Hitler and the growth of the Nazi party


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Hitler and the growth of the Nazi party

  1. 1. Hitler and the Growth of the Nazi Party How did the Nazi Party develop its ideas up to 1929?
  2. 2. HITLER THE LONER The Daily Vienna This is Adolf Hitler, the man who wanders our streets trying to sell his poor attempt of ‘art’. In conversations with him he always talks of his experiences in the Great War where he served as a Corporal and won the Iron Cross. He is still furious at Germany’s surrender and always talks of revenge for the ‘humiliation of the Treaty of Versailles’. Who is this man? A victim of a Gas Attack Adolf was born in Austria where both of his parents died whilst he was young. Not particularly good at school he drifted to Vienna but the Art schools there rejected him. He often talks of his hatred of foreigners and especially Jews. However, upon his return from the war he briefly mentioned his interest in politics where he talks of his desire to build a Germany free of foreign and Jewish blood. 13.7.1919
  3. 3. “ The news came through that we were about to surrender, I broke down completely. Darkness surrounded me. I buried my head between the blankets and the pillow. I had not cried since the day that I had stood beside my Mother’s grave.” Hitler’s comments about Germany’s surrender in WW1 The revenge for the surrender of WW1 was central to Hitler’s plans. He wanted to create a strong and powerful Germany that would dominate Europe and the World.
  4. 4. THE FOUNDATION OF THE NAZI PARTY After the war Hitler worked for the Government where he would spy on troublesome political parties. However, Hitler actually joined one. Hitler brought organisation, dedication and new ideas to the party. He renamed it the National Socialist Workers Party (The Nazi Party) Hitler employed a Private Army (SA), adopted a party symbol (the Swastika), and organised a Newspaper which spread his ideas. <ul><li>Main Points of Nazi demands in 1920 </li></ul><ul><li>We demand the abolishment of the Treaty of Versailles. </li></ul><ul><li>We demand land and territory for our people. </li></ul><ul><li>None but those of German blood may be members of Germany. </li></ul>
  5. 5. 1923 – THE MUNICH PUTSCH Although the party was only small, Hitler wanted to take advantage of the massive problems that the Weimar Government was facing (Versailles, Hyperinflation, Opposition etc). He decided to launch a Putsch (seizing power by force). With 600 members of his private army – the Storm Troopers (SA). The Putsch failed because Hitler did not have the support of the Army or the German Police. Hitler was arrested and put on trial. Many thought that this was the end of a bright political future – but they were wrong.
  6. 6. HITLER’S TRIAL The trial of Hitler turned him into a National and International figure. He spoke about the problems that Germany were facing and this made him very popular and got him noticed. He blamed the Weimar Politicians, foreigners and Jews. His performances in court allowed him to receive a light sentence of only 9 months in Prison. BRAVE HITLER TAKES ON GOVERNMENT HITLER RIGHT FOR BLAMING TREATY! ADOLF SPEAKS THE TRUTH AT TRIAL
  7. 7. MEIN KAMPF – NAZI IDEAS Whilst in prison Hitler wrote a book about his political ideas called ‘Mein Kampf’ (My Struggle). This became the ‘Bible’ for the Nazi Party. Although some of the ideas were nothing new they gave a clear indication to people about what the party stood for. “ Jews have weakened the German Race and brought about Germany’s defeat in the war. They must be destroyed” “ The Treaty of Versailles must be destroyed and the land which Germany lost must be returned” “ Germany needs more land to live and work (LEBENSRAUM). If necessary we will take it by force.” “ The Aryan Race of which the Germans are part are a ‘Master Race’. All other races are inferior.” “ Do I look camp standing like this?”