 5. The target audience interest in hobbies? • The audience that the NME Magazine directly aims for has a different oppressions within its hobbies. Interest of hobbies Music Computer games Clothing wear Others
  6. 6. The different types of race groups • The audience of its race that read the magazine are all different types from White, Black, Asians and others, but the NME Magazine has a standard of where there would want to engaged with their audience depending on the variety of music or entertainment. Race groups of audience Whites Blacks Asians Others
  7. 7. Context analysis: NME Magazine How many pages does the product advertising take up? Adverts • Sonic editions- The festival collection takes up one page. • Halo- The computer game advert takes up four pages • Rapper Big Sean interview takes up one two pages • The UK biggest music festivals takes up one page Features • Its about Haim feature takes up one page • Paul McCarthy feature takes up one page • 18 Albums to get excited about takes up two pages • 26 of the grossest band names ever heard takes up one page • 30 of the most hilarious misheard lyrics takes up one page Listings Wretch 32 plays Durex intimate gig at glee club takes up one page • Plan B London O2 shepherds bush performance takes up one page • Befestival concert takes up one page • Bournemouth music festival takes up one page • Glastonbury 2014 features takes up one page • 60 awesome photos top get you in the Glastonbury spirit feature takes up one page