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Glogster Presentation


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A brief guide to making a poster/Glog in Glogster.

Glogster Presentation

  1. 1. Glogster What Is Glogster? Glogster is a webpage designed to allow users to ‘ poster themselves’ by creating their own artistic pages. What is an advantage to using Glogster? It has categories that you are able to submit your work to, and get criticism and compliments from peers. What else does Glogster offer? When using Glogster, you are given your own profile page where your work is saved. Your profile page also allows people to join and have access to your page, and it also gives you the ability to view others work.
  2. 2. Main Page
  3. 3. Creating a new Glog This is the personal Glog page that shows all the information needed for creating and viewing Glogs. It also keeps track of Glog friends and any messages that may be sent to you.
  4. 4. Graphics When selecting ‘ Graphics’ you will be presented with many different options for decorations for your page. You will get a choice of different styles that best fit your style.
  5. 5. Texts When selecting ‘Text’ you are able to choose from many different styles of writing backgrounds. Your can choose from the these categories
  6. 6. Images By Selecting ‘Image’ you are given the option to import personal photos, or pictures you have found from the internet. Once you have selected your image you can choose to put a picture frame around it.
  7. 7. Video’s Choose from a variety of video players. You can choose to upload a personal video to your page, to put a link to a video on the internet, or to even make and upload a video using your webcam/ microphone.
  8. 8. Sounds As with the ‘video’ option, you are able to upload, show links to, or create your own music to add to your page. Choose from many different styles of music players.
  9. 9. Wall When choosing a ‘wall’ you are selecting a background for your Glog. There are many different styles to select but you are also able to use a previously saved photo for your background. When choosing a page wall, you can select one style for your background design.
  10. 10. Final Product
  11. 11. Saving and Publishing When saving and publishing your Glog you must choose a category that it best fits into. Make your work public or private.