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"Spreading Humor, Sharing Wisdom"


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Introducing our latest 'Humor & Wisdom' Book.

Published in: Education
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"Spreading Humor, Sharing Wisdom"

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  2. 2. 2 Bright & Cheery news! SPREADING HUMOR, SHARING WISDOM is now out! It’s a FUn LIFE LESSONS Book to shout about!
  3. 3. 3 Back Cover Of Spreading Humor, Sharing Wisdom An Anti-Stress, Humor and Wisdom Book of 170 Pages Published By
  4. 4. 4 Preface In this age of the internet and smart gadgets like smart phones and tablets, there seems to be a great decline in reading books especially among the younger generation. The young seems to be hooked on social networking and viewing entertainment stuff over the internet. It is sad that many seem to have forgotten the tremendous benefits that come through reading the conventional book. There is a great need to encourage and motivate people, in particular students and youths to read. We feel that books on humor can appeal to the young and old alike. Spreading Humor, Sharing Wisdom was written with this in mind. Our two earlier books on humor, Wisdom from LAUGHTER – 500 jokes with life lessons and Wisdom from LAUGHTER 2 had good feedback. Like these two books, Spreading Humor, Sharing Wisdom follows similar objectives – to provide jokes and humor pieces that not only serve to entertain and relax the mind but at the same time to convey life lessons of wisdom to all. A unique feature of this book lies in the use of illustrative cartoon figures and bubble speeches in every page to spread humor and share wisdom. There is a total of 15 chapters and 501 jokes that pertain to areas of human living and situations such as the family, work, school, romance, love, marriage, the law, sickness, children, youths, old age, death and so on. Immersed in each of the jokes or humor situations is a little life lesson of wisdom that can be discerned upon reflection. May this book serve to entertain, titillate and educate. OH TEIK BIN ( STEVEN LEE KIANG WUI (
  5. 5. 5 CONTENTS 1 Have Laughter, Be Wiser 1 2 Laugh Heartily, Learn Joyfully 13 3 Catch The Humor, See The Wisdom 25 4 Smile, Feel Nice, Get Wise 36 5 Crack A Joke, Teach A Lesson 47 6 Read The Humor, See The Message 58 7 Take A Break, Clear The Mind 69 8 Enjoy Humor Reads, Receive Wisdom Bits 80 9 Make Time For Humor, Grow A Lot Wiser 91 10 Welcome Humor Time, Enrich Your Mind 102 11 Be Amused, See Wisdom 113 12 Feel The Humor, Learn Life Lessons 124 13 Liven The Heart, Brighten The Mind 135 14 Walk The Way Of Humor And Wisdom 146 15 Savor Humor, Absorb Wisdom 157
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  13. 13. 13 Get a copy of SPREADING HUMOR, SHARING WISDOM through Online Purchase at
  14. 14. 14 May this Book bring you fun and help you to De-Stress May it give you Humor and Wisdom at its Best! With Metta, Oh Teik Bin Steven Lee Kiang Wui