Glogster, A Quick Tutorial


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Glogster is an online poster application that has many educational uses. This is a quick tutorial on using and sharing Glogs.

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  • How can I get rid of a frame on my picture?
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  • Thank you for clear step by step instructions. Very nicely done. Mmorrill
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Glogster, A Quick Tutorial

  1. 1. Getting Started with
  2. 2. What is Glogster? Glogster is an online poster application.
  3. 3. How can it be used for educational purposes? Just think of it, almost anything students learn, can be displayed on a Glog.
  4. 4. Responding To Literature Recounting a Historical Event Sharing Research Explaining Problem Solving Techniques Advertising a Geographic Location The only limits are your imagination.
  5. 5. Visit the site: Getting Started:
  6. 6. Click on “REGISTER” and complete the required information.
  7. 7. Thanks to Glogster’s commitment to education.... Teachers can create accounts and get up to 200 free student accounts! You can set this up by “Registering Your Virtual Class.”
  8. 8. Click “CREATE A NEW GLOG.”
  9. 9. Glogster gets you started with a Glog that they created.
  10. 10. To get rid of their images, click on the image and then click the pink garbage can.
  11. 11. The background is called the “WALL.” To change the wall, pick a category and look through the pages of choices.
  12. 12. To use one, click on it then click “USE IT.” The wall can be changed at any point.
  13. 13. To add text boxes, choose “TEXT” then click “USE IT.”
  14. 14. Text boxes can be edited. You can change the color, size, location, and direction.
  15. 15. Click EDIT to make changes. Change the color of the shape. Link to a website. Change the font, color, and style. Change effects.
  16. 16. If your text is too large for the container, not to worry.... you will get a scroll bar like this.
  17. 17. Graphics can enhance the appearance of your project. Think of adding stickers to a poster.... but better. Some of these are animated.
  18. 18. There are pages and pages of graphics in many categories. Find what you like and click “USE IT.”
  19. 19. It is possible to change the colors, size, and direction of graphics.
  20. 20. Adding images to Glogster is quite easy. Either browse their TinyPics or use your own.
  21. 21. To use your own picture, click UPLOAD, and find the picture.
  22. 22. When the picture has uploaded, it will appear in the window. Click the picture, the click USE IT! 1st 2nd
  23. 23. If you would like to frame your picture, click “FRAMES,” then click “USE IT!”
  24. 24. Glogster also allows you to add video, sound, and music, which will be discussed in a later video.
  25. 25. It is a good idea to save your work periodically. Click “SAVE AND PUBLISH.”
  26. 26. Name your Glog, select a category, then click “SAVE & PUBLISH.” 1st 2nd 3rd
  27. 27. Not finished? Click “CONTINUE EDITING” to go back to work.
  28. 28. Finished? There are many ways to share your Glog.
  29. 29. Looking to add your Glog to a Wikispace? Copy the EMBED CODE from the Glog.
  30. 30. Once you are in your Wikispace, click the little TV icon. Select “Other.”
  31. 31. Paste the EMBED CODE in the box. Click “SAVE” then save the changes to the Wikispace page.
  32. 33. Lori P. Sheldon