Social media for personal branding


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A brief description of how to use current (as of January 2013) social media outlets to build your personal brand. Includes information on how hiring managers and recruiters use social media and the Internet to preview job applicants.

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Social media for personal branding

  1. 1. Social Media for Personal Branding Setting Yourself Up for ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  2. 2. Why Online Branding Is Important❖ 70% of hiring managers say they’ve rejected a candidate based on information they’ve found online. – Washington Post, 1/28/10❖ 37% of employers use Facebook to prescreen applicants. – Huffington Post, 4/12/12❖ 91% of recruiters use social networks to evaluate job applicants. – 2011 Reppler Survey❖ Employers admit they’re looking for resume exaggerations & whether applicant would be a good fit for their culture. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  3. 3. Why Social Media Is Important❖ Posts/updates are indexable points for the search engines.❖ Keyword-rich posts will help you get found AND show off your interests & expertise.❖ The more items you have indexed, the more likely you are to show up in search engine results. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  4. 4. Strategies/Methods - General❖ Open & Maintain Profiles on the Major Social Outlets❖ Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Blog.❖ Fill out info completely with keyword- rich content to make them appealing to the search engines. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  5. 5. Strategies/Methods - Overview❖ Analyze which social media outlets contain your audience.❖ Where are your potential employers?❖ Compose keyword-rich posts that engage your audience AND read well to the search engines. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  6. 6. Strategies/Methods - Facebook❖ Never trust security settings.❖ Friends can give access to your profile - inadvertently or on purpose.❖ New Open Graph Search gives your information without your knowing.❖ Posts and information can be indexed. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  7. 7. Strategies/Methods - LinkedIn❖ LinkedIn is considered a search engine in its own right, and the keywords in your profile will allow you to be found by searchers (like headhunters, recruiters, etc.).❖ Personal profiles can be indexed for company name and specialties, as well.❖ Join Groups and participate in their conversations for more indexable points of entry to the search engines. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  8. 8. Strategies/Methods - YouTube❖ Take advantage of a YouTube channel - it’s the 2nd largest search engine, only behind Google.❖ Another entry point into SERPs.❖ Google puts emphasis on their own properties & YouTube is Google’s video outlet.❖ Ideas ❖ Presentations. ❖ Video resumes. ❖ Talk about your expertise/passion. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  9. 9. Strategies/Methods - Pinterest❖ Another entry point into SERPs.❖ Great way to show off interests, personal & professional!❖ Ideas ❖ Show personality with personal-type pins (ie style, humor, etc.) while still showing professional expertise with professional-type boards & pins. ❖ Pin blog posts, interesting articles, infographics for professional boards. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  10. 10. Strategies/Methods - Slideshare❖ Another entry point into SERPs.❖ Allows you to upload any Powerpoint or Keynote presentation.❖ Be sure to use keywords as tags❖ Ideas ❖ Upload class presentations. ❖ Put together a presentation specifically for Slideshare that shows a passion or expertise you have. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  11. 11. Strategies/Methods - E-mail❖ Easy place to show professionalism. ❖ Grammar, spelling & punctuation matter! ❖ Do NOT use text-speak.❖ Address matters. Employers & clients pay attention. ❖ Would you hire or ❖ Would you work with or❖ E-mail signature is a GREAT place to include links to social media outlets. Show you’ve got nothing to hide! ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  12. 12. Important Pieces of the Puzzle❖ Make sure information is the same across channels. ❖ Address, Phone Number, Web Address, E-mail Address, etc.❖ Make sure all pieces send the same message. ❖ Social media. ❖ Resume. ❖ E-mail signature. ❖ Etc. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  13. 13. What to Expect for Your Brand❖ OWN IT! Big brands don’t let others define them; neither should you.❖ Know what’s out there about you/your brand. Don’t let your reputation proceed you without you even knowing what it is!❖ Stop thinking search results will appear overnight.❖ Search engine algos change a lot. Do your best & don’t stop trying to learn.❖ Keep an eye on new outlets - which are worth your time? Analyze your audience & where/how you want to be found.❖ Social media can turn into a time suck. Figure out how much you can handle, and handle those things well. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  14. 14. So...❖ Questions? ❖ Comments? ~ ~ 704.218.9043