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Genre Exploration

  1. 1. Rap/Hip-Hop The audience would expect from a hip hop magazine for the artist to have expensive clothes for e.g. Gucci and expects an artist to have expensive chains, watches and grills with pure diamonds to build upon their reputation as well as for some Hip-Hop artists to have lots of tattoos across their body and for their facial expressions to have a serious look and the background in most Hip-Hop magazines does have a mixture of color and dark layout to the front of the magazines, Which most audience are from the ages of 15-28 from all ethnicities and also expects most hip-hop artist to speak street slang with a attitude, most Hip-Hop artists are expected to rap about materialism, women, money and the reality in living in the streets and its hardship.
  2. 2. Pop In most pop magazines the audience would actually expect a Pop artist to look presentable for instance having colored clothing that is bright and not really having too much expensive clothing, which there wear simple normal brand clothing to make their status as a Pop musician more fashionable. Also they're use of speech is that there speak within their lyrics about partying, love and break- up issues of a couple. As in most pop magazines is expected to have lots of funk with lots of bright colors for e.g. Pink and in the facial expression of most Pop artist is to have a happy and joyful facial expression.
  3. 3. Rock In all Rock magazines the audience would most expect to see a Rock artist with clothing that is black and everything about their style is dark which have no form of any brand of any status, but wear it because of there reputation as a Rock artist and for the status which Rock stands for from across the world and their hairstyle is important because there hair is fully black and would have different unusual shapes to their hairstyle. Therefore audience would want to expect a Rock artist to have chains or rings that having to do with skulls and have lots of tattoos across their body, the use of speech is an important factor because in their lyrics most Rock artist would talk about sex & drugs and the background of some Rock magazines is that the layout is dark and for their facial expressions is to have a serious or unusual Rock N Roll image.
  4. 4. Reggae Reggae magazines has a certain standard that is different compare to most music genre and the purpose of its audience would mostly expect an Reggae artist to wear cultural clothing and hairstyle for e.g. dreadlocks and because it is rooted in Jamaica and the audience expect that the artist has chains, bracelets and earrings that has a cultural and religious meaning for e.g. Rastafarian, which the clothing's itself that the Reggae artist is wearing would be bright and colorful. Also the lyrics that most Reggae artist sing is about love, peace, unity, togetherness ,the realities that happens in the less developed neighborhoods and political issues which commonly states the music within Reggae. Therefore the audience expect the artist cover shoot in the magazine to have a expression of happiness and the layout of the magazine have a colored background to it.
  5. 5. R&B In most R&B magazines there is a criteria that its audience would expect from a R&B artist for instance a male R&B artist to be sometimes topless, but most times have clothes on them to make them more presentable that is expensive brand material wear and having watches and rings to update their status to a wider range of audience to introduce to them the latest fashion in present times and as for a female R&B artist audience would expect her to have a sexy image and looking more dominant as well as sophisticated within her fashion on the outlook on wearing short clothing to expose her full flesh. Whereas in their way of speech throughout their music and their voice to be clam and speak common English in their own accent and the artist music is mostly based on love, break- up issues and about relationship matters mostly. Therefore the layout of the magazine is mostly a colour background to it so that it stands out to the image of the artist.