Summer Holiday Task Yr 7 ABS


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Summer Holiday Task Yr 7 ABS

  1. 1. Summer Holiday Study Programme for New Students at Acland Burghley School Name: ____________________________ Tutor: ____________________________ We hope that you have a very good summer holiday and that you are looking forward to starting in Year 7 at Acland Burghley School in September. You will of course want to do as well as you can in your classes when you start and the best thing that you can do to help yourself with this, is to read during the summer holidays. We have given you two summer project tasks to do – try to complete them both to the best of your ability and hand them in to your tutor on your first day in September. TASK 1: Creative project TASK 2: Read at least 3 fiction books TASK 3: Keeping a Media Diary Investigation PLEASE SEE NEXT PAGE FOR INSTUCTIONS
  2. 2. TASK 1: Creative Project For this task you can do one of the following:  a story  a poem  a diary  a play  a photo diary / series of photographs  an art project (a series of pictures – these can be drawings or paintings or other styles of art) If it is a piece of writing, your project should be at least a page of neat writing on A4 paper or you can do it on the computer if you like. The themes that you can choose are:  my summer holidays  my favourite place  where my family is from  what my home will be like when I am twenty-five Please take care over this project – there will be a prize for the most creative projects that are handed in on the first day of term. PLEASE SEE NEXT PAGE FOR TASK 2
  3. 3. TASK 2: Read at least 3 fiction books and write a review for one of them. You could follow the plan below or create your own. PLEASE SEE NEXT PAGE FOR TASK 3
  4. 4. TASK 3: Create a Media Diary In this task you will create a diary of all the different media you have watched, read, listened or played over a one-week period. You will need to keep the results in a chart to keep a log of all the different media based activities you are doing. Try to add as much detail as possible. Your chart might look something like this: Watch Min Read Min Listen Min Play Min Social Min Monday Media Diary CBBC Soaps 90 30 Silverfin 60 MP3 20 Xbox 60 BBM 60 Tuesday Wednesd ay Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday You will total up all the minuets and work out as a percentage how much time you spend with the media every day. Use the following calculation to work it out: 2(hrs) ÷ 24 (hrs) x 100 = 8.3% (of the day) The last bit of the task asks you to compare your media usage with that of an adult and one of your friends and provide a written response to the following questions: 1. How does my Media compare with other people? 2. Is the Media a good or bad thing? Please present all your charts, calculations and written questions to your tutor on the first day back.