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Creacos intro


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Creacos intro

  1. 1. Creacos: The Creative Commandoes Creativity training for results A quick view 1
  2. 2. They ask: Who do you follow? We say: We are the original! The Creative Commandoes The ‘Thinking through the approach to creativity: sphere’ system Creativity and innovation Thinking out of the box is an begins with a mindset. So, we old metaphor. And a very begin with the fundamentals. inefficient one when it comes to real life situations. Our training programmes are based on deep mental We follow our own: thinking training. We use NLP and through the sphere model Rajyoga based mental which makes idea generation techniques to make sure the a breeze. learning is rooted deep down. Not to mention, the ideas are The step by step method relevant, doable and makes it easy and fun to implementable! acquire the creative habits and the mindset. 2
  3. 3. Our Training Programmes Creative Tool Kit Idea Machine A great 1 day managerial An intense approach to development programme for innovative thinking. Focus is on busy executives: Who feel the paradigm shifting ideas for need for fresh approaches in project leaders, innovation tough competitive environment. champions, engineers,HR Read More professionals. Read More Workshop Leader: Puneet Bhatnagar. Known for Inspiring, thought provoking sessions on creativity and innovation. A certified NLP trainer and creativity expert. Read More 3
  4. 4. Creative Tool Kit“New ideas and approaches can help my team do better, but theschedules are so tight, there is no time to stop and think!”The Creative Tool Kit: is designed to help managers and their teams intoday’s competitive scenario. Every single element in the workshop isgeared to get quick ideas and approaches for the workplace.Workshop Design:Its a 1 day (8 Hrs) training module. In this training programme we laythe ground for creative mindset. And then work on various creativityenhancing tools and techniques.We take the participants through our unique ‘spherical thinking’approach to make idea generation a spontaneous and continuosprocess. 4
  5. 5. Case studies, examples and applications of these techniques in work lifewill make concepts clear and convincing for the participants.This process takes the myth out of creative thinking, accelerates theidea generation, and create a sense of confidence in the participants.The executives will learn:•Effective ways of approaching a problem / situation• Transforming the problem to opportunity state.•Creating practical ideas for real life solutions•They will work with a matrix which will help them to use these tools in their work life.•Continuous guidance for their creative development.5Who should attend:Its a great managerial development programme for:•Team leaders.•Key members of project teams•Engineers•HR professionals•Sales and marketing executivesHow Creative Tool Kit experience will affect theparticipants and the organization:• Participants will know they ARE creative. They will be able to go beyond years of mental conditioning.•They will know more can be achieved with same resources•They will be able to incorporate creative thinking in daily routines•They will be able to use powerful idea generation techniques•They will generate new ideas, fresh approaches.•They will be able to discover hidden potential in their environment. 5
  6. 6. Idea Machine"Its a whole new approach to creative thinking."Idea Machine is a complete idea management system.This workshop is all about practical creativity!We have modeled creative geniuses from inventors to entrepreneurs.From big corporates to individual mavericks. And culled out the best.This learning is integrated, distilled and presented as:A step-by-step system in a unique format!It draws from the creative masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Wrightbrothers, as well as from modern silicon valley entrepreneurs.This is the most comprehensive creative thinking programme you willcome across. 8
  7. 7. Delivery Mechanism:2 days of high intensity, hands - on idea generation and ideadevelopment training with a passionate trainer. Someone who iscracking ideas in real life situations for last 20 years!Guided visualizations : Specially created for this workshop helpsparticipants to get in touch with their deep creative resources.Creative games: Helps them get the big picture while having all the fun!Audio visual presentations: Power packed learning in a short time.Specially created softwares: These will help participants to carry theworkshop learning into real life.Successful case studies: Learning from real life. How the creativestrategies are being used by successful people in all ages.Who should attend?Recommended for Innovation Champions, project leaders, team leaders,engineers, future leaders, HR professionals.How Idea Machine will affect the participants and theorganization:•Participants will know they ARE creative. They will be able to go beyond years of mental conditioning.•They will know more can be achieved with same resources•They will be able to incorporate creative thinking in daily routines•They will be able generate new ideas and develop them.•They will be able to discover hidden potential in their environment.•It will help the organization to achieve better ROI on current resources, at the same time participants will have a system to create game changing ideas. 9
  8. 8. Workshop Leader: Puneet BhatnagarPuneet Bhatnagar : Creative CommandoPuneet Bhatnagar is the chief faculty at Creacos: The CreativeCommandoes. He is known for innovative training modulesand inspiring training approach.He has trained a wide array of participants from CEOs to IIT students,from media experts to engineers, He is also a creative consultant toMumbai dabbawalas. 10
  9. 9. He has trained people in advertising, media, manufacturing, finance,sales and marketing areas. He is a mechanical engineering graduate, an MBA in marketing and alife -long student in the university of life.Puneet is also a certified NLP trainer, certified by NFNLP, Florida,USA. World over NLP is being used by leaders like Bill Clinton andBarrack Obama, Olympic champions,, business executives, motivationalspeakers, and master salesmen.Now, Puneet is applying it to enhance the individual and groupcreativity. The application of NLP and Rajyoga mind techniques makehis training uniqeHere are more details about Puneet:CREATIVE HEAD: STAR NEWSPunito was part of the think tank that launched Star News in Hindi. Hecreated the positioning of the channel:STAR NEWS. APKO RAKHE AGEYCREATIVE DIRECTOR: BATES ASIA, MUMBAIHe has wide experience in many product categories. Like consumerdurables, FMCG, and entertainment communication.His work has earned him Promex, The international media award. Hiscampaigns are also displayed in the show case of Indian advertising.Some of his well-known campaigns are:NAU BAJ GAYE KYA? For Star Plus’ famous program: KAUN BANEGA CROREPATIMAINE DESH KA NAMAK KHAYA HAIfor Tata SaltHAR JEB ME RANG!For Nokia colour display phones 11
  10. 10. All of us have anIdea Factoryrunning inside us.What we need isa punch card!How to 12