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  1. 1. Getting Started with Social Bookmarking Diggin’Diigo Lori Sheldon updated 11/2010
  2. 2. What is DIIGO? saving your bookmarks online tagging and organizing your bookmarks sharing your bookmarks with others Diigo is a site for:
  3. 3. Why not just bookmark to my computer? Bookmarks follow you no matter what computer you are using. (home, school, library) You are no longer without bookmarks if a computer goes down or is reimaged.
  4. 4. Joining Diigo
  5. 5. Create Your Account
  6. 6. Your Profile Only add info that you are comfortable sharing.
  7. 7. Getting the Toolbar Select “Tools” from your drop down menu. Click on this----> You will need to do this on each computer you use.
  8. 8. Using the Toolbar Once you install the toolbar and restart your internet browser, “Diigo” appears as its own toolbar. Adds a sidebar search box. Shortcuts to lists, groups.... Add a bookmark Highlight the web
  9. 9. Using the Toolbar Share with others Personalize the options Search by tag
  10. 10. How to Bookmark Add description & tags. Click “Save.”
  11. 11. Options When Bookmarking You can make your bookmarks public or private. Bookmarks can be added to a list... and/or shared to a group!
  12. 12. Tag, You’re it! a naming, organizing system created by you for you a way to find bookmarks quickly What is a tag?
  13. 13. Retrieving your Bookmarks Show them in your sidebar. Or visit the site.
  14. 14. Ways to Organize Your Bookmarks: use tags (assign descriptive labels to sites) create lists create groups (people can join and share)
  15. 15. Making Lists Click “My Lists” then “Create a New List.”
  16. 16. Fill out Required Info
  17. 17. Saving to a List
  18. 18. DIIGO Groups Purpose: When you add bookmarks to a group and invite people to join, everyone can add to the group and share bookmarks!
  19. 19. Creating a New Group
  20. 20. Fill in required info:
  21. 21. Finally.... click CREATE MY GROUP. Invite people!
  22. 22. Want to learn more? Check out Diigo’s site for more tutorials or contact Lori Sheldon (