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The story of Adolf Hitler.

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  1. 1. “…Mein Kampf : My Struggle” THE MAKING OF “Adolf Hitler”
  2. 2. Early Life…  Born On 20th April,1889  Small town in Austria  4th child of 3rd marriage of Alois Hitler  Father born to an unmarried woman  Poor student  Angered his harsh, ill-tempered father  Ambition of becoming an artist  Early childhood experiences made him incapable of emotional empathy & humanity
  3. 3. Early Life...  After death of parents he moved to Vienna with vague hopes of becoming an artist.  Got rejected by School of Arts.  Gradually started political observations and developed hatred towards Jews.
  4. 4. Corporal Hitler…  He volunteered army service during World War I.  Was deeply shaken by Germany’s defeat and vowed to rebuilt Germany.  Became a member of NAZI Party.  NAZI : discovered 2 remarkable talents…  (I) Public Oratory  (ii) Inspiring personal loyalty  Party Leader
  5. 5. NAZI PARTY  He build party by fierce speeches. Key Elements of Appeal : …sense of offended National Pride caused by Treaty Of Versailles.  Tried to overthrow ruling Govt. exploiting the political crisis.  But he failed, and was sentenced for 5yrs imprisonment.
  6. 6. Mein Kampf : My Struggle  While imprisoned Hitler stated his Beliefs and Ideas for Germany’s future.  Proclaimed the Superiority of German race.  Believed that only Dictatorship could save Germany.
  7. 7. RISE OF NAZIS Hitler rebuilt his NAZI party. World wide Great Depression.  Nazi Party become the strongest party.  Hitler became the Chancellor of party.  He protest march, mass meetings and speeches.
  8. 8. World War II  Hitler moved towards Dictatorship  He suppressed Civil Rights  Prepared for World War II  Repudiated Treaty of Versailles  Formed ‘AXIS POWERS’  Invaded Poland  Declaration Of War
  9. 9. The Holocaust
  10. 10. Defeat & End  Hitler was unwilling to listen to advice Economic & political position deteriorated  Plot to remove Hitler  Entry of USA as world power
  11. 11. Last Days  He became a broken man.  Physically & Mentally tortured.  Committed suicide. Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)
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