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Ewrt211 week 8 class 1


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Ewrt211 week 8 class 1

  1. 1. EWRT211 Week 8 Class 1
  2. 2. Preparation for Peer Review1. Everyone should have his or her letter to the reader2. Everyone should have three copies of his or her draft. These drafts should be highlighted per the homework directions3. Everyone should have two copies of the Peer Review work sheet4. If you don’t have three copies of your essay, please go and make them. Hopefully, there will be a space for you when you return.
  3. 3. The Process• We will work in groups of three people.• Writer’s will distribute their essays to group members so that readers can follow along.• Each person will read his or her essay aloud. EVERYONE SHOULD FINISH READING BEFORE ANYONE BEGINS RESPONDING.• Readers will follow along as the writer presents his or her work; readers should quickly identify paragraphs that will especially interest the intended readers and briefly note those where might they have difficulty in following the explanation.
  4. 4. Follow the directions under these additional steps1. Consider the problem the writer identified2. Evaluate the organization3. Look at the beginning.4. Find the thesis.5. Find the classifications of the concept.6. Determine if the classifications of the are concept defined7. Reread specific sections to determine clarity.8. Read the ending to make sure it successfully wraps up the essay9. Assess the formatting and sources.10. Give the writer your final thoughts.
  5. 5. This is not an editing exercise; it is arevision process.This session is geared toward revision—not editing. While you may circleerrors you notice in the text, refrain from making editing suggestions, that isspelling, grammar, word choice suggestions.Your job as a reader is to answer the questions on the handout. Thesequestions will help you help the writer to improve the paper in terms oforganization, content, integrating quotations, and MLA style.If you don’t know the answer to a question, ask me. I will be happy to helpyou.
  6. 6. Punctuating quotes can be frustrating because we often get confused about where to put punctuation. The following chart offers a straightforward view on how to punctuate the end of a quote: Periods & Commas Question Marks & Exclamation Points They go inside the quotation  If the original quote ends with an exclamation mark or a question mark, we must marks even if there is no period include it inside the quotation marks. or comma at the end of the quoted material in the original  ORIGINAL TEXT: Will not a righteous God visit for these things? text.  QUOTED TEXT: Exception: If there is a When Douglass asks, "Will not a righteous God visit for these things?" he raises the question of doubt about the future salvation of the "Christian" slaveholders. parenthetical citation immediately after the quote, the  Notice that we dont put a comma after the question mark, even though period or comma goes after the normally we would if there was not a question mark. We omit the comma to avoid double punctuation. parenthetical citation.  If we want to use a quoted statement in a question or exclamation we create, then COLONS & SEMI-COLONS the question mark or the exclamation mark goes outside the quotation marks.  ORIGINAL TEXT: Colons and semi-colons always The grave is at the door. (FD 38) go outside the quotation, even if the original quoted material ends  QUOTED TEXT: How can we take Douglass seriously when he indulges in excessively with either form of punctuation. romanticized language such as "The grave is at the door"?
  7. 7.  Note that the works cited page is in alpha order and that there are no numbers next to the entries. You may underline or italicize your titles, but pick one and be consistent. This, like all of your papers should be done in Times New Roman 12.
  8. 8. Get into groups of three
  9. 9. Schedule Change• Thursday’s class is cancelled (March 3)• I will be available Wednesday (March 2) to help you with your revised paper. See me after class to make an appointment.• I will be in my office from 1:00-3:30 if you want to drop in for help (first come first served)• I will be available off and on by email.
  10. 10. Homework Before March 1 Before March 6 Revise Essay #3 according to  Edit Essay #3. This means check all of your grammar, sentence your Peer Review Forms; Post structure, word choice, and formatting. Post your final essay on a clean copy of your revised the website essay #3 on the website  Write your Cover Letter and post it as well.  Read: "Children Need to Play, Not Compete" pp 276-279 and "Sticks and Stones and Sports Teams Names" 280-281  Answer the Blogging Question