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Iimk news vol.5


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Achievements of the students

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Iimk news vol.5

  1. 1. Globalizing Indian Thought December 2011 | Vol. 5(4)The Newsletter of Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, Kerala, IndiaIIMK Congratulates Shri. Jacob MathewShri. Jacob Mathew , Executive Editor of theMalayala Manorama Group of Publications andMember of Board of Governors of IIMK has beenunanimously elected the President of WAN-IFRA fora 2 year tenure beginning July 1, 2011. He is the firstIndian and second Asian to be elected to this office. Inauguration of ITSM 2011 P5 Inauguration of GLOGIFT P4 Congratulations ! Achievements of IIMK Students P19 News IIMK December 2011 1
  2. 2. IIMK Family Congratulates Shri. Jacob Mathew for being Elected the President of WAN-IFRA Shri. Jacob Mathew, Executive Editor of the Malayala Manorama Group of Publications and Member of Board of Governors of IIMK has been unanimously elected the President of WAN-IFRA for a 2 year tenure beginning July 1, 2011. He is the first Indian and second Asian to be elected to this office. WAN-IFRA based in Paris (France) and Darmstadt (Germany) is a global organisation of Newspaper Editors and Publishers. It represents more than 18,000 publications, 15,000 Online sites and over 3000 companies in more than 120 countries. The World Association of Newspapers, founded in 1948 and IFRA, the Research and Service organisation founded in 1962, merged in 2009 to form WAN- IFRA. Its core mission is to defend and promote quality journalism, editorial integrity, press freedom and development of new media business. The Malayala Manorama group based in Kerala publishes Malayala Manorama daily with a circulation of over 1.9 million copies per day. The group has 50publications including The Week and Vanitha, a leading women’s fortnightly magazine. Malayala Manorama alsobroadcasts Manorama News, a 24 hour news channel, and has FM stations under the Radio Mango name. It is alsovery dominant in the digital space. Manoramaonline is one of the most widely read newspaper websites in India.Jacob Mathew is currently a trustee of the Press Institute of India/Research Institute for Newspaper Developmentand is also on the Asia Board of INMA (International Newspaper Marketing Association).He has served on the board and the Executive Council of the World Association of Newspapers (WAN). Jacob is thePast President of the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) and has been the past chairman of the Advertising StandardsCouncil of India (ASCI). IIMK Family wishes a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2 IIMK News December 2011
  3. 3. Globalizing Indian Thought December 2011 | Vol. 5 (4) Editorial It is with pride that we come out with another edition of the IIMK newsletter. The last few months in IIMK included a plethora of activities which have Editorial Board placed IIMK in a rather unique and inimitable position. Editor Prof. C. Raju While the inter-collegiate management festival, Backwaters-2011 brought together the best talent from all over the country to fight and win laurels, the Editorial Advisors Prof. Mahesh Bhave institute also hosted Horizons-2011, the annual management conclave and Prof. Anupam das Sangram-2011, the IIMB-IIMK sports meet, which was won by the visitors. Dr. M.G. Sreekumar The Social Service Group, the unique and one-of-a-kind students’ community Communication at IIMK, was engrossed in a bustle of socially responsible activities including Prof. G. Anand an afforestation campaign, a career counselling program for Class X students Student Editors of the district, spoken English classes for the mess workers, blood donation Arjun Mohan - PGP 14 campaign and many more. IIMK also made the mark of being the first Nilesh Kadam - PGP 14 BSchool in the country to initiate a holistic simulation program termed as Content ‘Managerial Perspective’, for the PGP15 batch which involved application of Amartya Sen - PGP 15 all the Term 1 subjects. The institute also hosted an array of talks and seminars Asmitaa Kumar - PGP 15 by several luminous personalities including Mr. Bart Jackson, CEO of Nibedita Chakma - PGP 15 Prometheus Publishing, Mr. V.R Ferose, Managing Director of SAP labs, India Rithika Baruah - PGP 15 and Professor Chinmoy Ghosh, Gladstein Professor of Business and Innovation Shashikiran CS - PGP 14 at the School of Business, University of Connecticut among others. The campus Sukriti Jain - PGP 15 was vibrant in itself with the Diwali celebrations, Inter-hostel cricket Vyas Isha Shailesh - PGP 15 tournament, Dandiya nights, Hindi Diwas and a lot more! The PGP15 batch Vidya Sukumara Panicker - FPM 2011-12 also geared up for the summer placements with companies coming knocking Contact even after 100% placement of the batch. Prof. C. Raju Phone: +91 495 2809106 In this edition, we have made a humble attempt to reflect the evolving face of e-mail: an institute, which is on the track to establish itself as the socially responsible, management ‘Think Tank’ of the country.CONTENTS4 IIMK GLOGIFT - 11 Eleventh Global Conference on 24 IIMK Students on National Blog of Flexible Systems Management Dare2compete.com5 ITSM-2011 International Conference on Information 24 Sangram - 2011, the ultimate sports battle between Technology IIM Bangalore and IIM Kozhikode 6 Management Development Programmes at IIMK 25 More Work and More Play for IIMK students 8 Managerial Perspective – an initiative with a vision 26 Faculty Publications 9 BACKWATERS 2011 27 FPM Activities12 Horizons 2011 – Annual Management Conclave 28 International Exchange14 Industry Visits & Interactions 29 Live Industry Projects18 Achievements of IIMK Students 29 Home-Grown Entrepreneurs20 Social Service Group, IIM Kozhikode-Making an impact 30 IIMK Family Welcomes New Faculty Members23 Summer Placements – 2011-2012 31 Executive Postgraduate Programmes of IIMK IIMK News December 2011 3
  4. 4. IIMK GLOGIFT 11 Eleventh Global Conference on Flexible Systems ManagementThe eleventh global conference on flexible systems corporate and government agencies participated in themanagement, IIMK-GLOGIFT 11 hosted by Indian conference. Four papers were presented during the plenaryInstitute of Management Kozhikode and co-hosted by (1) sessions between 9.30 AM and 11.00 AM on 10th and 11thGlobal Institute of Flexible Systems Management; of December 2011. In addition to the plenary sessions, 106(2) Department of Management Studies IIT Delhi and papers which were organized into three parallel tracks were(3) Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey was presented by the participants on both days between 11.30inaugurated by Professor Debashis Chatterjee, Director IIM AM and 5.30 PM. This conference has been able to attractKozhikode on 9th of December 2011. The theme of the participants from various countries including the Unitedconference is “Organizational Flexibility and States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Indonesia. On Saturday 10th of December, the conference started with the plenary sessions at IIMK Auditorium at 9.30 AM. The first plenary session was delivered by Dr Ana Maria Reyes, Partner, New Worlds Enterprise, LLP, Philadelphia, USA. She spoke about the effectiveness of virtual classrooms in today’s environment. This was followed by another plenary session by Mr. Shiva Kumar K. Swamy, Chief Technology Officer, ZSL Inc, New Jersey, USA. He gave a talk on the topic “Business Agility empowered by Smarter Technology Solutions”. The plenary session was followed by paper presentations by the participants between 11.30 AM and 5.30 PM. In the evening there was a cultural program depicting the martial art of Kerala namely “Kalarippayattu” and the art forms namely “Kathakali” and “Theyyam”. This program was followed by the conference dinner.Competitiveness. The Conference Chair Professor On Sunday 11th of December the first plenary session wereNandakumar M.K. introduced the conference to the delivered by Professor Sushil from Department ofparticipants. In his speech he highlighted the importance Management Studies, IIT Delhi and he spoke about theof organizational flexibility in sustaining competitive topic “Flowing Stream Strategy Incorporating Flexibilityadvantage of organizations in the turbulent business through Confluence of Continuity and Change”. Professorenvironment of the 21 st century. Professor Debashis Takao Fujiwara, Toyohashi University of Technology,Chatterjee in his inaugural address emphasized the Japan delivered the second plenary session and the title ofimportance of flexibility in the organizational systems and his presentation was “Flexible decision of irreversibleexplained how flexibility has been brought in to the systems investment under uncertainty”. The plenary session wasand processes at IIMK. Ms. Christine Williams, Director followed by paper presentations which were organized intoSystems Engineering Leadership Development, NASA three parallel tracks. The paper presentations finished by(US) delivered the keynote address. She spoke on the topic 5.30 PM. The conference concluded with a post-conference“Agile Organizations Begin with Agile Employees”. Dr. tour to Wayanad on Monday 12th of December.Shyam Sethi President of Global Institute of FlexibleSystems Management and Prof. Sudhir K Jain Director,Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute ofTechnology Delhi also spoke on the occasion. TheConference Co-Chair Prof. Sanjay Jharkharia talked aboutthe relevance and scope of the conference and explainedabout the organization of the technical paper sessions.Professor Abhilash Nair, Conference Co-Chair deliveredthe vote of thanks and thanked all the stakeholders whohave worked tirelessly for the last one year to organizethis international conference. More than 100 delegates fromleading institutes, universities, research organizations, 4 IIMK News December 2011
  5. 5. ITSM 2011 International Conference on Information TechnologyThe International Conference on Information Technology, from India, USA,Systems and Management (ITSM 2011) was a joint Canada, UK, Finland,initiative of the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, Australia, Newthe Indian School of Business Hyderabad, University of Zealand, Iran andTexas at Dallas, and George Mason University (USA), held Myanmar, of which 40at IIM Kozhikode during 17-18 December 2011. were finally selected after a rigorous reviewThe inaugural ceremony started at 9.15 am on 17 th for oral presentationDecember with invocation followed by a welcome address (with an acceptance rate of 21%). The papers weredelivered by Prof. Radhakrishna Pillai (Dean, IIMK & scheduled in 8 sessions. The session chairs included Prof.Organizing Chair ITSM 2011). Prof. Varghese S. Jacob S. Raghunathan (University of Texas,Dallas), Prof. Arvind(General Chair, ITSM 2011) enlightened the audience with Tripathi (University of Auckland), Prof Varghese S Jacob (University of Texas,Dallas), Prof Indushobha Chengalur- Smith (State University of New York, Albany), Prof L Divakaran (Carnegie Mellon University), Prof. Rema Padman (Carnegie Mellon University), Prof. Sarah Rice (University of Connecticut), and Prof. Ravi Bapna (University of Minnesota/ISB), in addition to the Professors of IIMK. There was a research panel discussion on 18ththe scope and objectives of the conference. He is the Senior December on “Publishing in top IS journals”. Prof.Associate Dean and Professor of Management Science and Prabuddha De (Accenture Professor, Krannert School of..Information Systems in the School of Management at the Management, Purdue University) was the moderator. Prof.University of Texas at Dallas. Prof. Debashish Chatterjee, Sridhar Narasimhan (Senior Associate Dean, College ofDirector, IIM Kozhikode inaugurated the conference by Management, Georgia Tech), Prof. Sumit Sarkar (Ashbellighting the lamp. Prof. Chatterjee released the ITSM 2011 Smith Professor, University of Texas at Dallas) and Prof.proceedings by presenting a copy of the same to Prof. Arun Sundararajan (Associate Professor, Stern School ofRamayya Krishnan. Prof. Ramayya is the Dean of Carnegie Business, New York University) were the panel members.Mellon Heinz College and William W and Ruth F Cooper It was a very lively session.Professor of Management Science and InformationSystems. He addressed the gathering and wished the ITSM Industry Practitioners’ Forum (IPF) Track:conference a great success. Prof. Saji Gopinath (Dean,IIMK) welcomed all the dignitaries on board and The IPF was on 17th December. The theme of the IPF washighlighted the role of Information Technology in the on “Information Technology and Business Innovations”.modern era. Prof. M.P. Sebastian (Chair - IT & Systems There were 12 papers, presented in 3 sessions, from leadingArea at IIM Kozhikode and also the Program Chair for IT industries including TCS, Infosys, Robert Bosch, VisualITSM 2011) proposed the vote of Thanks. He thanked the IQ, Wipro, Nokia-Siemens, and Brocade Communications.organizing team for their whole hearted support in making The session chairs included Prof Sunil Wattal (Fox SchoolITSM a grand success. The inaugural session was followed of Business, Philadelphia), Prof Ravi Seethamrajuby a keynote address by Prof. Ramayya Krishnan on (University of Sydney, Australia), and G Subramanian (Tata“Societal Scale Adoption of Information Technology: Consultancy Services), in addition to the Professors fromResearch Opportunities and Policy Challenges”. He laid IIMK. The proceedings of the IPF is published byemphasis on how Information and Communication Macmillan Publishers (edited by Joffi Thomas, M PTechnology can be leveraged for economic development Sebastian and Asharaf S) in their Advanced Researchwith special focus on developing countries. Series. The Proceedings was released by Prof Ramayya Krishnan by presenting a copy to Prof Nirup MenonThere were two tracks for ITSM 2011: Research Track (George Mason University).and Industry Practitioners’ Forum. The conference concluded on the evening of 18 Dec 2011Research Track: on a high note. The ITSM 2012 will be held at IndianITSM 2011 received a total of 189 research submissions School of Business, Hyderabad. IIMK News December 2011 5
  6. 6. Management Development Programmes at IIMK Extraordinary Performance from MDP office On Leadership Clinic (October 17-21, 2011)Months of October – November 2011 were perhaps the Programme Facilitator- Prof. Debashis Chatterjeemost hectic in the history of MDP office at IIM Kozhikode. “All the sessions were more interactive and useful, an eye opener to think as to how leaders to think” -K Rajamohan, Regional Business Head (O&M) VA Tech Wabage Ltd “Thought provoking. counter intuitive thinking, real brain tonic” -Sunil Aravind Athale, Sr. Project Manager HSBCIn these two months, as many as 20 managementdevelopment programs were conducted successfully.These 20 programs totalled more than 2000 participantdays, there were programs as long as 12 days, someprograms were on-campus and some off-campus and theprograms featured one CEO level, several senior executivelevel offerings.Despite current constraints of limited training Workshop on Leadership in Higher Educationinfrastructure, MDP office worked with their meticulous Institutionsplanning and flawless coordination and balancing the (In association with Commonwealth of Learning,resources. All staff members working at MDP office were Canada, November 23 – 25, 2011)recognized for their contribution by the director. Programme Facilitators: On General Management for Indian Army Officers Prof. Debashis Chatterjee & Prof. Saji Gopinath (October 03-15, 2011) IIMK has conducted a thought leadership workshop for Programme Facilitators: Prof. G. Sridhar, select Vice Chancellors of the country during November Prof. S.S.S. Kumar, Prof. Rajesh U, Prof. Kausik 23-25, 2011. This three day workshop focusing on “Leadership in Higher Education Institutions” was“Programme has covered all significant aspects of conducted in association with Commonwealth Ofmanagement, an excellent and well organized programme Learning, Canada at the Institute campus. The programfor experienced serving officers”. was conceptualised and designed by Prof. Debashis -Col Sunil Kumar Sharma Chatterjee, Director-IIMK.“A deep insight into the management studies is the streamsthat have been covered in unique for an army officer, the The program started with the first session on “Discovercontext of leadership from a corporate point of view have the Leadership DNA” by Prof. Debashis Chatterjee andalso got a new dimension, great effort made by all the continued with a topic on “Development Issues in Indianprofessors”. Universities” and “Developing World Class Universities: -Lt Col Rajiv Ghosh Perspectives and Challenges” by Prof. Saji Gopinath, on 6 IIMK News December 2011
  7. 7. the first day. The second day started by a session on“Change Management” by Prof Unnikrishnan Nair, seniormost faculty member of IIM Kozhikode and ended with asession on “System wide Issues that hamper growth andQuality in Universities” by another senior faculty member,Prof Krishna Ladha. The third day was started by ProfDebashis Chatterjee on “The culture of Emotions” and theprogram was concluded by Prof Saji Gopinath on a topic“Developing an Agenda for Excellence”.Prof Madhulika Kaushik, of Commonwealth Of Learning(COL) was also present throughout the program and briefed campus” programme had a stimulating as well as invigoratingabout the objectives of the program and also about the effect on the participants of first source. Faculty involved inassociation of COL and IIMK. The efforts of IIM the programme has thoroughly enjoyed their sessions withKozhikode and COL were highly appreciated by the Vice the participants.Chancellors who attended the program and has “Good mixture of subject, in depth knowledge of therecommended that these kind of programs should be professors of the subject and the best environment to learn”conducted in future for the addressing the challenges ofIndian Universities. - Dhiraj Chaudhari, DGM ,Commercial , Firstsource Solutions Ltd.“The workshop is well organized and well managed. The “Theory presented in a wonderful manner, case-study modecontent of each of the speaker, facilitator is very well of teaching, Professors are very discussion- Oriented andreceived. Prof Debashis Chatterjee has many plus and not lectures”.positive points as far as contents, and creating leadership -Varkey Chacko, Senior Manager, Audit,terms to be his passion. All the staff was working Firstsource Solutions Ltd.collectively and professionally”. MDP on Leadership for senior executives of Indian - Dr Rajpal S. Hande, Director, Ordinance Factory Board (IOFS) (November 21-26) Board of College and Univ. Development, Univ. of Mumbai Programme Facilitator: Prof. Saji Gopinath On Firstsource Leaders’ Programme - Expanding IIMK Conducted a Management Leadership Programme Business Perspectives (November 23-25, 2011) (MLP) for the senior executives of Indian ordinance factory Programme Facilitator: Prof. Rajesh S. Upadhyayula Board (IOFS) during November 21-26 at TAJ GatewayExpanding Business Perspectives, a programme for the Calicut. This 6 day Management Leadership Programmeparticipants of First Source was conducted at Indian Institute (MLP) on Operational Excellence specifically addressedof Management, Kozhikode between November 22nd, 2011 the requirements of the Additional General Managers ofand November 25th, 2011. First Source approached Indian IOFS with over 25 years of experience in the industry,Institute of Management Kozhikode to conduct a training having the key role of leading expansion projects in theprogramme for their high performance individuals to enable factories in addition to being part of the top managementtheir transition to cross-functional roles from their functional (along with general managers) in managing the factories.responsibilities. The participants were having experience of The programme had a Operational leadership focus andmore than 10 to 15 years experience within the industry. was designed to enhance the functional managementAccordingly, a focused capsule was designed to expose leadership abilities of the executives while providing aparticipants to a breadth of topics such as economic strategic orientation to take up the challenges of theenvironment affecting BPO firms, strategic analysis, changing nature of business. 21 Senior Executives frompositioning and competitor analysis of BPO firms, alignment different factories of IOFS attended the programme whichand balanced scorecard, organization structure, design and was inaugurated by Prof. Debashis Chatterjee.change for firms operating in dynamic environments,operational effectiveness and service marketingorientation.The involvement of both the MDP office personnel as wellas the LMD (Leadership and Management Developmentteam) helped in building sufficient excitement for theprogramme within First Source. Among the 60 nominationsreceived for the programme, 25 individuals were nominatedfor the first programme at the IIMK Campus. The “back to IIMK News December 2011 7
  8. 8. Managerial Perspective – an initiative with a visionAs the theory goes, there is a the students, where they were required and entrepreneurship and how studentsdifference between an organization to make intellectually challenging at IIMK have the luxurious opportunityand an institution and ever since its decisions to demonstrate team work to grow towards their dreams andinception, IIMK has taken several and group dynamics. The Micro goals. Mr. Rama Reddy, Formervaliant steps to move towards Economics simulation saw participants President, Cooperative Developmentbecoming an institution that others can employing the ‘Demand and Supply’ Foundation, spoke about thefollow. With a thirst to bring in new theories to understand the practicality cooperative societies of our countryinnovations in study techniques and of these theories they learnt in the and how India needs future endeavorspedagogy for learning, IIMK classrooms. The simulations also in these areas to grow as a countryincorporated the ‘Managerial included a very dynamically designed given that these cooperatives are asPerspective’ course for the students of Operations Management case where important as big MNCs for our country.15th batch of its flagship Post Graduate students actually put to practice the Other speakers included Mr. R.D.Programme (PGP15). This involved principles of process management to Thulasiraj, Executive Director,great participation on behalf of the come up with an efficient operation Aravind Eye Care System, Maduraifaculty and the students and an design under various scenarios. Eachenormous amount of effort on part of simulation was followed by a thoroughthe administrative staff to facilitate this feedback from faculty and involved An initiative from my institute thathighly versatile and fruitful highly concentrated and active class I am proud of, helped me learn aopportunity for the students to learn lot and at the same time understand discussions on every aspect of theand appreciate management studies in fundamentals of the real world that decision made by the students and thea new way with a new ‘perspective’ I am heading out to... underlying analytics. - Parul Agarwal (PGP/15/299) Fresh add-on from the otherwise Apart from the simulation sessions, the theoretical pedagogy helps student course also involved movie screenings gain a hands-on experience about the and guest lectures. The students got a and Mr. Ramesh J. Thomas and Mr. real life scenarios. chance to witness a short documentary Nappina Sampath of Equitor on the fundamental problems of our Consulting who shared their insights -Kshitij Kapoor (PGP/15/285) on what management is and their country like poverty. They were given an opportunity to appreciate the movie perspective of how ‘institutions’ likeThe course was conducted over a span ‘Manthan’ from a managerial the IIMs in our country make Indiaof six days which involved several perspective to understand the workings move forward towards a moreonline simulations along with guest of co-operative societies and reckon profitable and sustainable future.lectures and movie screenings with the how Amul, one of the leading dairy Over the course of six days, thepurpose of enlightening IIMK students brands of the country can be within the students got a chance to learn andon various aspects of management and vision of students. Eminent speakers probably understand in a much bettercorporate decision-making from across the country came down to and more sustainable manner, thecapabilities. The course kicked off the institute to address the students on aspects of management that arewith several simulations from the various aspects of management and otherwise theoretically taught in thehouse of Harvard Business School business administration. Mr Satish classroom lectures. The participationOnline Learning, which honed the Pradhan, Chief, Group of Human and enthusiasm from the faculty, staffinterdisciplinary analytical skills and Resources, Tata Sons spoke about the and students was commendable,the decision-making capabilities of the fundamental aspects of management making this endeavor a grand successparticipating students. The simulations and laying the foundation to make thisincluded a Marketing scenario where course a part of curriculum for the Informative, educative, innovative,students worked upon a case to come exciting, invigorating, in short a future batches of PGP at IIMK. Byup with profit-maximizing plans for event that lived up to expectations. incorporating this course, IIM-K hasthe firm presented in the case. Another become the first management institutesimulation directed towards ‘climbing -Tanya Singh (PGP/15/325) in the country to experiment with suchthe Mt. Everest’ was also presented to a new and beneficial initiative. 8 IIMK News December 2011
  9. 9. BACKWATERS 2011 “Though NABARD has an efficient outreach in states such as Kerala, it has not yet fully tapped the productivity from the credit. It is in this context that we would like to bring in new ideas from the student community in Kozhikode.” -Nagesh Kumar, Assistant General Manager, NABARD This years’ theme of ‘People, Planet and Profit’ with the aim of Unleashing Latent potential‘The Great Debate’ moderated by Mr. Ashutosh Sinha (NDTV Profit) with Mr.Vijay Sankaran focused on current challenges(Nokia Siemens), Mr. Harshil Karia (Foxymoron) and Mr. Josy Paul (BBDO, India) faced by the world at large, wherein its future existence withThe much awaited annual management With the endeavor to ingrain and sustainable growth remains afest of IIMK - ‘Backwaters’ kicked off achieve this thought process in the mirage in the face of erodingon 18th November setting a number of minds of budding managers through human capital, natural calamitiesrecords and precedents in its sway. It Backwaters so that the balance sheets and recessions.was the first ever 72 hours fest having of the future reflect the realities of thea delectable mix of intelligence, triple bottom line this was chosen as The major highlights ofprecision, accuracy, leadership, the recurring theme through all Backwaters 2011 were Chennaiinnovation on one hand with creativity flagship events at Backwaters and the Super Kings ‘Whistle Podu’,and spontaneity on the other. Close to leadership conclave-Horizons . ‘Srijan’, ITC Avatar and35 events were held in various formats NABARD-sponsored ‘Rural(formal, informal and workshops) The major highlights of Backwaters Nirmaan’.attracting and honing talents of nearly 2011 were Chennai Super Kings6000 students from around 65 premier ‘Whistle Podu’, ’Srijan’, ITC Avatarinstitutions competing for prize money and NABARD sponsored ‘Rural Initiatives during the fest: Used-worth nearly Rs. 10 lacs. Nirmaan’. The much-acclaimed paper collection drive – ‘Kora- ‘Whistle Podu’ sponsored by IPL Kagaz’ and ‘Make A Difference’This years’ theme was ‘People, Planet initiative to help create awareness cricket team Chennai Super Kingsand Profit ’. The essence of ‘People, about Energy Efficiency. brought out possible options forPlanet and Profit’ lies in debating how making the team an internationallythe latent synergies existing in the three reckoned brand. It was for the first timecould be exploited to secure our futures that an IPL teams headed to a B-schoolby realizing that utopian vision of a looking for ideas to promote theirbalanced growth story. The theme was brand. Rural Nirmaan provided an ideation and commercialization of thatbased on Andrew Savitz theory of ‘The interface to NABARD for bringing up one big idea that has the potential toTriple Bottom-line’ wherein he says innovative ideas to improve the transform lives around us. The eventthat the truly sustainable company productivity in agriculture credit sector. looked for a team that can make awould have no need to dole out charity ITC Avatar which was an invitation difference, thinks beyond the obviousor ‘give back’ to the local community, only event involved a search for a and comes up with sustainablebecause the company’s daily leader who could withstand this battle solutions. Overwhelming participationoperations would not deprive the amongst geniuses, ward off challenges was seen in this year’s “White Knight”community, but rather would enrich it. and stand tall amongst luminaries. drawing nearly 200 teams which wasIt is such companies that we all dreamof and aim to create as budding citizens The flagship event White Knight an indicator of the mass appeal and ofof planet earth. provided the ultimate platform for the the fact that over the years, Backwaters IIMK News December 2011 9
  10. 10. has steadily evolved as both bigger and largely competitive market have with a focus on environmentalbetter. become the greatest HR challenges of protectionism and green technology. the day. With the focus on nurturingThe workshop series, ‘Shiksha’ Systems: From small start-ups to mega talent and maximizing human capital,focused on enhancing skill-sets and market players, information systems ‘BootKamp’ continued to remain oneopening new gateways and have carved their niche in all sectors. of the most sought after HR events withopportunities for management Recent times have seen the IIMK being one of the few B-Schoolsstudents. These workshops comprised mushrooming of vendors and software to persist with and successfully executeof hands-on interactive sessions around developers as well as the evolution of an event in the Human Resourceskey themes like Advertising, Product better adept Supply Chain function.& Brand Management, Corporate Management, Enterprise ResourceFinance, Leadership etc. and were Planning, and Customer Relationship Operations Events: Operational Management Systems. This year’sfacilitated by eminent personalities / efficiency is today’s mantra asniche organizations by means of ‘Battle for IT’ was in the form of a enterprises endeavour to streamlinesimulation games. simulation game testing Project their processes in order to cut costs andFinance Events: The finance events hence possess the might to be more Management Pips ‘n’ Profit and ‘Clinch the visible at the marketplace. This year’s INITIATIVESDeal’ dealt with varied disciplines ‘Optimus’ and ‘SimulatriX’ involved This year’s theme of ‘People, Planet,‘White Knight’ - The flagship event for ideation and commercialization ‘Corporate Dinner’ - Serving as a platform for business personalitiesof the one big idea to interact and network with the IIM Kozhikode communityincluding Valuations, Project Finance, an online route planning event for a and Profit’ placed an emphasis on theTrading and Equity Research, Mergers logistics organization in the form of a ‘Triple Bottom Line’. Aligned to theand Acquisitions as well as forex simulation with emphasis on Green theme of sustainability, Teamtrading events supported by simulation supply chain. Backwaters launched used papergames giving hands on experience and collection drive: “Kora-Kagaz”.a peek into the real world of Strategy: “Strategy without tactics is Knowing that the scope of reusing suchFinance. the slowest route to victory. Tactics used paper was immense within theMarketing Events: Grappling with without strategy is the noise before campus, used A-4 sized papersthe issues of dwindling markets and defeat.” The strategy events like The with one blank side wereunpredictable demands in their bid to ‘Un’common Wealth and ‘Beat the collected from students and faculty forincrease their market share and the Market’ assessed the ability of one entire week. It was then boundedshare of the mind space, marketing participants to innovate and transform in the form of notepads. Theseevents like ‘Rural Roulette’ and short term operational gains into long notepads were then sent across to‘Serve-Wise’ focused on demands of term sustainable profitability and underprivileged school-going studentsmodern day marketing with online involved real time strategy simulation in Calicut. They were also used to meetmedia campaigning for a social cause. game as well as an innovation all the paper requirements by Team challenge contest which had Backwaters during the festival. ThisHR: Finding the best talent, motivating participants coming up with a strategy week-long initiative was successful ina huge workforce and retaining it in a in order to develop the next big concept creating awareness regarding the huge 10 IIMK News December 2011
  11. 11. amount of used paper generated inIIMK. ‘Kora-Kagaz’ was the first steptowards a pioneering student-initiativein IIMK’s history.In line with the theme, TeamBackwaters also launched the ‘MakeA Difference’ initiative. The keyobjective was to help create awarenessof Energy Efficiency at an early age,giving learners the knowledge andskills to manage electricity use wisely. Rural Nirmaan - NABARD’s quest for productivity improvement in agriculture credit sectorThis will reduce household electricitycosts, save electricity and reduce to IIM Kozhikode with a full-fledged proponent of social media and Mr. Josyenvironmental impact. The awareness stand-up comedy act. It was followed Paul, renowned ad-man and Chairman,and education campaign was led by by Hand Shadowgraphy and Sand Art BBDO, India. Enlightenment andonline publicity and stickers were put Show the next day. It was presented entertainment was served at its best asup on the doors of students’ hostel by Mr. Amar Sen, one of the only two they we debated whether social mediarooms. practicing professionals in the field of marketing is going to leave behind all Hand Shadowgraphy in the whole of other forms of marketing going into thePRO NIGHTS AND WORKSHOP Asia. Mr. Sen has also featured in future.Some other main attractions at ‘India’s Got Talent’ and was one of the Backwaters’11 ended successfullyBackwaters ’11 included a workshop few performing artists all over the with a first-of-its kind Corporateon International Capital Markets. The world to be invited to perform in Dinner which served as an opportunityworkshop was conducted by Mr. Wolfsburg on the occasion of their 10th for business personalities in the regionJaroslaw Stefanski, International anniversary of their renowned auto to interact and network with the IIMBusiness Development Manager, X museum. Kozhikode community. The CorporateTrade Brokers, Europe’s leading For the first time in IIM Kozhikode, a Dinner provided an opportunity tobrokerage house. It saw huge unique ‘Great Debate’ moderated by these industry bigwigs to share theirparticipation from the students. Other Mr. Ashutosh Sinha from NDTV Profit experiences and leverage the humanhighlights included the pro-nites which was conducted. The debate saw sparks capital and knowledge base of IIMattracted a huge crowd. Backwaters’11 flying in the war of words amongst Kozhikode to generate more value forkicked off the first of its series of pro- Mr. Vijay Sankaran, Head, Social their businesses while also providingnites with Nitin Gupta of Media, Nokia Siemens, Mr. Harshil the IIMK community with insights intoEntertainment Engineers who returned Karia, Founder, Foxymoron and a running successful businesses.‘Whistle Podu’ - IPL cricket team Chennai Super Kings’s search for making the team an internationally reckoned brand IIMK News December 2011 11
  12. 12. Horizons 2011 – Annual Management ConclaveIndian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK) held its flagship conclave, ‘Horizons 2011’from 18th – 20th of November 2011. The three-day event aimed to reflect the realities of the“Triple Bottom Line - People, Planet, Profit” bringing in perspectives from industry leaders,social innovators and change agents. The event was inaugurated by Prof. Anandakuttan B Unnithan,PGP Chairperson and other distinguished speakers present at the event.Mr. Hasit Joshipura, Vice President South Asia, MD India of GSK Pharma Ltd, the first speakerat the conclave, believed that triple bottom line should come out of research papers and seep intomobilization. He spoke about the unique nature of the pharmaceutical industry in relation to thetriple bottom line concept. While emphasizing the need for profits in a going concern, he statedthat a sustainable model could never be built in the absence of a broader view that includedpeople and the planet. The idea of the triple bottom line has largely remained in the researchjournals so far and should start becoming standard practice. He referred to companies fallingvictim to what he called ‘the tyranny of quarters’ and short-term benefits. He emphasized that the‘social contract needs to be fulfilled’ and companies should care for the social stakeholders too.Speaking on innovative marketing, Mr. Suman Srivastava, Founder, Marketing Unplugged, opinedthat marketing as a subject still clings to outdated frameworks and models found in textbooks anddeveloped for a different period. He spoke about the increasing trend towards individualcustomization and the need for marketing to be ahead of the trend in order for firms to survive. Healso mentioned the great power of the internet in disseminating information and its uses in theexercise.Mr. Ashutosh Sinha, News Editor, NDTV Profit, focused on the responsibilities of the media inensuring that a broader mandate is carried out by all segments of the industry and the governmentin order to secure the prosperity of people and the future of the planet and the importance ofcredibility in news delivery. He consistently emphasized the failings of all entities that had chosento treat people and profit on unequal terms because profit eventually comes from a long termassociation with people. He also spoke about the crucial importance of credibility in news delivery.Day2 of Horizons saw invaluable ideas shared by three illustrious speakers.Mr. Anshu Gupta, Social Innovator and Founder of NGO ‘Goonj’ (NGO of the year 2007), in amoving presentation impressed upon the audience our extraordinary disconnect with rural andsemi-urban India. He shared his experiences about building the unique organization that he is apart of and elaborated on its mission, purpose and his personal commitment to the same.Mr. Anand Kurian, Founder & Director, Emphasis stressed upon the success of companies thatchose to focus on the passion of their employees and quality of their product rather than focusingon the creation of profits. Modeling most of his talk on aspects of successful companies thatadopted this strategy, he drew analogies and inferences from numerous philosophical sources tomake his point. He also emphasized on the concept of ‘Reality Plus’. He eloquently conveyed hisconceptions of reality and what we need to learn beyond it.Dr. P.Namperumalsamy, Founding Member of Aravind Eye Care System, centred his talk onAravind Eye Care’s much lauded sustainable eye care model for the masses. In emphasizing thesame, he drew numerous and highly relevant parallels to the flagship theme of ‘People, Planetand Profit’. He quoted examples from his organization where since its inception, methods wereincorporated which focused on People’s benefit at large without due concern to Profits which 12 IIMK News December 2011
  13. 13. according to him will come in due course of time. Aravind Eye Care’s commitment has allowedit to adopt a unique cross subsidy model that even permits access to the poorest and the mostremote areas of the country through mobile eye care centres. This model has gained such credibilitythat it has been discussed in the hallowed portals of management such as the Harvard BusinessSchool.The concluding day saw Mr. Sivaramakrishnan Ramachandra, Managing Partner, LittlerAssociates, India who spoke about the success and increased employee engagement of companiesthat focus on passionate objectives beyond profit. He opined that in reality, there need not be atradeoff between satisfying the various stakeholders of business. He also engaged the audiencewith stories of his personal experiences and the manner in which they have altered his view ofbusiness and the manner in which corporations conduct themselves.Mr. Ravi Duvvuru, Head of Regulatory Compliance, India & South Asia, Standard CharteredBank, emphasized Standard Chartered’s culture and value systems and its inherent synchronicitywith the triple bottom line concept. He elaborated on the numerous corporate social responsibilityinitiatives taken by his company and the impact they were having. In his talk, he also laid stresson the need for banks to engage with the real economy rather than focus on synthetic instruments.Mr. Chandrashekar Hariharan, Head, Biodiversity Conservation India Limited (BCIL) spoke on‘Buildings: Business as usual and low carbon scenario’. He talked about the vital importance ofintegrating conservation issues with the existing development agenda. He also put forth “ThePhysics of Building: the How’s before the Why’s” concept which forced the audience to introspecton issues which otherwise go unnoticed by general public.Mr. Anirban Dhar ‘Onir’, Movie Director of ‘Bas Ek Pal’ and ‘My Brother Nikhil’ enthralled theaudience with engaging tidbits from his varied and colorful career. Later in the evening, hiscritically acclaimed movie ‘I am’ was screened which the director watched along with the youngaudience on whom the movie left an indelible mark.The event concluded with a vote of thanks from Prof. K. Unnikrishnan Nair who brought out therelevance of theme ‘People, Planet, Profit’ in today’s scenario and how we can inculcate theunique knowledge shared by all speakers in our daily life. He applauded Horizons OrganizingTeam for bringing out the best and gave some valuable suggestions. Remembering Manjunath - IIMK Candle Light March Shanmugam Manjunath, an IIM-Lucknow graduate was a marketing manager (grade A officer) for the Indian Oil Corporation and was murdered for sealing a corrupt petrol station in U.P. The incident has since led to a stir amongst the students’ community of IITs and IIMs. The students at IIM-K endeavor to imbibe values and virtues along with knowledge and learnings. Taking inspiration from the event of Manjunath’s death, IIM-K conducted a candle light march to pay respect and depict pride for the man. The march was conducted on the eve of 19th November (the day Manjunath conducted the raid). It started from underneath the campus auditorium and went all the way up to the main steps (Harvard Steps) of the institute covering the entire academic block and the front of the hostels. The march spread awareness amongst the students as well as the notion of paying our respect to people who stand up against the wrongs in the world. The occasion was highly appreciated by everyone who attended the event. IIMK News December 2011 13
  14. 14. Industry Visits & InteractionsDeloitte Visits IIM Kozhikode: HUL Session on Leadership in 2020: transformations that leadership and organizations would undergo in the On 2 nd November, The evening of 2 nd next decade. He initiated his talk by 2011, the campus November, 2011 saw looking back at the decade that had played host to Mr. IIM Kozhikode play been. He talked about the precarious Prashanth Ajjampur, host to Mr. Hemant position he was in – to talk about the Director, Technology Bakshi, Executive situation a decade from now when the Strategy Architecture Director, Hindustan past decade had clearly shown that (TSA), Deloitte Unilever Limited. He predictions can never be made aboutConsulting (US). He was visiting the talked about his views on ‘Workplace the human race. It continues to breakcampus in order to open a new role for and Leadership in 2020’. every assumption and move forwardthe final recruitments – TSA. at an alarming pace. He talked aboutCurrently, Deloitte recruits for its HUL is India’s largest Fast Moving the impossibility of predicting theStrategy and Operations role in IIM Consumer Goods Company covering advent of mobile phones, theKozhikode. a wide range of products in the possibility of BSE SENSEX touching segments of Home and Personal Care,“Deloitte” is the brand under which the 20,000 mark in 2007, the idea of a Food Products and Beverages. Mr.tens of thousands of dedicated world where internet and social Bakshi has been a part HUL since 1989professionals in independent firms networking would erase all boundaries, and has worked in various sales andthroughout the world collaborate to the US-Iraq War, the toppling of the marketing assignments spanningprovide audit, consulting, financial African nations triggered by the across Personal Products and Homeadvisory, risk management, and tax networking sites and so on. Care categories of HUL. He also didservices to selected clients. key stints as Business Manager, One of the most important topics he leading one of the new ventures in talked about that initiated a lot ofBefore joining Deloitte, Mr. Prashanth 2000 and later as Regional Manager –was the Vice President of Enterprise debate and discussion was that South in 2002. He was appointed as “Strategy would become irrelevant inArchitecture for The Hartford Property Regional Brand Vice President (FALand Casualty Company. He has over the face of a dynamic environment” – and Lifebuoy), South Asia, for long term planning would lose its17 years experience in the IT industry. Unilever in January 2005. In MayPrior to working at The Hartford, significance due to the rapid advent of 2006, he was appointed as Regional technology, communication andPrashanth worked at KPMG Category Vice President for Skin,Consulting in their public sector innovation making everything planned South Asia, Unilever. He is currently obsolete in the blink of an eye in anpractice. Prashanth has an MBA the Executive Director of the Sales &in Finance and International ever changing, unpredictable world. Customer Development. He passed out He also mentioned that organizationsBusiness. from IIT, Bombay, in Chemical would become flatter and bureaucraticAddressing the students of IIMK, Mr. Engineering in 1986 and has done his organizations would be non-existent asPrashanth talked about the significance PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad. Mr. freedom of expression and ease ofof the new role on offer and the job Bakshi was an integral part of HUL’s communication would be the keys todescription for the students. He also rural health programme, Lifebuoy innovation that would be the sole keytalked about the expectations from the Swasthya Chetana. The programme to the success of any organization. Hestudents for the role offered and other endeavoured to induce adoption of also predicted that India and Chinaaspects of the work-life at Deloitte. hygienic practices among rural Indians would begin to emerge as Superpowers and aimed to bring down the incidence of the world and would grow at anThe event marked a significant step in of diarrhea. So far, it has reached 120 enormous pace. As he moved towardsthe mutual relationship between IIM million people in over 50,000 villages. the end of the discussion, he cautionedKozhikode and Deloitte. The talk the students against losing their basicinspired many students to consider the In what turned into one of the most values and morals. He stated thatprofile and strengthened the bond active discussions at IIM Kozhikode, authenticity would be one of the virtuesbetween IIM Kozhikode and Deloitte. Mr. Bakshi talked about the that would survive till eternity, one of 14 IIMK News December 2011
  15. 15. Industry Visits & Interactions...the few things that would remain intact The War Room was inspired by theno matter what the time frame. He Strategy War Room practice institutedasked the students to refrain from by Mr. Anand Mahindra that enabledjumping into the rat race and asked the transformation of the Mahindrathem to preserve their individuality. Group in the 1990s and the 2000s intoThe session saw a vibrant discussion a globally diversified federation ofwith a multitude of questions being companies. While creating the event, Broadvision’s founder Mr. Sriram the sector-based caselets. Of these, 7asked by the students to Mr. Bakshi as teams were shortlisted to presenthe spoke of the various changes that Chandrasekaran chose The War Room and presented it as a strategy-making before the Jury that had flown downIndia would see by 2020. The speech from Mumbai. The teams were judgedinspired students to think about various game for the students, based on issues outlined by the Group Executive Board on various parameters such asaspects that they had previously innovation and feasibility. Two teamsconsidered trivial. It was a dynamic of the Mahindra Group. Today, the event stands out among the plethora of were declared as Campus Championssession that saw a lot of active and Campus Runners-Up for the event.participation from students as well as things to do for students in the IIMs and other leading business schools of The Champions from IIM Kozhikodethe speaker. – “The Zamorins” – Sidharth India, as the thing to do. In the process, the Mahindra brand has registered an Ramachandran, Ayushi Agarwal,Mahindra War Room 2011: Kripalsinh Rana and Soumya Bhatia – improvement in brand position from 67Mahindra War Room 2011 was the to 12 over the last 4 years of the roll were invited to Mahindra’s Mumbaiundisputed mega-event of October for out of The War Room. HQ for the final event from 18th-20thIIM Kozhikode. Each year, as India’s November, 2011. The Finale involvedcream of the crop in Business Talent IIMK campus played hosts to two the team presenting their strategicjoins the Top 17 Business schools, they distinguished members of the Office solution for the Automotive Sectorlook forward to one thing - taking a of Strategy Management, Mahindra caselet to the Group Executive Boardshot at The War Room. No single event Group, Mumbai for the much-awaited of Mahindra Group and to Mr. Anandhas evoked greater passion and love as Mahindra War Room Campus Round. Mahindra, Vice Chairman andThe War Room – a strategy contest that A total of 21 teams and 84 students Managing Director, Mahindra andis India’s #1 Business School Event toiled day and night devising strategies Mahindra. The Finale was also airedsince 2008 fall. to address the issues given to them in on CNBC18. HUL LIME 3 at IIMK HUL and CNBC-TV18 presented the third season of Lessons In India and engaged in sustainable rural development, rural Marketing Excellence (LIME), an inter - business school elementary education, women empowerment and hygiene marketing and business challenge that gives an opportunity to the besides addressing the clothing requirements of disadvantaged participating students from select institutes to stretch their sections in far flung and inaccessible rural areas. On October imagination and write the future. The two shortlisted teams from 6th, both the teams presented their recommendations before the IIMK for the campus round of HUL LIME 3 were Lemon T(h)ree distinguished jury comprising of Mr. Samardeep Subandh, (Ashok Prasad, Saumya Rathor and Arjun Rao) and Lemon General Manager - South at HUL and Mr. Anshu Gupta, Lightning (Ankita Mukherjee, Deepika Negi and Sonal Das). The renowned journalist and Founder-Director of Goonj. Team task at hand for IIMK students was to chalk out a marketing Lemon T(h)ree did IIMK proud by reaching the semi-finals solution for Goonj, a Delhi-based NGO present in 21 states of where 15 teams from prestigious B schools across India will fight it out for the finals. IIMK News December 2011 15
  16. 16. Industry Visits & Interactions...FLIP National Challenge 2011FLIP conducted it’s now famous FLIP challenge onSeptember 11-12, 2011 at IIM Kozhikode. This year saw79 IIMK students taking part in the certification exam withstudents opting for verticals like Corporate Banking, Finance& Banking Fundamentals, Trade Finance and Treasury andCapital Markets. The FLIP Challenge rewards the topperformers in each of these categories with a Pre-placement including the touch of mist & clouds and the fresh smellInterview with eminent banks in India like ICICI Bank, YES of soil after first rain. All in all, it was aBank and HDFC Bank. learning which was surely useful for future marketers at IIMK.JPMC Deal Unilever Unplugged“The Deal” is the flagship Investment banking competition On October 27th, IIMK played host to HUL for Unileverof J.P. Morgan Chase which is conducted annually across Unplugged, a one-of-a-kind integrated brandleading B-schools of the country. This year’s competition communication workshop that was conducted by HULkick started in July and after 3 phases of evaluation, it Brand Managers, to give IIMK participants a peek intoculminated with the Finals in November at J.P. Morgan what really goes behind the successful brands and a chanceChase’s Powai office in Mumbai. Team Finosaur from IIMK, to brainstorm and discuss with the experts, and be a realcomprising of Vinay Prabhu, Vishal Shitut and Imtiazuddin marketer for a day. The HUL team took the IIMK studentsAhmed from PGP14 excelled in all phases of this through the complete process of applying marketingcompetition. They were selected as one of top 5 “Campus strategies (consumer behavior, positioning, integratedchampions” teams from over 150 teams that participated in brand communication) to the development of the phasethe competition. Vinay and Vishal went on to represent IIMK wise product the finals in Mumbai. They presented before the esteemedpanel of senior bankers of J.P.Morgan Chase, including Mr. Session by Prof. Chinmoy Ghosh (School of Business,Rohit Chatterji (MD & Head-Investment Banking, India), University of Connecticut)Mr. Madhav Kalyan (MD and CEO, India), Mr. Mahesh IIMK was accorded an honor, when yetAras (CAO, India) and Mr. Hariharan Raman (ED, another luminous personality, Prof.Investment Banking). The team received accolades from Chinmoy Ghosh, the Gladstein ProfessorMr. Chatterji for their depth of analysis and walked away of Business and Innovation at the Schoolwith prize money of Rs. 50,000. of Business, University of Connecticut, visited the campus on October 17th to give a seminar on the topic, “Does Cross-Advertising workshop by Lowe listing Mitigate Agency Problems ofLintas Excess Cash? Evidence from International Acquisitions.” The session was organized by the Research, ConferenceThis year’s Onam celebration was special for IIMK with & Publications wing of IIMK.Mr. S. Subramanyeswar, National Planning Director ofLowe Lintas present on campus on 8th September. The Professor Chinmoy Ghosh also heads the Department ofoccasion was an Advertising Workshop organized by Finance and is an Ackerman Scholar of the School ofmPower, the marketing interest group of IIMK. Mr. Business. He has been involved in over a dozen PhDSubramanyeswar took the marketing enthusiasts on a dissertations as major or associate advisor. He has writtenjourney of a “not-by-the-book” framework of branding. In over forty articles in academic journals including Journala never-before-experienced Gyaan session, he emphasized of Financial Economics, Journal of Banking and Finance,on the use of all five senses (audio, visual, smell, touch & Journal of Financial Research, Journal of Financialtaste) in branding. And interestingly, the subject on which Services Research, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Realparticipants had to work was none other than “IIM Estate Economics, Journal of Real Estate Economics andKozhikode”. Students suggested novel ways of branding Finance, Journal of Urban Economics, and Journal ofIIM Kozhikode using multiple sensory experiences Property Finance. 16 IIMK News December 2011
  17. 17. Industry Visits & Interactions...Mr. Bart Jackson, Founder and CEO of Prometheus AbaKus, the Technology interest group ofPublishing, LLC visits IIMK IIMK, Mr Sanjeev Mehta explained in great On October 14th 2011, IIM Kozhikode detail, the concept, implementation and played host to Mr. Bart Jackson, Founder challenges associated with the much spoken and CEO, Prometheus Publications, LLC. of and tried out ‘Cloud Computing’. Mr. His lectures were a part of a series which Mehta is a person with a very rich he was conducting at IIM-K, IIM-B and experience in IT consulting and strategy. A IIFT during his visit to India. Prometheus graduate of IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta, he Publications produces the BartsBooks has about 12 years of experience in Product Ultimate Business Guides series. Bart Management and Solutions Management with multipleJackson’s articles have appeared in journals ranging from companies. The AbaKus group indeed came out with an“Cairo Today” and Zimbabwe’s “The Herald,” to domestic illustrious personality to lecture on a prominent subject ofperiodicals such as “U.S. 1 Newspaper”, “The New York current importance.Times”, and the “Wall Street Journal”. His business insights Mr. V R Ferose, Managing Director of SAP Labs (India)appear online in the Huffington Post and SmartBrief. On 5 th September, Mr. V R Ferose,Jackson frequently lectures to Chambers of Commerce and Managing Director, SAP Labs (India)other business groups on such topics as: “The Art of the visited IIM Kozhikode to talk aboutCEO”, “Pitching for Profit - Attracting Funders”, “Teams “Leadership in today’s context”. Mr.and Leaders”, “The Entrepreneurial Leap - from Mindset Ferose oversees the R&D operations atto Profit”, “Spirituality in the Workplace”, and “The SAP Labs, across Bangalore and GurgaonFeminine Advantage - Strategies for the Workplace centres. He has been a part of the SAPWoman”. His “Spin the Globe” lecture series offers a large family since August 1999. At age 36, heassortment of his travel experiences from Tibet to Tierra can proudly be seen as one of the youngest Managingdel Fuego. Director of Global MNC in India. He is also a member ofAt IIMK, Mr. Jackson addressed the students on topics the Development Advisory Board of HOPE Worldwidelike – “The Entrepreneurial Leap”, “How to become a (India) and is in an advisory role to the Trust in matters ofbetter CEO” and “Leadership”. He also met a few students branding and developing its fund-raising mechanism. He iswho were interested in writing books/articles. The lectures a regular speaker at B-Schools and national events organizedinspired the students who were interested in entrepreneurial by NASSCOM. Mr. Ferose’s talk clearly showed the 12 yearsventures to pursue their dreams in a more systematic of industry experience he has had. He gave a highly inspiringmanner and with more seriousness. It was an enriching lecture about the way leadership can be handled in today’sexperience for the budding entrepreneurs at IIM K. scenario by citing examples from his own life. He talked about the various issues that he faced as the MD of SAPIIMK gets lessons on Cloud Computing from Mr. Labs over the past 18 months and how he transformed theSanjeev Mehta, VP - Solution Management at SAP Labs organizational environment into a highly efficient andThe IT enthusiasts of IIMK were bestowed an opportunity proactive workplace. His talk left the students intrigued asto interact with Mr Sanjeev Mehta, Vice President-Solution he spoke of the seemingly impossible targets accomplishedManagement at SAP Labs. In the event organized by by him simply by pushing himself and his team to their limits. Visits Abroad Dr. M.G. Sreekumar, at the invitation of the Center for Human Research & Development Foundation, Philippines conducted a two-day workshop on Greenstone digital library software and information management applications in the International Conference on Libraries, Archives and Museums (I-CLAMS) on August 29-30, 2011 at CSB Hotel, Manila, Philippines. Dr. M.G. Sreekumar visited the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, on 31st August 2011. IIMK and Sasin are members of the Asia Pacific Business School Librarians Group (APBSLG). Dr. Sreekumar held discussions with the Dean, Chief Librarian and faculty members of Sasin, towards mutual cooperation between the two BSchools. IIMK News December 2011 17
  18. 18. Achievements of IIMK StudentsName(s) Contest DistinctionAkshay Jadhao and Sneha Ramteke MDI Cognizant Case study - Cerebro WinnersReuben Philip Abraham Nissan Student Brand Manager WinnerSivaharsh S, Harshan VV, Sudhish KM V-Guard Big Idea B-plan Runners upArjun Mohan Dewang Mehta Best Management Student Award Campus WinnerSidharth R, Ayushi Agarwal, Kripal Rana, Soumya Bhatia Mahindra War Room Campus WinnersArjun Rao, Saumya Rathor, Ashok Prasad HUL LIME 3 Campus WinnersSumedha Sobti, Dhaval Thakkar, Vinay Prabhu, Subin Sudhir, Business Standard Best B-School Project Campus WinnersChetna Sharma, Madhukar AnandSudharshna K, Arpitha Chandrashekhar, Kriti S, Mahtaab K Johnson & Johnson Medicals Envidea Top 5Vinay Prabhu, Vishal Shitut, Imtiazuddin Ahmed JPMC ‘The Deal’ Top 5Arifuddin Ahmed Amazon “What is Your Cloud Idea” Top 5Anuj Gupta, Dhaval Thakkar, Saurabh Gupta MDI Jindal Steel & Power - Abhay Top 6Sivaharsh S, Monica P, Meera A Mahindra IIFT Ranniti Top 5Arjun Mohan, Tony Sebastian, Nikhil John Kurian V-Guard Big Idea B-plan National FinalistsSivaharsh S Nissan Student Brand Manager National FinalistsPeyush, Rakesh Singh, Obulesu Nanganuru, Prathamesh Malgundkar Airtel Innovative Ideators National FinalistsAnurag Prakash Gupta, Sajal Kumar, Parijat, Sushant Malve, Airtel Innovative Ideators National FinalistsAbhishek GourRahul Kattayil, Amit Sinha, Amit Dhote, Amit Jain, Ankit Agarwal Airtel Innovative Ideators National FinalistsAnuj Gupta, Rohit Nelli, Sneha Maheshwari, Soumya Barik, Airtel Innovative Ideators National FinalistsTirthankar SahaSumedha Sobti, Dhaval Thakkar, Chetna Sharma, Madhukar Anand Mahindra War Room Campus runner upAshok Prasad IIMB Vista Numero Uno WinnerVarun Bajaj IIMB TAS Excelsior WinnerSumedha Sobti, Sneha Choudhry, Prachi Chawla IIMB Vista Vidheyak WinnerAnuj Gupta, Hersh Kenkare, Mangesh Patil IIMA Confluence King of Ads Runners upAbhijeet Yadav, Asmitaa Kumar NMIMS Sigma Quant Runners upMayank Bhandari, Krishnan V XLRI Ensemble Banker’s Dilemma FinalistsReuben Philip Abraham XLRI Ensemble Social B-plan FinalistShalina Bhatia IIMA Confluence – TAS Altius FinalistsAmoy Kumar Dutta, Shantanu Kanhe NITIE Prerana TacTix WinnersFrincy Clement, Sravya Shakuntala, B. Sneha John JBIMS Prayag MarkShaala FinalistsVarun Bajaj NITIE Top Summer project contest FinalistsPooja Yadav, Gautham MICA Third Eye Finalists IIMI Ahvan FinalistsKavitha Jayaram, Pooja Yadav, Gautham IMT Croissance FinalistsSantanu Chowdhury, Vinay Prabhu, Vishal Shitut XLRI Ensemble Helios FinalistsAnuj Gupta, Mangesh Patil, Vinay Prabhu MICA Cultify FinalistsRahul Kattayil, Shathanu Chaudhary, Vishal Shitut MICA - SBI Bank On Us FinalistsRahul Kattayil, Tirthankar Saha, Shanthanu Chaudhary IIFT Model WTO FinalistsAnuj Gupta, Mangesh Patil IIMI Ahvan Adapt FinalistsAnuj Gupta, Vinay Prabhu, Mangesh Patil MICA - MICANVAS FinalistsAnuj Gupta, Vertika Pankaj JBIMS Prayaag B-Social FinalistsAnuj Gupta, Isha Nag, Dhaval Thakkar IIMB Vista Chakravyuh Finalists 18 IIMK News December 2011
  19. 19. Achievements of IIMK Students hunt for the future business leader witnessed 15 titans fight for the prestigious title of the “Numero Uno” where participants were tested in a range of events from the nitty-gritties of angry birds and honeycomb mazes to the challenges of game theory. Ashok Prasad IIMB TAS Excelsior TAS Excelsior was the flagship event of Vista 2011, the premier business festival of Indian Institute of Management, AkshayJadhao Sneha Ramteke Bangalore. The event challenged theCEREBRO was the National Case Study Challenge participants to overcome all limits toorganized in association with Cognizant Business create a firm by buying and retaining theConsulting under Delphique 2011, the National best managers over rounds of market Varun BajajManagement Convention of MDI. This competition was negotiations.designed to give students real life problems and cases ofCompanies and test them on their strategic and operational IIMB Vista Vidheyakthinking abilities. This challenge was taken by top 30BSchools of India to give innovative and feasible solutionsto Cognizant on their business case. After initial entrysubmission, the solutions were viewed by the company ondifferent parameters and top 5-6 teams were called tocampus for making final presentation to the Eminent Panelfrom the Company. Nissan Student Brand Manager Sumedha Sobti Sneha Choudhry Prachi Chawla On June 7, 2011, Nissan Motor India Pvt.Ltd. (NMIPL) launched the ‘Nissan IIMB Vista Vidheyak was a public policy event sponsored Student Brand Manager ’ (NSBM) by Shell under Vista 2011, the premier business festival of Program 2011, a unique initiative to Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. The event promote its brand in India. This was the focused on sustainability and energy and provided platform second year of the initiative and this to the participants to put forth their views and test their program invited applications from 150 understanding of key public issues today and evaluate their Reuben Philip colleges spanning across 15 cities in Abraham approaches to ‘be the change’. India. The company targeted 1,200 entries for appointing 20 NSBM’s and NITIE Preranathe tenure of the program was for a period of six months TacTixstarting from July to Dec’2011. The 20-selected Student Tactix was theBrand Managers played a key role in bringing brand Nissan Operations Casecloser to both - the student community and the public in Study Contest fromgeneral through innovative marketing initiatives. After United Technologiesundergoing training, the students worked closely with (UTC) held undercompany officials on a variety of initiatives to create buzz Prerana 2011, the Amoy Kumar Shantanu Kanheabout brand Nissan among the student community. Dutta annual management fest of NITIEIIMB Vista Numero Uno Mumbai. The event had the participants devisingNumero Uno (The Hunt for the Next CEO…) was the revolutionary, end-to-end strategies to launch and distributeflagship event of Vista 2011, the premier business festival a new product with real life constraints and scenariosof Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. The event’s beckoning them to test their mettle. IIMK News December 2011 19