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How to Proofread


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We all know we should proofread our writing, but we don't always do it. Here are the five actions that compose a basic proofreading process.

Published in: Education
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How to Proofread

  1. 1. How to Proofread 1. Read out loud 2. Keep a checklist 3. Check titles and headings 4. Cross-check citations 5. Update the file name
  2. 2. Read what you wrote. Slowly. Out loud. Or, have someone read to you. Pay attention.
  3. 3. Keep a checklist of errors you tend to make. For example, if a teacher has marked comma errors in your writing before, put "Commas" on your checklist. Check each comma.
  4. 4. Check titles and headings. Look for typos. Cross-check the title everywhere it appears. Make sure headings make sense and have a logical structure.
  5. 5. Cross-check citations. Make sure each in-text citation matches a Works Cited or References citation, and vice versa. Check spelling of names.
  6. 6. Update the file name. Change the date or add "final" so you're sure to submit the correct version.
  7. 7. Questions? The Online Writing Lab (OWL) has answers: