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  • Excellent slideshare. My students are using it this week and I had not realized how much it has changed, so your slideshare saved my day!
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How to use glogster

  1. 1. How to use Glogster
  2. 2. Glogs are virtual posters integrating text, audio, video, images and hyperlinks. Start a glog by going to . Then… Click here to get started.
  3. 3. Create your own glogster account! 1. Fill in all the particulars following the instructions in red. 2. Then click here.
  4. 4. When this pageappears go to youremail account that you registered with.
  5. 5. You would have received a mail from Glogster. Open it and… Click on the link here.
  6. 6. Congratulations! You are now an official member of Glogster! Now… Click here to update account.
  7. 7. This is how you will appear to the rest of the glogging community!1. Uploadand fillparticulars. 2. Click here.
  8. 8. Now you can start making your own glog!Click hereto createnew glog.
  9. 9. Start by choosing a template… 1. Browse through the templates 2. Click on the one you would like to work with.
  10. 10. Now you can start adding audio, video, text, graphics and hyperlinks! 1. Click onanything that you want to change or update. 2. To change text content and style, click here.
  11. 11. Let’s start by adding text…2.Change 1. Click herefont, and type tostyle, enter new text.size,color oftexthereafterhigh-lightingthe text.
  12. 12. Click the following icons to play around with your boxes … To To make To make revert this box copies of box to stand below selected smaller To lock other boxes. box. size. the box. To To make discard this box the box. stand above other boxes. This applies to all text boxes, image boxes, video boxes, audio boxes and graphics.
  13. 13. Now, we can move on to graphics…Tochangegraphic,clickhere.
  14. 14. Glogster offers a variety of graphics to choose from! 2. Click on Some are animated too… the graphic you like.1.Browsethroughdifferent 3. Clickgraphics here to use it.
  15. 15. You can decide the size and orientation of anything you use!Click andmove thearrows atthecorners Click andof move thegraphic twistedto change arrows tosize. change orientation. This applies to all text boxes, image boxes, video boxes and graphics.
  16. 16. Also experiment with shadows, transparency and adding links…Clickhere toadd alinkalongwithgraphic.Click here toadd shadow orchangetransparency. This applies to all text boxes, image boxes, video boxes , audio boxes and graphics.
  17. 17. Now, to add videos…Click onthis tochangevideobox.
  18. 18. Videos can be inserted in many ways… Click here Click here to upload to upload a video video from yourClick here using a webcam atto upload link. thatvideo from moment.yourcomputer.
  19. 19. You can also upload a video from Youtube by… 2. Enter keywords to 3. Click on search for video video1. Click 4. Click here to add to My Videos for later use. 5. Click here to add themed players for the video. 6. Click here to upload video.
  20. 20. Decide which video your viewers see first and how loud they are by… 2. Select autoplay1. Click and adjusthere. volume of video here.
  21. 21. Now, for images…Clickhere tochangeimagebox.
  22. 22. You can insert images by…1. Uploadimages fromFacebook, 3. Click onFlickr or 2. Enter keywords to image thatPicasa search for images. you like.accounts. 4. Click here to add(OR) 1. to My Images forChoose later use.imagesfrom 5. Click heregoogle. to add frame for image. 6. Click here to use image.
  23. 23. To add an audio clipping… Click here.
  24. 24. Then… 2. Upload an audio at the 1. Click (OR) 2. Upload moment using here an audio by your webcam. adding a link. 3. Select a(OR) 2. Upload an themedaudio from your 4. Click here to use it.
  25. 25. To add an attachment to your glog…Clickhere.
  26. 26. Then… 2. Add link of file 1. Click to be attached.(OR) 2. here.Uploadfile fromyourcomputer. 3. Click here to use it.
  27. 27. The Wall of your glog can be made attractive too!Clickhere.
  28. 28. Then… 2. Upload, add link or 1. Click capture using webcam here. an image to be used for the wall.(OR) 2.Select animagefrom MyGallery. 3. Align, stretch and set the image for (OR) the wall. 2. Select a solid 4. Click here colour. to use it. The Page wall can be customized in a similar way by clicking on ‘Page Wall’.
  29. 29. After adding all your multimedia– you’re all done! Go for a sneak preview and save!! Click here for Click a preview. here to save glog.
  30. 30. Name your glog… 1. Enter name of you glog here. 2. Then click here.
  31. 31. Just a few finishing touches…. 1. Enter Tags for your glog. 2. Set Privacy settings. 3. Click here.
  32. 32. And you’re all done! Share your glog with others using the link in the box!