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Hitlers rise day 2


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Hitlers rise day 2

  1. 1. Entry Task Write down on a slip of paperb) Your guess as to how tall Hitler was. You must be at least this tall to ride this ride.
  2. 2. Tie Breaker► What year was Adolf Hitler born?► How old was Adolf Hitler when his father died?► In which city was Adolf Hitler homeless?
  3. 3. Tie Breaker► What year was Adolf Hitler born? 1889► How old was Adolf Hitler when his father died? 14► In which city was Adolf Hitler homeless? Vienna
  4. 4. Preferred Activity Time► Red Card system (Three Strikes)  Watch a video  Listen to music  Do 5 minutes of homework for another class  Socialize
  5. 5. Rise to Power Adolf Hitler
  6. 6. Learning Targets► Compare Hitler and Mussolini with regards to ideology, methods and rise to power.► Analyze the rise of the Nazi party and its effect on the world.► Analyze documents for the main theme.
  7. 7. World War I
  8. 8. Military Record► Was awarded the Iron Cross twice. (5 medals overall)► Highest military honor in German Army.► Single handedly captured 4 French soldiers.► Blinded by gas attack towards end of war.
  9. 9. German Loss in WW I► Hitler was devastated when he heard the news of the German surrender.► He was appalled at the anti-war sentiment among the German civilians.► Believed there was an anti-war conspiracy that involved the Jews and Marxists.► Also, felt that the German military did not lose the war, but that the politicians (mostly Jews) at home were responsible for the defeat.
  10. 10. NAZI Party is Formed► Hitler was sent to investigate the German Workers Party in Munich in 1919.► Hitler began to think big for the German Worker’s Party► Hitler changed the name to National Socialist German Worker’s Party or the NAZIS
  11. 11. Party Platform► Hitler drafted a platform of 25 points► Revoke Versailles Treaty► Revoke civil rights of Jews► Confiscate Besides changing the party name, the any war red flag with the SWASTIKA was profits adopted as the party symbol
  12. 12. Beer Hall Putsch► October 30, 1923► Hitler held a rally in Munich beer hall and declared revolution► Led 2000 men in take over of Bavarian Government► It failed and Hitler was imprisoned
  13. 13. Trial and Jail•At his trial (Hitler was chargedwith treason), he used theopportunity to speak about theNAZI platform and spread hispopularity.•The whole nation suddenly knewwho Adolf Hitler was and what hestood for•He was sentenced to five years,but actually only served about 9months•When he left prison, he was readyto go into action again.
  14. 14. Mein Kampf► Hitler’s book “My Struggle” - wrote while in jail► Sold 5 million copies, made him rich► Topics included: Jews were evil, Germans were superior race, Fuhrer principal, dislike of Communism and Democracy and need to conquer Russia
  15. 15. Appeal of Hitler► Germany was in the midst of an economic depression with hyper-inflation► Hitler was a WW I hero who talked about bringing glory back to the “Fatherland”► He promised the rich industrialists that he would end any communist threat in Germany► Constantly blamed Jews for Germany’s problems, not the German people.► Hitler was an excellent public speaker.
  16. 16. Dictator► “Reichstag fire” gives Hitler total power► In 1933, all parties were outlawed except the Nazi party► People’s civil rights were suspended► “Night of the Long Knives”
  17. 17. Absolute Power► German economy was improving, people were happy► 1st concentration camp opened in 1933► Began rearming German Army for expansion of the Reich
  18. 18. Control of Nazi Germany► Hitler Youth-► “When an opponent declares ‘I will not come over to your side’, I calmly say, “Your Children already belong to us.”► Adolf Hitler- 1937
  19. 19. We have a turtler!► Someone in this class has been turtling backpacks!► This is against class rules► In groups 4 of 5 , create an organization to come up with a solution to this problem.
  20. 20. Things to consider► What to call your organization► Enforcement?► Punishment?► Who can join? Known Turtlers?
  21. 21. League of Nations► Formed from Wilson’s 14th point.  A general association of nations must be formed under specific covenants for the purpose of affording mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike.► Formed in January, 1920► Germany is barred entry► The Russians refused► America does not join
  22. 22. League of Nations► Main goals of the League► Stop Wars► Improve people’s lives and jobs► Disarmament► Enforce the Treaty of Versailles
  23. 23. Successes in the 1920s► Slaves  The League attacked slave traders in Africa and Burma and freed 200,000 slaves► Disease  The League worked to prevent malaria and leprosy.► Prisoners of War  The League took home half a million World War One prisoners of war.► Greece invasion of Bulgaria  Greece obeyed
  24. 24. Failures in the 1930s► Abyssinia (Ethiopia)► Mussolini ignored the League, and invaded.► The League banned weapons sales, and put sanctions on rubber and metal► It did nothing elseItaly conquered Abyssinia
  25. 25. Failures in the 1930s► Manchuria (1931)  Japan tried to overcome the depression by building up an empire.  In February 1933 the League ordered Japan to leave Manchuria  Japan left the League but not Manchuria  The League did nothing
  26. 26. Political Cartoon ‘We don’t want you to fight, but by jingo if you do, We will probably issue a joint memorandumSuggesting a mild disapproval of you.’
  27. 27. The League, WAS DUMB► Weak – the League’s ‘powers’ were little more than going ‘tut-tut’. It had no army.► America – the strongest nation in the world never joined.► Structure –Members couldn’t agree – but decisions had to be unanimous. This paralysed the League.► Depression – the world-wide Depression made countries try to get more land and power. They were worried about themselves, not about world peace.► Unsuccessful – the more the League failed, the less people trusted it. In the end, everybody just ignored it.► Members – the League’s main members let it down. Italy and Japan betrayed the League. France and Britain did nothing to help it.► Big bullies – in the 1920s, the League had dealt with weak countries. In the 1930s, powerful countries like Germany, Italy and Japan attacked weaker countries.
  28. 28. Exit Task► Journal Entry► How did your league stack up against the league of nations?► Do you think you could have stopped future turtling?► After seeing the failures of the League of Nations, would you change anything about your group?