Moment of truth


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Moment of truth

  1. 1. HOME CREAT IVE T OOL KIT ABOUT US GALLERY Puneet Bhatnagar Creacos: The Creative Commandoes11 Search The moment of truth! SubscribeMAY 2012 Posted by Puneet Bhatnagar at 5:42 AM toRSS
  2. 2. Share! Follow by Email Email address... Submit Creative Tool Kit: A creativity training programme for business executives andWe all know people who are real entrepreneurs.performers. They do whatever they do so Mumbai: 9th June 2012well that results are astounding. They Click here for detailsare the achievers.If you are one of them. Congrats! may Linksgod bless you! Creacos: The Creative CommandoesBut there are very few of them. TagsThere is a large category who claps for article. puneet bhatnagar (1)
  3. 3. There is a large category who claps forthese guys. May be they are followers, Business (1)loyalists, admirers, fans, whatever you business creativity (2)call them. These are the people who corporate creativity (1)wish to learn from the achievers, who creative india (1)look up to them. creative pictures (1) Creative standards (1)If you are one of them, my best wishes creativity (3)are with you. creativity training (2)And there is a third category...which creatve questions (1)is not as obvious as the other two. failure (1)These are the people who envy the gandhian innovation (1)performers. idea development (2) idea generation (2)Sometimes they might look like clapping Ideas (1)with the crowd.But if you inspect, India (1)their applause will be listless. Peep innovation (1)into their eyes and you will see a bigBUT written in there. Lokmat (1) newspaper (1)They think they are as good as the problem solving (1)performers. They think the performers reverse innovation (1)have got the awards for wrong reasons.They are sure the clappers are a lot ofignorant people who doesnt have a Archivesense of true standards. ▼ 2012 (17)
  4. 4. sense of true standards. 2012 (17) ▼ May (7)Lets not jump to any judgments. Fire up your brilliance! Why clouds are pink?We all have such moments. If we get The sound of silence!deeper, we will find a feeling ofguilt. A sense that we didnt try our The moment of truth!best. All those nights when we could Where is my brain?have pushed ourselves but we chose The new age demands fresherotherwise. When we preferred a TV ideas!reality show or a cricket match, rather How To Be A Dove Among Thethan taking our performance a notch up. Pigeons?Or, we will find a sense of not being ► April (9)able to match the performers even after ► February (1)our best efforts.These are moments of truth which tellus...we have to raise the bar andincrease the efforts to get betterresults. Or may be change the approachwe are following now.Our response to such moments willdecide the scene next year.If we rationalize and play the blame
  5. 5. If we rationalize and play the blame game nothing will change. If we respond to these moments as a feedback, sooner or later the limelight will be on us. Labels: Creative standards 5 COMMENTS LikeAdd New Comment LoginShowing 5 comments Sort by popular now Ashort st ory
  6. 6. A real eye opener! and what an insight into the mind. Puneet Bhat nagar T hanks laxman parvat i pat eli think with every clap of ours we should think why not its f or me f urther.....and we should not indulgein blame game,or test the peep of jealousy of others success.....yes i do agree achievers think out of box and never dream that word ..log kya kahenge....they dream,think, plan and execute and people say thats it....wel done...puneetji well done and nice elaboration... Puneet Bhat nagar T hanks Laxman. T his post is a kind of conf ession! Anumohanतुमने तो मेरी आँ ख खोल दी !
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